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Donald Trump Is Still in the Doghouse

Since his declaration to run for the country’s next president last month, Donald Trump has stayed in the doghouse with many companies as well as countries, for that matter. It all came about after Donald Trump’s speech, in which on Wikipedia he speaks derogatorily about Mexico and its people. This spurred all types of negative publicity for the millionaire business man including refusals by Univision and NBC to air his beauty pageant. NBC also cancelled his long-running hit show ‘The Apprentice‘.

Recent news shows evidence that this is not the end of his backlash as Macy’s department store stops selling his clothing line. The department store wants to cut ties with Trump in fear of losing Hispanic customers and to back the standard of diversity in the United States. This might be the first store to pull his products, but not necessarily the last. I believe Mr. Trump has dug himself quite a hole and it will be quite a while before he can get out of it. In a country with a large population of Hispanics, many of which are Mexicans, Trump’s remarks about Mexicans being rapists was an inconsiderate and defaming action, and companies are not letting him get away with it.