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The Secret to Stream Energy’s Success

Digital Age consumers are different from their counterparts who existed some years back. They demand more than quality services or products from businesses. Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy are just but a few aspects that modern consumers demand from businesses. The success of a modern business depends, among other things, on attention accorded to consumers and everything they deem important.

As a startup, Stream Energy incorporated philanthropy into its business model. With less than 13 years of existence, the Dallas-based firm has burgeoned, currently boasting of operations across America. The firm’s energy services are available in seven states and other services—wireless, protective, and home—are accessible to consumers nationwide. Stream Energy has accumulated over $8 billion in revenues since its inception.

Stream Energy is not about to forget what propelled it to be among the leading direct selling companies; The firm is more involved in philanthropy now more than ever. In fact, it recently launched Stream Cares to spearhead all its philanthropic endeavors.

Some recent instances that Stream Energy demonstrated a caring heart include contributing towards helping Hurricane Harvey victims, sponsoring homeless children to be part of annual Splash for Hope, and treating the less fortunate Dallas-area veterans and their families to an opulent lunch. In all these instances, Stream Energy worked alongside its associates and other organizations, such as the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and Hope Supply Co.

Stream Energy’s associates are central to the firm’s business model. They sell the company’s services, earning commissions, salaries, bonuses, and other rewards based on the number of new clients or associates they persuade to be part of Stream. It is for this reason that Stream values its associates and their endeavors. Whenever Stream’s associates set out on a philanthropic cause, the company backs them by doubling up their contributions or matching their donations to a certain maximum.

During Hurricane Harvey, for instance, a crowdfunding campaign was initiated to help Stream’s associates in the affected areas. Stream matched all the contributions to the campaign up to $25,000.

Sahm Adrangi: Buying Mystery Stocks

Every successful trader has their unique methods and techniques on how to outsmart the stock market. They formulate different approach on how they can maximize their income just by trading. This skill is one of the most sought after from financial institutions because they wanted to earn more profit. However, there is a risk present when trading, especially at the stock market, and it is much better if one is prepared whenever these risks come. Mr. Adrangi, a young and active trader, is considered as one of the bravest risk takers on the planet. He is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, and he is currently serving as the CIO or the chief investment officer of the firm. As the CIO, it is his task to oversee the operations of the company which affects their financial performance. Sahm Adrangi knows what to do to keep the value of their chosen business to go up, and he would always take a risk for the sake of huge profit.

Sahm Adrangi became the center of attention recently, because of his announcement that he will buy more than $100 million worth of stocks. The problem is that the companies where he will be buying his shares from are still unknown and many are speculating which company is it. According to Sahm Adrangi himself, he asked his clients and those who belong to the financial industry and trust his skills to give him $100 million. He promised that the money would be paid for if it becomes profitable in a short amount of time, and he is positive that the team will make it to the top.

Sahm Adrangi defended his actions, stating that there are no problems with the world, and whatever he does is his right. After the purchase has been made, more people are becoming more aware and would like to enter the trading industry. However, Sahm Adrangi warned the people that there would be risks in investing. Today, Kerrisdale Capital Management is partnering with Sahm Adrangi to get some of the best deals when talking about trading and passive income hunting.. Twitter

George Soros: Early Life, Career, and Philanthropy

George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists in the world. According to, Mr. Soros has given away over $32 billion to fund Open Society Foundations across the globe. Soros is the founder of the European Central University located in Budapest. The institution is the leading center for studying social sciences in the region. Under the leadership of Mr. Soros, the Open Society Foundations have managed to support organizations and individuals around the world fighting for accountable governments, freedom of expression, and activist societies that campaign for equality and justice. Additionally, the foundations have managed to provide university and school fees to numerous underprivileged students.

More about George Soros Philanthropy

From time to time, George Soros has focused on helping individuals who are discriminated by their societies. For instance, Mr. Soros has supported factions that represent Europe’s Roma people. Additionally, he has supported highly discriminated groups, such as sex workers, LGBTI People, and drug users. When he was young, Soros experienced such intolerance. He was born and brought up in Hungary in the 1930s. He lived through the 1944 and 1945 Nazi occupation, which led to the murder of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. George’s Jewish family secured false identity papers to survive. They also concealed their backgrounds and helped other people do the same.

