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The triumphant equities first holdings data

Equities first holdings happens to be a company that allows for excess capital for those who can provide a net worth that is very high. The company specializes in this. Cash can be included that will help with problems that may come of for the client. Indianapolis was the starting point for this company in the year 2002. Liquidity became a huge issue concerning the company and it did all it could to solve the problem. Financially there were issues that arose and it could not be undone by using traditional methods. The company allows for loans through its many services. A different source is very helpful for the company. The company is able to finish off about six hundred of the loans that is set up. Loans that have low interest enables the company to use territories to its advantage on the playing field. The company has seen a great expansion over time.

Sahm Adrangi: Reality of Kodak

Sahm Adrangi is a founder and chief investment officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. He completed his graduation in Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University. At the beginning of his career, Sahm Adrangi worked for finance group of Deutsche Bank. He was an Investment Analyst at Longacre Fund Management, LLC and in 2009 he founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC.

Sahm Adrangi released an article about Eastman Kodak Company; it is a 138-year-old firm which deals with commercial printing and imaging. It used to provide motion picture film products. In recent, the company announced its partnership with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Since then its stocks reached more than double of their value. It did so to earn money and get back to the platform. They are trying to save the company from being bankrupt. They just claimed that blockchain would remove the problem of IP ownership and other occurring problems. The photographers would be paid properly. One day prior to announcement 370,974 restricted stock units were bought by five board members of the company.

The company will go through the SEC inquiry because they have found irregular and inconsistent in their transactions and they don’t have appropriate documents. Their plan has not been appreciated by anyone and people running it is anonymous. In 2018 they launched the Kodak “Kashmir” a Kodak bitcoin. And other with schemes have been found guilty. Due to which this bitcoin is not trustworthy.

There is no information regarding the people behind it. During a press conference, they told that now WENN Digital will lead it and KODAK One is not responsible for anything. Around 7.5% of stocks of WENN Digital are with Appcoin and 12.5% of its stocks are with Appcoin’s chairman. Redstone Literary Agents, Inc was renamed as Appcoin Innovations Inc and it began dealing in bitcoin and ISO related advisory.

Ryde and WENN Media collaborated which resulted in the formation of WENN Digital. Kodak had signed a contract for selling products with American Spotlight for selling the product named Bitmain Antminer S9 under their brand name for two years but the contract ended up after nine months due to their useless schemes. Kodak is dying and will not be able to survive on its useless schemes like Blockchain. They have announced many promising schemes and program but never came to any conclusion. Sahm Adrangi realized it and made everyone aware of the reality of Kodak.

Equities First Holdings LLC and Subsidiaries; an Innovative Financial Platform, Begin in 2002 and Still Going Strong

2002 marked the year when Equities First Holdings LLC appeared on the financial scene. The company has done very well with its innovative platform that gives both businesses and private individuals a way to acquire needed monies, using active stock options as collaterol.

Today the Australia-based company has subsidiary offices in several continents, including locations in the United States, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. As of 2016, Equities First Holdings and it’s subsidiary branches have been responsible for seeing no less than 700 alternative financing solutions all the way from their promising beginnings to their satisfactory conclusions, or as the company founder, So Christy Jr. states it, ” we have a perfect track record of returning …collaterol upon maturity and repayment. “

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Rise To CEO At Bradesco

As the CEO of Bradesco, the second largest private bank in Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi enjoys premier status in the media; his opinions are followed closely. While Trabuco speaks in measured words, this only served to make his words carry more weight with business leaders and financial analysts throughout Brazil. Not only are Trabuco’s words followed closely, so are his actions. When he took over for Márcio Cypriano, who had an excellent reign as CEO and who greatly increased the bank’s market value, business leaders wondered if Trabuco would have such an impressive performance as CEO.

While no one is questioning Trabuco’s talent, certain factors were not in his favor when he took over as CEO. Bradesco lost its position as the largest private bank in Brazil just two months before and the bank was far behind competitor Itaú Unibanco in assets. The surest way to increase Bradesco’s assets, buying up smaller banks, was not a tactic that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi could execute easily, since there where few feasible acquisition opportunities. Instead, Trabuco would have to rely on organic growth, which is traditionally difficult in challenging economic times. To increase Bradesco’s assets, Trabuco would improve the bank’s internal performance, so Bradesco could be more efficient. Additionally, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi reduced interest rates and planned to open more than 200 branches.

