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Dr. Clay Siegall- Defeating Cancer By All Means

Clay B. Siegall is a renowned scientist, focusing on targeted cancer therapies. Mr. Siegall also operates a word press blog. Some recent posts on the blog include the story of how Seattle Seahawks have changed their logo. The sports company will now use a head-on variation of the team’s former logo. This new logo was first witnessed by the public on the player’s caps during the weekend. According to Chris reamer of, the new design will be featured on shirts and caps and will soon be available for purchase by the public.


Another recent story on the Clay Siegel blog is the story about how T.Y McGill, who plays defense for the Browns, has been apprehended for marijuana possession in North Carolina. According to the blog, it is uncertain if Mr. McGill’s legal case will affect his place in the team as the Browns were not aware that other legal pending cases before they claimed him. Additionally, McGill must face the NFL disciplinary.


About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall co-initiated Seattle Genetics in 1998, a foundation that conducts scientific research and drug development. He also doubles up as the President, CEO, and Chairman of Seattle Genetics.


As the chief executive officer of the company, Siegall is devoted to enhancing cancer patients’ lives. For this reason, he has conducted several impeccable advancements in cancer as well as pioneering therapies for cancer patients. Clay’s passion for assisting cancer patients emanates from his own experiences with his father who had cancer when Clay was nineteen and died later when Clay was twenty-four years. During that time, he discovered that there were insufficient tools of knowledge for the disease and it prompted Clay to pursue a doctorate in genetics at the George Washington University.


Under Dr. Siegall’s management, Seattle Genetics has successfully secured several strategic licenses for its ADC technology including Pfizer, Genentech (Roche), GlaxoSmithKline, and AbbVie which have brought in over $350 million to the organization. Besides, Clay has also augmented the company’s capital raising ventures acquiring more than 1.2 billion from both private and public financings which also includes the establishment IPO offered in 2001.