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Becoming Part of the OSI Group Team

Teamwork is essential in today’s world. People have to be prepared to work hard and be willing to share ideas and credit with others. They also have to be prepared to participate in many group team activities in order to meet mutual goals. One company that understands the importance of team work is OSI Group. They want people who are willing to jump right in and help provide all necessary help to any members of the team. Those who are thinking of applying for a job at this location should be aware that in doing so they will be able to participate in many kinds team activities.

Helping Others

At OSI Group, the emphasis is on helping others. When people help others, they often feel better about their own lives. This is why many people love the idea of being part of this company. First started nearly a hundred years ago, the OSI Group is now located in Auroura, IL. Headed by Chief Operating Office and President, Donald G. McDonald, the company is one that offers many things that people enjoy eating. They take high quality items and turn them into food that people love. Under their capable hands, customers can have a wonderful slice of pizza or a bowl of chili for a fast and yet filling dinner. People who are going to join the team here and do well are those who can be part of a team and embrace the company’s overall goals. Company officials look for those who are willing to learn from others as well as those who are also willing and happy to demonstrate their own personal skills to others to help them master such skills as well.

A Happy Group

Each team at the company understands the need to spend lots of time setting goals and keeping to them precisely. They know that others in the company depend on them. This is why so many people who are happy to be part of the company love working here. They appreciate the opportunity to be part of a team effort and to help work towards goals over time. Each person is given both the opportunity to shine as an individual and to be part of a team that is dedicated to the overall improvement of the company’s goals and company expansion. Being committed to the company’s ideals helps employees create a career for themselves.

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OSI Group European Expansion and American Tradition

One of the most reputable food services companies in the world is also one of the safest. In 2016 OSI Group was rewarded the OSI Group was awarded the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. The food services group has been very busy lately making purchases and acquiring of food service related businesses and facilities to expand its empire. This recent activity has also led to the availabitiy of new jobs that have been created through the recent acquisitions.

Boho Foods and a Tyson Food’s plant have been the recent acquisitions that are shining light onto the OSI Group of late. The OSI Group is proving that it can make major moves within the foods industry and successfuly merge their operations and production processes to further distribute OSI Group food products. The OSI Group is well on their way to implementing their global strategy and putting into place a distribution channel that will great expand their operations throughout Europe.

OSI Group is a heavy hitter and one of America’s top 100 food companies for the simple reason that they believe in going big and following tradition. For more than 100 years OSI Group has put together a portfolio of high profile clients that they service. McDonald’s was one of the company’s first account and the company currently employs more than 20,000 individuals in the united states. The recent acquisition that OSI Group has made suggest that they are looking to add more than a few thousand more employees to their payrolls in the coming months.

On the south side of Chicago, Illinois a former Tyson Foods facility was recently purchased by OSI Group. The group issued a statement declaring the newly acquired property to part of the OSI Group’s boarder OSI manufacturing network. The collective network of facilities further strengthen OSI Group’s ability to distribute their quality meats along the board of the United States.

OSI Group began as Otto and Sons and started out as a quality fresh meat producer in the mid western part of the United States. In Aurora, Illinois is where it all began and OSI Group became known as the group that revolutionized the food solutions industry.

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Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg: Reinventing fashion

The history of Don Ressler

Don Ressler had an interest in developing a company since he was little. He first created his website, which helped several organizations to raise funds. The success that these organizations registered in the past few years motivated Don to start a venture. He realized a new potential which he never thought he had from the beginning. In 2011, the website was bought by Intermix, a company for which Ressler worked.

The case of Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg was not very comfortable with the formal education. His interest to join the business world took most of his attention from the school life. At the tender age of 15, Adam had developed a website which helped people with their gaming activities. The website was equally bought by intermix in the later years.

The newly formed friendship

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg became friends while both were working at Intermix. The two gentlemen did not have an idea that they shared the dream. Their interests were on owning an operational company which would create a good market and competition. After sharing their ideas on the best products, they brainstormed more and came up with several suggestions for which they settled.

Focusing on strengths

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had similar strengths in the technology industry. The two could not let their talents and abilities go to waste because it held their future chances for growth. Technology would not give them what they desired in its entirety. Both Adam and Don had to agree on the possible use of their knowledge to give them maximum results. In using technology, the duo would come up with better markets for the existing products.

