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Lime Crime’s New Hair Dyes Unleash Your “Queen of the Unicorns” Color

In case there is still not enough Unicorn in your life, after buying Unicorn frappes and Unicorn-horned hairbrushes, the iconic Lime Crime brand has come up with a vegan, ammonia and bleach free range of semi-permanent “unicorn hair” hair dyes.


Each jar is reasonably priced at just 16 dollars. The tints will last for 8-10 washes and a full color gives complete coverage for 10-12 washes. Right now there are 13 brightly colored shades worthy of a unicorn mane, from a bright purple Pony to Salad green. They are designed to fade away gracefully, giving you that desired look for longer times than other brands.


Lime Crime founder and “Queen of the Unicorns” Doe Deere is known for her multi-colored and vibrant hairdos, and with the Unicorn Hair line, she wanted to share the joy of bright colors. Doe Deere’s signature purple color is actually Pony, so her fans can now match the iconic look for their own hair or find one of their own. She has always been committed to listening to her fans, and knows that they love bright colors and unique styles too.


Her team spent three years developing the pure, vegan formula that anyone from a pro to a newbie can apply. It does not contain bleach, so those with darker shaded hair may want to have their hair professionally bleached first for the best color, or choose a darker unicorn hair full coverage jar, such as Chocolate Cherry, Blue Smoke, or Jello.


You can even mix up the colors for more fun results. Anime and Salad combine into a tropical turquoise, Blue Smoke and Gargoyle become blue steel, Neon Peach and Bunny become petal pink, and Dirty Mermaid and Gargoyle will be a slate gray color. Lime Crime encourages all of their unicorn enthusiasts to mix and match the colors to find the one that truly matches the personal style and inner unicorn.


The Unicorn Hair is designed to fade naturally over time. If you get tired of your look and want to start anew, washing with a clarifying shampoo speeds that process up.

Lime Crime Do or Don’t?

What’s bright, bold and the new trend happening today? Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye. The Unicorn line of products ranges from purple to blue all the way to orange. With 13 shades of vibrant colors to offer, they will have you looking like the rainbow in no time.

This brand of hair dye took three years to make and you can definitely see why. Vegan products were used to make it, no ammonia or bleach. Lime Crime is saving the sweet, fluffy animals while giving us some bold hair. Absolutely amazing right? That’s what every girl or guy loves to hear. Each shade comes in full coverage which can last 10-12 washes and then a tint which can last 8-10 washes, plus a big bonus it’s super affordable at only $16 a jar.

Lime Crime has frequently asked questions on their website where I am sure all your questions will be answered, just like mine were. As it says on their website Unicorn Hair was designed to start out bright and bold then fade as they said “gracefully”. Who wouldn’t love a nice faded pastel hair do?

For short “bob” style haircuts you will need one jar of dye, for medium length hair two jars and then so on and so forth. The dye isn’t a toner and will not lift any other dye that is on your hair already. Their hair dye is meant to show off some bright colors while keeping your hair healthy and not damaging it. Of course, all hair dyes can do so sort of damage but with the Unicorn Hair, you will not be adding all the parabens and ammonia on your hair. While Lime Crime has released this line of hair dye a little over a month ago, the trend for Unicorn hair is crazy!

Take part of the trend and the new fashion statement and definitely check out Lime Crime’s Unicorn hair product. You simply cannot go wrong with beautiful colors and yes, I said it, VEGAN!


Fabletics Gives Customers Bountiful Option

Fabletics is an online website for women that are interested in buying athletic clothing. There are also a handful of stores that have lured customers as well. Overall, people are more familiar with the Fabletics website then they are with the stores because there are only about a dozen throughout the United States. For the website that offers thousands of different garments it is easy for customers to shop regardless of their geographical location.


Hudson know that the websites is a great thing for a building her brand. She’s well aware that the website is a catalyst for building her brand, but she also realizes that more stores are needed. What she is engaging in right now is reverse showrooming. This it is a practice that has allowed her to get people excited about this brand of clothes that are offered and go to a physical store to make purchases.


She knows that more women are going to go out to stores if there’s one in their neighborhood. She also realizes that the sales people within the store can promote the subscription services that Fabletics offers. Both of these concepts can bring forth a lot more revenue for Fabletics, and that is the direction that Kate is headed in with this company. The data has already been gathered, and people are realizing that there is a lot of interest in what this athletic brand brings to the market.