In 1947, George left Budapest for London where he worked as a waiter and railway porter. He worked hard and gathered enough money to pay for his studies at the School of Economics London. He later moved to the U.S. in 1956 and ventured into the industry of investments and finance. He launched Soros Fund Management in 1970 and made history by becoming a successful investor. With his fortune, he created the Open Society Foundations, which comprises of partners, projects, and foundations in over 100 countries.

George began helping the less privileged in the society back in 1979. He gave black South Africans scholarships during apartheid. In Communist Hungary, George promoted open ideas exchange by sponsoring academicians to visit the West. Additionally, he supported fledging sovereign cultural groups among other initiatives. He went ahead to create the Central European University following the collapse of the Berlin Wall. When the Cold War was over, Soros expanded to Asia, Latin America, the U.S., and Africa. He supported a broad range of new efforts with the aim of creating transparent, democratic, and more accountable societies. Soros was among the first prominent individuals to condemn the war on drugs as “perhaps more harmful than the problem itself.” His efforts helped kick-start the medical marijuana movement in America.

Mr. Soros giving has surpassed his foundations. He has supported independent organizations, including the International Crisis Group, the Global Witness, and Institute for New Economic Thinking the European Foreign Relations Council. Soros is presently in his 80s and still takes an interest in the work of the Open Society Foundations. He regularly travels to support the Foundations’ work and campaigns for constructive strategy changes with leaders of the world. Throughout his philanthropic legacy, George Soros has remained dedicated to fighting the most intractable problems of the world. and more information click here

Andrew Rolfe: A True Success Story:

Andrew Rolfe is presently a Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook Capital Partners L.P. Andrew Rolfe handles a variety of profitable investment opportunities within Europe as well as the United States.

The investment opportunities that Rolfe handles have to do with hospitality, retail as well as the food service industry. Mr. Rolfe has been the Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook since early 2011.

Andrew Rolfe provides strong operational support to the entire staff at Towerbrook. Previously, Rolfe was the President of the Gap Inc. Rolfe held this important position with the Gap for a period of three years. At the same time that Rolfe held the position as President of the Gap Inc, he also held the position as Leader of the Executive Management team. Andrew Rolfe had a great deal of responsibility at the Gap.

Rolfe was in charge of over 400 Gap retail stores located within the United Kingdom as well as Japan. In addition, Andrew Rolfe was responsible for the successful launching of the Banana Republic in Japan. Banana Republic was a successful business venture.

Before Andrew Rolfe began his successful career with the Gap, he held a very important position as CEO at Pret A. Manger. It took 4 and one half long years and a great deal of planning and hard work to transform Pret A. Manger into a highly successful International retailer.

Other career successes included working as Vice President for PepsiCo Restaurants. Rolfe was responsbile for managing over 1200 restaurants which included Pizza Hut restaurants in 30 countries. Around the same time, Andrew Rolfe was elected to the Board of Food and Beverages.

*Education & Drive to Succeed/ So Very Important in Business:

From 2007-2014, Andrew Rolfe served on Chairman of the Board for an organization called True Religion Apparel. It seemed as if everything in which Mr. Rolfe became involved turned out a successful.

For a brief period Rolfe was involved on a business level with Wilton Industries as well as Kaporal Jean Co. In addition, in 2003 Andrew Rolfe served as Director of Booker PLC. While at Booker PLC Rolfe was directly responsible for daily operations within the Food Service Division.

Andrew Rolfe was a bright and enthusiastic young man who was fortunate enough to attend Ivy League schools. Rolfe attended Oxford as well as Harvard Business School. Rolfe obtained his MBA Degree from Harvard and graduated with honors.

Andrew Rolfe has also studied Economics as well as Political Science. Although Rolfe studied Political Science as well as Economics, at present he is not directly involved with politicians or political causes.