Settling for the fashion industry

Fashion is an aspect of the market that will never be out phased. The current fashion styles are flooded, and people needed a new sense and invention. For this reason, Don and Adam used their technical skills to improve the state of fashion in the country. At first, the gentlemen did not view their innovation as of huge impact, but with the current customer base, the fashion sense was not a bad idea after all. Having known very little about the state of fashion in the world, their inclusion of technology and style personalization became the selling factor. The two gentlemen have expanded their operations to all parts of the world. Their different skills in applying technology have paid off in the end.

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Eric Pulier, Software Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier- Pulling His Own Weight

No matter whether it is ancient inventions or modern technology, history has been shaped by those who are daring enough and risky enough to call themselves entrepreneur. Those who dare to stray from the norm are those who glean victory from helping to re-shape societies and even civilization itself.

Those who are clever enough to know when to invest in burgeoning fields are those whose names are written in history, unlike the countless names who are forgotten to the sands of time. It is these people, who pull themselves up by their bootstraps, who are at the forefront of revolutions.

Eric Pulier is one such person. He did not come from a moneyed family. In fact, he came from far from that. He earned his own wages, working in high school as a modest gas station attendant, helping his family make ends meet but never losing sight of what he knew would one day be unheard-of success. In his spare time at home, he would relentlessly study computers and programming technology. Knowing all too well that this is what the future held.

He eventually started studying at the world-famous and prestigious Harvard University. While attending here, he studied technology and literature. He graduated from Harvard in 1988 and continued to pursue his passion for technology. He created the organization People Doing Things a mere three years after departing college. This organization was dedicated to towards the advancement of technological breakthroughs in the fields of healthcare and education. After deciding to sell off these companies years later, he further pursued technology via companies devoted to virtual computing and alternative media to learn more about us: click here.

No matter what obstacles or challenges are put in front of Eric Pulier, it is clear that he is up to the challenge. Never one to turn the other cheek when the winds of change started blowing in his chosen fields, he decided instead to face everything head-on and make sure that the changes taking place would benefit not only himself, but those people who held close to his vision. His journey of success continues on.

Felipe Montoro Jens Explains the Privatization’s-Journey of the Infrastructural-Sector in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most popular countries in South America. The country’s diverse economy makes it one of the perfect global-destinations for equity investors. A study conducted by the National Confederation of Industry has revealed that privatization has played a key role in the development of the infrastructural-sector in Brazil.

The evolution process

The country’s economy is reported to have total control by the state in the early stages of development. The full-control is explained to have extended until 1980 when the initial deviation occurred. The National Privatization Program, established in 1990, became the pivot of major changes that have seen a positive-growth in Brazil’s economy.

The first sectors that benefited from privatization process include; petroleum, steel and aeronautical. It is further explained that the concession law of 1995 prioritized expansion of the process to transport, banking, telecommunications and sanitation sectors. Montoro points out that the approval of the Public Private Partnership act took place ten years later. Jens emphasized that the telecommunications law of 1997 left the state with the responsibility of regulation and privatized provision of services. He further explained that the prevention of return-to-monopoly contributed to the success of the telecommunications sub-sector.

Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro is one of the most-celebrated business executives in the world. He is currently 46 years old. Montoro pursued a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. He later earned his master’s degree in international management from Thunderbird school of global management in US.

Jens has seen significant milestones in his career. He has worked with leading-firms and served in several top positions in the course of his work. He is an expert in finance and investment. Jens has also been seen to express his concern on high waste levels in his region.


