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Martime Residents Join Forces to Save Starving Birds

Most people are celebrating the arrival of warmer weather. However, the residents of the Maritime Provinces are still waiting for spring. Unfortunately, their slow transition into warmer weather has had an effect on the local bird population. Many of the robins, sparrows and owls that have returned from the south are finding it difficult to gather food. The snow that is still covering the ground is preventing the birds from foraging for their food. Gianfrancesco Genoso said that because of these conditions, many of the birds have starved due to the lingering winter conditions. However, the local residents have joined forces to assist their ailing bird population.

Residents had been speaking to the local authorities about the problem and wanted to find a solution. At the advice of local veterinarians, Maritime residents are putting out seeds, fruit and worms to help the ailing bird population. They are also clearing snow from their lawns in an attempt to thaw the ground. All of these efforts are being made so the birds are able to gather food on their own. A break in the weather and help from locals should ensure that the bird population makes a late transition into spring.