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FreedomPop Continues to Grow

There is one thing the larger mobile phone giants do not like and that is competition from inexpensive service providers. Some of the discount service providers have started to make a dent in the amount of money larger companies can bring in. However, in regards to these discount providers, there is nothing more of a discount than free, and that is exactly what FreedomPop provides. This company offers up free cell phone service to individuals up to a certain point, which makes it especially valuable. It is also what is helping the company continue to grow not just through the United States, but to Europe as well. Other large mobile phone companies have started to try and buy out FreedomPop in order to avoid the kind of sales numbers drop they have seen in the past, but it looks like FreedomPop is here to stay and is set go continue to grow for years to come.

How is it Free?

Many people might wonder how in the world they are able to receive free service from FreedomPop. The company buys out data from Sprint in the United States at a wholesale price. It then gives out small portions of the material it buys to its customers for free. Clients in the United States are able to receive up to 300 minutes, 300 text messages and 300 MB of data for free. Then, if they want more than this, they are able to buy it from the company at a very inexpensive price. The company also offers extensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout the country, so there is a strong chance clients might never actually need to buy more data. The company is also raising money in order to spread its services out throughout the United States and the UK. It recently raised $30 million, which brings the three year raising total to nearly $50 million since its foundation in 2012. With this money, the company has been able to expand its services and continue to grow. It now has nearly one million customers inside of the United States alone.

With the new influx of raised money, FreedomPop has been able to look towards other markets as well. Its next market goal is the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. With the UK plan, clients who do not sign up for any sort of long term contract or anything like that, receiver 200 minutes, 200 text messages and 200 MB worth of data for free (data is more expensive to purchase in the UK than the US which is why users receive a bit less). However, they do have international calling included with their service, so they can call over 60 countries for free. FreedomPop is also currently setting up a feature where the customer can travel to a dozen different countries without any sort of roaming. This way, a customer can travel with their phone to the United States, France, Germany, the UK and other locations without having to pay an added cent.