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Using Career Success as a Platform for Entrepreneurship

Using Career Success as a Platform for Entrepreneurship

People do not view career success as a platform that can be used to develop a product. This is not the case for Norman Pattiz. He has developed his career and has become an industry leader. His career success has empowered him to build a consultancy firm and Podcast One. This is a digital product that targets the young people. He uses his networks to improve and develop Podcast One. This has enabled the product to earn consumer preference. This has improved the sales of the product. The product is on demand in the market. This is what makes it attractive. Learn more:

Norman Pattiz has worked with the best people in the media industry. The United States military consulted his services to enhance communication. This shows his ability to work with different people to achieve relevant results. These skills have been essential in developing Podcast One. This is because it has enabled him to work with people like Chris Jericho of World Wrestling Entertainment. Norman has developed the skills of the citizens. The collaboration has enabled him to create a new product that gives entertaining information about the spiritual world. Learn more:

The product has gained popularity over the internet because of its hosts and entertainment features. The company has targeted young people, and this has earned a market share. This is what makes it the best in the industry. The company has drawn its strength from the able leadership of Norman Pattiz. His ability to lead people and get the best results has enabled his company to grow. The company has become the best in the industry through his networks. He often introduces guests on the show in order to promote the viewership. This demonstrates that Norman uses his career success to grow his company.

Career people should have a broader and greater vision beyond career success. This is because the development of a career beyond professional success is fulfilling and satisfying. Norman Pattiz shows that the lives of other people can be impacted using career success. It is evident that investing in a greater purpose than career success is rewarding and basic in influencing other people. Young career people should be encouraged to build a vision for themselves and the society. The development of a product beyond career success will improve the lives of the community and their lives in a more personal way.


Richard Mishaan, the A-List Interior Designer taking New York by Storm

Richard Mishaan is an interior design purist. He currently heads Richard Mishaan Design based in New York. Drawing inspiration from his background and the works of famous designers such as Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, and Syrie Maugham, he tries to create designs that are grand, classical and above all comfortable to the client. As a result, Richard Mishaan Design has over the years been entrusted by multiple clients spread across the country with their rooms and homes.

Mishaan’s entrepreneurial endeavors do not just end at Richard Mishaan Design. He also owns the home furniture design brand, Homer Design. He has also expressed significant interest in creating and growing his own hotel brand in the near future. That said, his most successful venture, away from Richard Mishaan Design, thus far has been his book. Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern have both been published by The Monacelli Press and have been received quite well by eager readers.

Mishaan has previously studied at New York University where he received his BA. He then went on the attend Columbia University’s famed School Architecture. Interesting to note also, is the fact that Mishaan did not always want to be an interior designer. However, while at architecture school he grew an interest in interior architecture which in time slowly developed into a passion.

As a result of starting out early with Richard Mishaan Design, Mishaan has only had a brief professional background in employment. He only had a brief but greatly educative stint working for Philip Johnson. He was still attending Columbia University at the time.

Mishaan’s high standing in the New York interior design industry has on numerous occasions been validated through the receipt of awards. For instance, he was among the 17 A-List Winners recognized by At Home Magazine in the 2016 A-list issue.

George Soros Does Not Want To See Citizens Oppressed

Individuals are frequently subjected to tyranny and prejudice, because it is accepted by oppressors that victims can’t defend themselves. Defense is often acquired from money, and the underprivileged are the object of oppressive behaviors, as they can’t pay for legal defense. Mr. Soros desires to end the tyranny of the destitute. George understands what it’s like to experience a tyrant’s evil focused on his family out of their differences. Mr. Soros is from the nation of Hungary, that country was attacked by the Nazis. This was when Mr. Soros was 14 years old; he saw the occupation himself and managed to flee the Holocaust. Learn more about George at

After Hitler was defeated, Mr. Soros fled to look for a better life in London. Mr. George Soros went to the London School for Economics. There, George earned an education in Economics, and also earned his Master’s in the area of Philosophy. These degrees assisted him with his skill to make a large amount of money. He quickly found work at a renowned brokerage firm; the highly respected Singer and Friedlander. George learned how to shine at the art of exchanging the securities of a country to another, and earned a colossal profit. From George’s earnings, he now could afford to make his way to New York.

In New York, he labored at a range of agencies on Wall Street, acquiring more wealth. This money permitted George to make his hedge fund project, which George branded after his family, the Soros Fund. Several years after, in the 1980s, George created another project for aiding citizens and corporations who are in need of money. George called the project Open Society Foundation. This name for his latest project comes from the wisdom of Karl Popper, the famous idealist that George was studying while in London. Karl Popper thought that a free civilization without harassment of the underprivileged is the best way to encounter a world of extraordinary opportunities for all citizens.

