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Don Ressler Enhances Fabletics’ Unique Business Model

Conventional markets have been defined by their quality goods and services, which are offered at excessively higher costs. Clients have been forced to spend massively on quality workout cloths. Despite of the hefty prices, women have continued to struggle with fitting issues and comfort. However, the markets are rapidly changing. Customers are now looking beyond quality. The modern woman is looking to stay fit and healthy. She is also seeking to look fashionable, without breaking a bank. With a keen entrepreneurial eye, Don Ressler and his business partner, Adam Goldenberg, took note of this gap in the activewear market. The two shrewd entrepreneurs sought to create a brand that would meet the complex needs of a modern woman. Don Ressler and Adam realized that all they needed to do is deliver a unique brand that addresses the question of quality, fashion, and above all, affordability. To this end, they incorporated Fabletics.

To bring Fabletics to life, Don Ressler and Adam sought to partner with Kate Hudson, a renowned actress. Partnering with Kate was an investment that the two businessmen never thought would bear impressive fruits. Kate, who is social and confident, has been at the forefront of Fabletics’ marketing strategy. Her strong media presence and great communication skills have played a pivotal role in attracting masses to the brand. Fabletics, just like any other start-up, had its fair share of challenges. The trio experienced hardships with manufacturing. Initially, they failed to come up with a product that focused on quality, fashion and function. However, with Don’s innate entrepreneurial passion and team work from his partners, Fabletics managed to get out of the woods and begun registering steady growth.

Irrespective of the conventional challenges that Fabletics faced, the team did not shy away from giving discounts to their customers. Unlike other brands, Fabletics offered exceptional activewear products at discounted prices to save women the trouble of financial strain. They also capitalized on a strong online presence and a membership plan that allowed clients to sign up at a monthly fee. Members who join the brand as VIP are required to pay a monthly fee of $50. This way, they benefit from free shipping, discounts and reward points. In addition, Fabletics seeks to deliver customized athletic wear to fit clients’ specific needs like size, taste and color. To achieve this objective, clients complete a quiz to help determine their style and other preferences. This strategy enables Fabletics to suggest different clothing options to clients every month. This innovative business model has helped the Fabletics brand to grow and dominate the activewear brand. Don Ressler plans to expand the portfolio to include the plus-size woman.