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Sahm Adrangi Showcases an Impressive Business Strategy

Silicon Valley has become rather well known for certain business practices. Companies in the region do tend to bring some innovative ideas. But it’s hard not to come away from the area with some less than flattering impressions.

The average Silicon Valley company often seems so caught up with appearing innovative that they become just another fish in the larger tech sea. But real innovation doesn’t blindly chase trends. Innovators do just that, they innovate. And one can easily see that when looking at GreenSky credit. And the same goes for GreenSky’s CEO, Sahm Adrangi.

The name might not create the same sparks of recognition as many other successful CEOs. In fact, many people know him in large part because of his notable reluctance to promote himself. He’s a rare counter to the flashy presences in the area.

He seldom accepts invitations to speak at conferences. And it’s even rare for him to sit down for the shortest interviews with the press. And he never parades himself in front of employees to wave novelties in front of them.

It stands in stark contrast to the other companies. But it shows as true innovation when one looks at GreenSky’s overall performance. That’s when things click and one begins to realize something. Sahm Adrangi isn’t reclusive, he’s busy guiding his company into greater and greater victories.

When one understands this simple fact it can help inform opinions on the company as a whole. For example, it makes use of up to around 17,000 contractors. And they’re well known for being able to deliver amazingly fast results. For example, letting people use apps as part of the loan process. And then using that same app to deliver a decision within seconds.

Much of GreenSky’s efficiency probably comes from Sahm Adrangi himself. He puts results far ahead of publicity within his professional life. And Sahm Adrangi also clearly wants his company to focus first and foremost on efficient practices which benefit both GreenSky and customers alike. Given the success of both Adrangi and GreenSky, one can see that there’s quite a bit of merit to the idea.

Sahm Adrangi: Reality of Kodak

Sahm Adrangi is a founder and chief investment officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. He completed his graduation in Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University. At the beginning of his career, Sahm Adrangi worked for finance group of Deutsche Bank. He was an Investment Analyst at Longacre Fund Management, LLC and in 2009 he founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC.

Sahm Adrangi released an article about Eastman Kodak Company; it is a 138-year-old firm which deals with commercial printing and imaging. It used to provide motion picture film products. In recent, the company announced its partnership with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Since then its stocks reached more than double of their value. It did so to earn money and get back to the platform. They are trying to save the company from being bankrupt. They just claimed that blockchain would remove the problem of IP ownership and other occurring problems. The photographers would be paid properly. One day prior to announcement 370,974 restricted stock units were bought by five board members of the company.

The company will go through the SEC inquiry because they have found irregular and inconsistent in their transactions and they don’t have appropriate documents. Their plan has not been appreciated by anyone and people running it is anonymous. In 2018 they launched the Kodak “Kashmir” a Kodak bitcoin. And other with schemes have been found guilty. Due to which this bitcoin is not trustworthy.

There is no information regarding the people behind it. During a press conference, they told that now WENN Digital will lead it and KODAK One is not responsible for anything. Around 7.5% of stocks of WENN Digital are with Appcoin and 12.5% of its stocks are with Appcoin’s chairman. Redstone Literary Agents, Inc was renamed as Appcoin Innovations Inc and it began dealing in bitcoin and ISO related advisory.

Ryde and WENN Media collaborated which resulted in the formation of WENN Digital. Kodak had signed a contract for selling products with American Spotlight for selling the product named Bitmain Antminer S9 under their brand name for two years but the contract ended up after nine months due to their useless schemes. Kodak is dying and will not be able to survive on its useless schemes like Blockchain. They have announced many promising schemes and program but never came to any conclusion. Sahm Adrangi realized it and made everyone aware of the reality of Kodak.

Benefits of Agora Financial Newsletters

Managing and taking care of your personal finances is a very important task that all people need to take care of. When you are looking to improve your personal finances, following advice from a professional could be very beneficial. When you are looking for quality advice, one option is to read the articles and newsletters provided by Agora Financial. Agora Financial is a company that specializes in providing online periodical to consumers that are looking to improve their personal financial situation.

Overall, Agora Financial is best known for providing online publications that help consumers make better financial decisions. The publications that are written can provide people with a range of different benefits including help with picking stocks, how to budget and manage finances, and how to prepare for the financial future. The newsletters are ideal for people in a wide range of situations with varying levels of financial expertise.

While there are many different online publications that provide financial advice, one of the top benefits of getting advice form Agora Financial is that the company has very experienced writers. The Agora Financial team includes writers that have worked for some of the top financial magazines and periodicals in the world. Others have worked for some of the top financial planning offices and investment banks as well, which gives them real-life work experience in the field.

When you are looking to get more information from Agora Financial, you will also have many different options to choose from. The company does offer a free newsletter that can provide you with great information. However, there are additional types of products available as well. Agora Financial can provide someone with a subscription service that will provide even more detail and advice. This information can then be used to help meet certain financial and personal goals.