Using this mindset, George Soros’ project backs citizens who have no access to attorneys, citizens who desperately require medical assistance, and people who want to earn an education so they can finally try to obtain a better life for themselves. Medical cannabis is almost certainly the most reasonably priced and most readily available plant on the planet. However in many districts of the great United States, it’s illegal to own it, or to sell it, or even to grow it. On the other hand, the plant has been shown by medical experts to help treat awful seizures, and a variety of other dilemmas that often require prescription medications, often costing a great amount more than cannabis does.

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Troy McQuagge from USHEALTH Group Inc. Recognized by One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge, Chief Executive Officer – USHEALTH Group Inc., has been crowned One Planet’s CEO of the year. One Planet Awards is a prestigious global premier award program that honors professional excellence in all industries globally. Nominations from any organization around the world are eligible for submission. These organizations may be profit-oriented or non-profit, start-ups, and privately or publicly owned.


One Planet Awards acknowledges companies that have excelled in business. The awards are currently conferred in sections such as teams, executives, new products and services, corporate communications, PR, marketing, and organizations from all over the globe.


Troy started working with USHEALTH in the year 2010. Upon his joining, he embarked on a task of re-building the company’s captive distribution agency (USHEALTH Advisors). It is by doing so that Troy would turn the company around. Due to his achievement in re-establishing the Advisors, he paved the way for his election as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the President of USHEALTH in 2014. Through him, the company has recorded extraordinary success, profitability, and growth in the dynamic personal health insurance market.


Troy McQuagge says that everyone at USHEALTH Group deserved the award, that’s why he feels that receiving the admired industry and peer recognition is such an honor. He also says it is through the company’s current commitment that they have been able to solve the client’s healthcare affordability problems by offering them innovative coverage that grows to accommodate their growing health care needs.




USHEALTH Group is a healthcare insurance company located in Fort Worth, Texas, whose target is to offer innovative health cover for small business owners and sole proprietors. USHEALTH prioritizes the marketing of profitable and competitive insurance products as well as providing exceptional customer services in every aspect of the firm’s operations through combining talents of its agents and employees.


Troy McQuagge


Troy McQuagge is an entrepreneur and corporate executive from Panama City, Florida. He is currently the President and CEO at USHEALTH Group Inc. Previously, he had worked at Allstate Insurance before joining UICI/HealthMarkets in 1995. He has specialized in health insurance sales and has accumulated years of knowledge and experience in the sector.



Venture Capitalist Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier (pronounced “poo-lee-ay”) wears more of both executive and philanthropic hats than the regular successful businessmen (or women) might ever want to, or dream to. Monsieur Pulier has founded and funded over 15 companies and enterprises, including ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution, and US Interactive. Eric Pulier is also a philanthropist, investing his profits in over seven charitable organizations including the Ace Foundation. He is also Vice President and General Manager, since the acquisition of CSC, to oversee all management of the company’s cloud business.

A Harvard graduate, Pulier was a writer of a column for the newspaper publication there. He learned articulation as a result and became a successful promoter of many causes and interests in his endeavors. As part of the 2nd inauguration of Clinton/Gore in 1993, he ran “The Bridge to the 20th Century”. He became a spotlighted figure on the way to the new Millennium.

Pulier pioneered the first home computer software and attachments to enable people with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) to operate a keyboard with a peripheral beam device without sufficient motor control. This can be extraordinarily beneficial for education and vocational study and use for a large number of the population, whether in private homes or offices of companies, which obviously encourages and promotes equal opportunity with employers to hire disabled employees for a wider range of jobs.

Included in his projects of philanthropy is his association with ACE which is finding new ways to program and utilize software of 100’s of popular software constructs.

His latest success is as Founder and Managing Partner for FLF, another software company, and this month in 2016, his newest site which is an innovative foundation for children with chronically debilatating disease.

As an inventor, Pulier created a patent for what is called “a cloud computing abstractions layer with the most up-to-date security facilities”, “provisional virtual computing”, and “method and apparatus for web services” to name only a number of his patents.

Eric Pulier is definitely a success of momentous forward progress in the world of technology. He is pioneering the way for future entrepreneurs.

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