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ClassDojo App; what is it

Class management is among the most important issues in education today. Luckily, in an age where teachers, parent, and the kid use technology devices for communication, management has proven to be quite easy. ClassDojo is one of the few free communacation and educational apps that has garnered popularity across the country and abroad. More than 90 % of K-8 schools in the U.S and more than 180 countries are using this tool.

ClassDojo app connects teachers, parents, and students throughout the day, helping the students develop critical skills such as teamwork and empathy through a real time feedback from the teacher through any internet based devices.

Each student has his profile, with their own avatar, in which the teacher will assign dojos (point) throughout the lesson. The teacher can use a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer to deduct or awards dojos throughout the school day. The program is customizable, and the teacher can change the skills to adapt to the need of the class or the school.

He or she will then record the information on student profiles for entire year review. Parents have logins so that they can visualize the child achievement from their home, this way they can be able to support the student and allow them to develop social and academic skills. The app is quite an icebreaker between the parent and the child because the parent can have a look on the videos and photo of activities at school.

The app also allows teachers communicate an urgent message to parents. Notably, parents may also communicate an urgent or important message to the teacher, for instance, when a parent run late to pick the child.

Overall, ClassDojo has proven to be quite an effective tool in tightening the feedback loop between the student, parent, and the teachers. With ClassDojo parent and teachers can now track the performance, behaviors, and trends, improve the student without interrupting the class flow, more importantly, it let the student reflect on their in class performance.