Kerrisdale Capital Management is not new in betting against companies. The company has raised about $100 million from various investors to wager against a solitary stock. This is the first time that Kerrisdale is raising a joint investment as it speculates to bet against the stock of a public company that is about to be disclosed. The hedge fund managers have caught their competitors by surprise as they have managed to consolidate an enormous amount of money within a short period. Shane Wilson, an analyst at Kerrisdale, together with Kerrisdale’s’ manager SahmAdrangi are using strategies such as making videos, reports and their website to lure investors to be part of the company’s most anticipated project. Kerrisdale is already purchasing stock to set up a position in the target company which will most likely be disclosed to the public in May. Currently, Kerrisdale Capital Management is in-charge of around $500 million with an inclusion of the already amassed funds.

About SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi, 33 years old, is the founder and current Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management located in New York City. He was born in Canada to an Iranian family and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Yale University. At the university, Sahm wrote various columns for the campus newspaper. He began his career at Deutsche Bank where he assisted in structuring and syndicating non-investment grade bank debt. Later, he left Deutsche Bank to work for Chanin Capital Partners where he worked as a credit advisor. Moreover, Sahm represented bankrupt companies, bondholder committees, and bank debt holders. He was also an analyst at the multi-billion dollar Longacre Fund Management where he was in-charge of investment of analysis and fact-finding finding for equity and credit funds.

Sahm first made his name in the industry after accumulating millions from betting against fraudulent Chinese companies which he knew would collapse shortly. In 2009, he founded his firm Kerrisdale Capital Management. He traded the $300,000 he had from his parent’s contribution and his savings turning the capital into huge profits. His hedge fund portfolio value is estimated to be about $108,672,000.


Progression of Investors with Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is one of the biggest corporation that helps an investor with stock-based solutions, therefore, making them do to their work swiftly and become successful. Furthermore, in order for Equities First Holdings to help more investors, they enlarged their offices in different part of the country which their major headquarters resides in Indianapolis, Indiana and also opened numerous offices in London, Singapore, Sydney, Perth, and HongKong.

Equities First Holding also ensures they help investors develop hence giving them institute capital these enable them to establish but the ones who qualify for these loans are mostly the active investors. The organization through the hard work and devotion they put through they were able to achieve $1.4 billion for the 1000 transactions they concluded. As the founder of the company Al Christy to manage more than 50 staff members and also ensured that he gave them better environment for them to work safely and faster so that the company can make a lot of income which will make the company develops. In order for the company to assist the upcoming investors, they always ensure they give them small funding that will enable them to start and improve their businesses.

The better services that the organization offer is due to them always following their values in keeping good relationship among the staff members and also staff members to clients which will make them feel safer and employment of skilled professionals who will provide better services to their clients. The company also make sure that the workers at the company always are on their best behavior. Furthermore, in order for the company to help investors, they offer stock-based loans rather that margins loans these is because their loan return rate is low and they have no limit restrictions. Through partnering with other company, they are able to offer better services.


Vincent Parascandola is the Financial Expert at AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola operates at AXA Advisors in the position of Senior Executive VP. He is accountable for administration improvement, deals, efficiency, maintenance, recruitment, and advancement of experienced & new financial specialists. Mr. Vincent has more than 25 years of engagement in the area. He began his work with Prudential in year 1987 being an operator, and was alluded as the yearly National Rookie. And in 1990, Vincent joined the MONY Life Insurance Company whereby he acted distinctive regional and local field administration responsibilities before moving to AXA Advisors in 2004.

Going before his part as the divisional president, Vincent was pioneer of The Advantage Group – which is part of AXA Equitable, a group established to pull in regular financial specialists. Earlier, he was co-boss of the New York Metro branch, an association with approximately 400 financial specialists within the tri-state zone. Being recognized for his work, Vincent has earned different organization grants in his entire profession which includes the Master Agency Awards & GAMA’s Career Development. Vincent has before addressed different associations and industry teams as their speaker, including LIMRA’s dissemination gatherings and GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting. Vincent is a person from GAMA and a former leader of Florida chapter.

Parascandola pursued education at Pace University within New York where he sought after a Bachelor of Science degree. The AXA Advisors’ arrangement of practically 6,000 fiscal specialists provide products and technicalities investments & budgetary security in addition to resource allotment, retirement, school, estate planning, retirement and business to assist clients with financial necessities during their livelihood. AXA Financial Inc. auxiliary, AXA Equitable is part of the parts establishing worldwide AXA Group, being a worldwide pioneer in financial security procedures and wealth administration. AXA Advisors, LLC is an agent merchant with over 5,350 enrolled delegates across the nation. Vincent Parascandola has been in charge of industry securities enrollment for quite a while and he is responsible SEC and FINRA oversight.

Vincent is accountable for development and growth of more than 225 financial experts within Central New Jersey place. He is obligated with training and recruiting of new advisors to the company in addition to overseeing Sales growth by enhancement of the existing producers’ productivity while sustaining correct profit margins.