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Keith Mann: A Concerned Animal Rights Activist

Keith Mann, a lifelong dedicated activist on behalf of animals, now faces a challenging battle with a heartless enemy: cancer. His many friends and supporters hope that the contributions they raise on line will assist him in purchasing supplies and equipment to improve his health. He was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in 2013 and was not given an optimistic prognosis.

Keith Mann grew up in Rochdale on the outskirts of Manchester, England. As a youth, he developed strong compassion towards animals and a desire to protect them from cruelty.

When he worked on a dairy farm, he noticed the cows crying. When he asked why, other workers informed him the cows grieved the loss of their calves, who were removed at young ages from their mothers. Dairy cows must produce calves in order to generate milk, which is then collected for human use.

All his life, Keith Mann displayed concern for animals and their welfare. He once reportedly kept 53 goldfish in his bathroom tub for several weeks until he could locate suitable homes for them. Before fox hunting was banned in the UK, he protested this cruel practice by passing out leaflets about fox hunting.

In 1991, he was arrested for the first time following accusations that he participated in a blaze started by setting fire to chicken crates. He reportedly spent some 11 years in jail during his life. During this century, he was arrested for protesting the practice of vivisection, a process in which surgical procedures are performed on living animals, sometimes without anesthesia, for academic purposes.

He also wrote a book entitled From Dusk ’til Dawn. It depicts a little monkey called “Britches” on the cover. He ran for Parliament on The Animal Welfare Party ticket in 2008.

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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moo?

What are the odds that one cow would give birth to 4 calves at once? 1 in 11.2 million! Incredible odds, and yet it happened. Where could such an anomaly take place? Texas of course, Lubbock Texas. Where they do everything in a big way!

76 year old farmer Jimmy Barling stated that they knew the mamma was pregnant but they had no idea she would birth 4 calves. Jimmy and his wife Dora saw buzzards circling in the sky above the field. They went to check on their heifer and got there in time to see the fourth calf born.

Dan Newlin reports that veterinarian Mike Baird said he will perform DNA testing to verify all four babies came from one mom. He noted that he is very familiar with the Barlings and is certain they are honest in their recollection. The testing will take place in the interest of science and the animal kingdom.

Jimmy and Dora’s granddaughter named the tiny black calves.

The mother cow is not able to nurse all four babies adequately, so a few neighbors have come to the rescue. Eeny, Meeny, and Miny are with friends who are making sure the calves recieve the nourishment they need. Moo got to stay with mom.

While the average weight of a newborn calf is 75 pounds, the smallest Barling calf weighed in at 25 pounds.
One for the text books and for Lubbock Texas; Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moo. Well, make the four.