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Richard Dwayne Blair’s three pillars to financial success

Richard Dwayne Blair is an Investment Advisor, with certifications in annuity’s, estate and trust, fund specialist, income tax and retirement income. Mr. Dwayne is the Chief Investment Officer and founder at Wealth Solutions, a Texas based registered investment advisory firm. Wealth Solutions offers wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. Richard Dwayne Blair’s grandmother, mother and wife were all educators, which is why Richard is able to understand the power of teaching. Richard has been utilize his education influence and his natural knack for finance management he formed the Wealth Solutions in 1993. Richard has formed a three step pillar planning blueprint for financial success.

The first pillar is to discover and formulate an executable financial plan. Richard takes advantage of this stage, by using it not only to gather the goals of the client, but to form a bond. During this pillar Richard truly focuses on the customization of a financial plan for his clients. No two people’s financial goals and aspirations are the same, so it is critical to gather required financial information to ensure a fully comprehensive financial road map is laid out. Identification of things like a person’s financial risk tolerance, financial goals and strengths are performed at this stage.

The second pillar is intended to dig deeper into what was discovered in the first pillar, specifically long and short term financial goals, expectations and liquidity needs. This pillar allows Mr. Richard Dwayne Blair to better understand what are the ideal financial solutions or options available for the client. Again everyone’s financial situation is different. Richard Dwayne Blair constantly identifies investing trends in order to manage the client’s assets to take advantage of upward trends and minimizing losses during any downward trends in the market place as well as tracking portfolio performance, and logging historical data for possible indicators in future markets.

During the third pillar, Insurance needs are assessed. These needs are based on the outcomes gathered from the previous two pillars. It is impossible to predict what personal financial tragedies may arise. Life insurance, long-term care insurance and annuities are the tools Richard recommends as the solution to unexpected life tragedies.