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The Unique Approach of HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that seeks to help clients make reliable and appropriate financial decisions. One difficulty faced by financial services companies involves building a solid relationship with clients. HCR Wealth Advisors and its employees try to overcome the limitations present when building those necessary professional relationships. HCR Wealth Advisors maintains clients across the United States. Considering the complexities involved with crafting relationships with so many clients, the steps by the firm prove quite commendable.

A simple task guides HCR Wealth Advisors. The firm wants to help its clients. This remains the firm’s primary goal above all else. HCR Wealth Advisors places the intrests of its clients above those of the firm. Such isn’t always the case with other companies in the financial world. In fact, a firm might be directed to push specific financial products on clients. HCR Wealth Advisors doesn’t do this. Nor does HCR Wealth Advisor answer to a controlling parent company. The firm operates in a completely independent manner.

Transparency rules the day with HCR Wealth Advisors. The company details all fees associated with the available services up front. Clients find it frustrating when “bait and switch” or “hidden fee” tactics emerge. HCR Wealth Advisors doesn’t engage in such business practices. Clients should find that both refreshing and appealing. A fair and honest approach to presenting fees surely helps build relationships.

The relationship approach followed by HCR Wealth Advisors (@HcrWealth) can better benefit clients from a performance perspective. Ironically, this is achieved by avoiding the performance-based strategy employed by traditional money managers. Instead, HCR Wealth Advisors explores a full financial planning and asset management strategy designed to dynamically assist clients reach their particular financial goals. The goal here is wealth management and not barebones portfolio management. Even when times become stressful and difficult, HCR Wealth Advisors works hard with clients to weather personal and professional storms. Doing so sets the company apart from many others. Get in touch HCR Wealth on Facebook.

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Ryan Seacrest Foundation has made the healing process for children easier

American radio personality Ryan Seacrest is famously known for hosting American Idol. In addition to the popular competition show, Seacrest has a long history of hosting experience like American Top 40, On Air with Ryan Seacrest and he is currently hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan. Because of his contributions to television and radio he has received countless Emmy award nominations. Outside of hosting, Seacrest made a conscience effort to give back in a major way by launching the nonprofit Ryan Seacrest Foundation in 2010.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was created with hopes of inspiring children with life threatening illnesses and injuries. He provides inspiration and motivation through entertainment and education. With the Seacrest Studios placed in pediatric hospitals, children can participate in the radio and TV studio which allows them to watch some big entertainment celebrities. Children also have the opportunity to create their own videos and shows with the use of the green room. So far there are 10 hospitals throughout the U.S. that has Seacrest Studios. The main goal of the foundation is to keep families from stressing and putting too much focus on the physical and mental disability of their loved ones. The reaction and responses Seacrest has received from families has confirmed what he has intended from the beginning, families are grateful for the thoughtfulness and find the Seacrest Studios to be uplifting.

The driving force behind the idea of the foundation came from the multiple hospital visits Seacrest has made throughout the country. He noticed the heavy responsibility of caring for those children and he was impressed with strength and patience of their families as well as the hospital staff. He was determined to not only be apart of but create something that will provide a life enhancing experience for children and have a lifelong impact in their lives. You can connect with Seacrest thru Facebook if you want to help his foundation.

The New York Times Article on Ryan Seacrest:

Amphivena Therapeutics is Making Huge Strides in Drug Development under the Leadership of Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot


Amphivena Therapeutics is a San Francisco-based preclinical stage firm that develops a revolutionary immunotherapy for treating hematologic malignancies. During its Series A funding of July 2013, the company raised a record $14 million. MPM Capital oversaw the fundraising campaign. Amphivena Therapeutics’ goal is to eliminate blood cancer with an advanced therapy that couples with the immune system of the patient to destroy the cancerous cells and their precursors. Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot, the CEO of Amphivena, is recognized for creating and operating SKS Ocular, a leading ophthalmic company incubator that specializes in dry AMD, continuous release ocular medication delivery techniques, and innovative therapies for macular degeneration, glaucoma, and ocular inflammation.

Who is CEO Jeanmarie Guenot?


Guenot is a shrewd investor, scientist, and an active philanthropist. She began her professional business career as a senior employee of Atlas Venture. She oversaw venture capital investments and created life science firms from scratch. In the science world, Guenot started as a principle scientist in Hoffmann-La Roche’s Preclinical R&D. She focused on discovering and creating medications for autoimmune diseases, inflammation, oncology, and metabolic diseases.  Jeanmarie often covers what she’s working on currently on her Facebook page.


Education achievements


Dr. Guenot majored in physical and medical chemistry with a special focus on semi-empirical and quantum mechanical techniques for protein structure prediction, molecular dynamics, drug design, and X-ray and NMR refinement. She received her Ph.D. from the San Francisco-based University of California and her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Guenot fulfills her continuous education requirement by participating actively in research and attending educational workshops.


Professional expertise


Dr. Guenot’s unmatched experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector extends for more than 20 years. She has a professional expertise of working with both private and public companies. Her portfolio consists of venture capitalism, commercial & corporate development, pharmaceutical R&D, project & alliance management, and company building or rebuilding.


Early career history


According to PubFacts, Dr. Guenot served as a business coach for Hoffmann-La Roche. During her tenure as the VP of PDL BioPharma in charge of corporate & business development, she oversaw merger and acquisitions, licensing, and management of alliances. She played an instrumental role in the negotiation of co-commercialization and co-development strategic partnership that comprised of three phase 2 trials for cancer and autoimmune diseases.