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How Goettl Does More Than Just AC Repairs To Keep Customer’s Homes Cool

One common myth that HVAC customers often believe is that their home will be cooled best by an air conditioner that’s big and powerful. This is actually not true and Goettl Air Conditioning has proven it by helping their customers buy the right size unit and giving them other advice on how to keep their homes cooled. Goettl says that homes can be cooled by reducing the amount of heat that an air conditioner has to work against and keeping the settings on the recommended temperatures. Goettl says customers should have their homes insulated against the heat and have both the thermostat and the outdoor condenser installed where the sunlight won’t affect them. Also, they recommend that customers enroll in a regular AC maintenance plan which will keep their system running at top performance and increase its lifespan.

Goettl Air Conditioning began back in the 1930s when Adam and Gust Goettl decided to enter the industry during the Great Depression and into the WWII era. They established the company out in Arizona and in time it became a top residential HVAC service company in the southwest. While the company had its ups and downs, Ken Goodrich bought it in 2010 to make sure it stayed locally-owned and developed a comprehensive customer service plan. Customers have not only highly reviewed the company, employees have expressed high satisfaction with management and more have joined over the years. Visit AZ Central for more info.

In a report by The Bro Talk, Goettl decided to go beyond air conditioning repair in recent years and teamed up with The Sunny Plumber so that customers with plumbing needs could have affordable access to them. They’ve also added more commercial jobs through a merging with Paradise Air and Las Vegas air in the Las Vegas municipal area. Goettl Air Conditioning has also helped start HVAC programs at community colleges and even gave a scholarship fund to a returning military veteran to start his HVAC training.

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