It is the type of company that has managed to gain a lot of customers that want clothes that are different from what they have seen in other department stores. A lot of people that go to the website may see the style quiz that leads them to the VIP membership in subscription services, but many people may bypass this without reading it. They may not realize the benefits that can be gained from getting automatic shipments of athletic clothes each month. That is another reason why the storefront is so important for the brand. It allows salespeople to provide direct information on this membership when they are talking to customers. The sales person is the one that can lead more customers to sign up for subscription services. That is why this is a very important part of the brand awareness that Kate Hudson is trying to build for this brand. Fabletics is the company that gives ladies access to bountiful options.

Susan McGalla, Skilled Marketer

When it comes to business success, a large part of it is in marketing. If a company does not have good marketing talent, then it is not going to get anywhere. A lot of people learn the hard way the importance of marketing when they try to start a business. After all, people need to know that a business not only exists but offers products and services that they would want. However, even the mere knowledge of existence would be enough to spark curiosity and eventually drive sales. However, it is largely a matter of numbers. When more people visit the company, there is a greater chance of sales. However, it is also a matter of conversions. When people are going into the company with the expectation of buying something, they are more likely to buy something.


This is one thing that Susan McGalla has known with her work at the Joseph Horne Company. She has worked in various positions as a marketer and a manager. As a manager, she has overseen the workers of the company. She has made sure that the workers knew what is expected of them in various positions. She was also a reasonable person when it came to her management.


Susan McGalla knew the channels to use and how to intrigue people. She has used her marketing expertise in order to bring greater growth to her companies. One thing that she has done was take the time to get to know her company. That way, she would be able to figure out what would make it tick.


Given all that she has learned, she has eventually decided that she could start her own company. Not only will she market for her clients such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, she would also give them advice and pointers on what works for the customers and the company. Marketing is about sending a message. One of the best messages to send is that one is very happy with his company. It would show in the types of products that are presented to people as well as the services provided to customers.




Saving Time and Money with Fabletics Clothing

In our increasingly online world, many people are turning to shopping online. This has lead to Amazon controlling up to twenty percent of apparel sales. It can be difficult for many companies to succeed with all the competition online. One company that is taking on Amazon is Fabletics. Fabletics sells stylish, quality workout clothing at prices that people can afford. They offer their items as a membership-based subscription service. Their business model has proved wildly successful, becoming a multimillion dollar company in just a few short years since launching.


A large part of Fabletics success is the quality of clothing they offer. Their clothes can easily be compared to those of the high-end brands. Fabletics is able to offer their clothing at a fraction of the price, but still give their customers stylish clothing that is always part of the latest trends. Their clothes are also thick, so you won’t have to worry about see through issues while you are working out. You can also wash your clothes as often as needed, and not need to worry about them losing their color, shape, or compression. Their clothes will continue to look fantastic and give you the support you need for many, many workouts. Their clothes are always soft and comfortable, so you will want to wear them wherever you go, not just to the gym. Fabletics clothing not only makes you look fantastic, but you feel like a smart shopper for getting such fantastic clothes at a bargain price.


After their incredible success online, Fabletics has chosen to complement their online website with physical stores. This may seem contrary to the current trends that are happening in the current marketplace. Many brick and mortar stores are losing sales when customers come into their stores to see their items but then go online to purchase them cheaper. Fabletics is implementing a reverse showroom technique to make their stores a success while also helping their online sales. When their customers try items on in their stores, the items also go in their online shopping cart. This allows their customers to either purchase in store or online. For Fabletics, it doesn’t matter where they buy, they just are creating another level of customer service for their customers. Their stores also sign up one-fourth of those who come in the stores as monthly members, thus increasing their online sales as well.


To become a monthly online member, you are offered a discounted outfit. To help choose an outfit, you take a quiz to determine your likes and dislikes. Once your exercise preferences and lifestyle are determined, you are given outfits that best fit your preferences, making shopping quick and easy. Each month, you will then be sent outfits to pick from based on your preferences, or you can pick out your own. You will then be sent your preferred outfit for your low monthly fee. You will always receive a trendy and stylish outfit and you save time shopping. This time can be spent enjoying life and living a healthy and active lifestyle.