Having been with Bradesco for forty years, the financial market expected Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to become the bank’s CEO, since Bradesco prefers continuity. He started as a clerk in 1969 at the Marília branch; by 1971, Trabuco was working at Bradesco’s headquarters in São Paulo. As per usual at the bank, he moved up slowly, working in various departments and learning how all of the departments of Bradesco worked together. Trabuco stood out from the bank’s other executives, having earned a degree in philosophy from the University of São Paulo, where many of his colleagues majored in economics, accounting or finance. For his postgraduate work, Trabuco studied sociopsychology at the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo.

Despite Bradesco’s culture of continuity, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was innovative, with profitable results. While head of marketing, Trabuco opened up the bank to the media, where before, Bradesco shunned media inquiries. Today, such openness in commonplace, however, Trabuco placed Bradesco ahead of the curve. Giving desirable high-income clients preferential treatment was another of Trabuco’s ideas, one which now has its own name, Bradesco Prime, with separate checks for Prime customers.

While Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi never considered making Bradesco the leader once again a goal if his, Trabuco acquired the Brazilian branch of HSBC, which in 2015, was Brazil’s largest business. With a $5.2 billion price tag, HSBC will give Bradesco a six-year jump in otherwise organic growth. The move caught the attention of his peers and in 2015; Trabuco won Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance award from Dinheiro.

As CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has shown himself to be open to suggestions from managers from all levels of Bradesco, giving autonomy to those who deserved the privilege.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, just click here

Great Percentage Of Investors Accessing Equities First Stock Loans

Equities First is a spearheading universal lender equipping potential investors with alternative monetary solutions. The company has gained traction with stock loans becoming popular and innovative way of funding borrowers seeking for working capital with the company using stocks as collateral. Borrowers are able to enjoy low-interest rates with a mounting trend of stock and margin loans recorded particularly after the initiation of the world economic challenges. Click here for more .

Banking firms lend by banks have not been left behind in restructuring their terms and conditions. Traditional institutions that offer credit-based loans have made their lending criteria here and that has chased many applicants with a large portion of borrowers not meeting their minimum requirements. Equities First is offering affordable credits at a time when seeing funding from conventional lenders has become much difficult.

Equities First is listed among the most technological institutions regarding offering stock loans. There is realization that stock loans give a more essential way reaping more from loan. While prices of many commodities is still going up due to harsh monetary environments, the financial world is hit most by this traction. In fact, Equities First has operated to make sure that the current increasing trend of stock loan traction works well for its borrowers.

According to Al Christy, many loans are featured by higher interest rates hence majority of people cannot afford and others just keep away. Those seeking for stock loans are at freedom of getting greater LTV (Loan to Value) proportions even when the market stock price is low. Equity loans have ratios varying from 50% to 75% and interest of not more than 4%. Amounts issued are not conditioned for specific uses hence one of the factor contributing to the higher traction. A company that commenced by funding an orchard farmer using stock loan, has today benefiting uncountable potential investors with majority still reaping big in the sector.

James Dondero Takes a Seat on Southern Methodist Business Board

The Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business recently announced that it’s added James Dondero to the Executive Board.


The Cox School of Business has been around since 1920, making it one of the better recognized colleges in the Dallas area. With a robust alumni network and notable graduates in the world of business, it’s no surprise that James Dondero would fit right in with the Executive Board.


Dondero will bring with him a wealth of experienced earned at Highland Capital Management, strengthening his already long standing commitment to Southern Methodist University. Currently Dondero’s firm run the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars, recognizing academic excellence and outstanding professionalism in public works.


In a recent statement regarding the appointment, Dondero expressed his appreciation for all Southern Methodist University has to offer the city of Dallas as a respected institution.


Dondero will join about 100 other board members and provide insight and strategy for the Cox Business School during their meetings in spring, fall, and winter.


About James Dondero:


James Dondero is an American investor and businessman who’s worked in the finance sector for over 30 years. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Commerce, then he went on to become a Certified Managerial Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Between 1985 and 1989, after completing formal financial training at JP Morgan, Dondero worked for American Express, handling fixed income funds valued at more than $1 billion. In 1993 Dondero worked for Protective LIFE GID as Chief Investment Officer, providing the company the strategy it needed to grow by $2 billion dollars in the span of just four years. This included responsibilities such as managing mortgage-backed securities, bank loans, high-yield bonds, market debt, derivatives, and preferred and common stocks.


Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management, where he serves as President. Highland Capital Management manages the highest volume of collateralized loan obligations in the United States. Outside of his main professional capacity, Dondero serves as Chairman for the Cornerstone Healthcare Group, and the Board and is Chief Executive Officer of HCM Acquisition Company.