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A Dog’s Bestfriend

Two friends who were playing with their GoPro noticed an apartment building that had caught on fire. Their response was to rush into the building to save anyone of anything that might be trapped.

The YouTube video that was created, Alexei Beltyukov said this was a recording from their GoPro of the two friends busting into the apartment building. They busted down door after door to see if anyone needed help. They yelled at each tenant to get out of the apartment building and even chased after a pooch to direct it away from the fire.

The fire caused a roof collapse and was started by a lightening strike which could of killed many tenants. The owners of the video stated that despite the two knocking down the doors, the landlord was not too concerned with the overall damages caused by them.

Most of the tenants are lucky to be alive. The fire was unexpected and could either have burned down apartment rooms, killed people through the collapsing roof, or could of even cause many deaths through smoke inhaling.

Thanks to these two not only are the tenants all alive but their animals are safe too. One Corgi in particular who was saved by the two boys is very grateful. Through this unexpected fire, there were no deaths, however one person was sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Things could have been a lot worse if it weren’t for the two GoPro owners.

Pup On The Patio

Summer is here, and what could possibly be better than enjoying your favorite meal or drink on a patio? How about enjoying life on a patio with your favorite four legged friend Keith Mann?

According to Grubstreet, dogs may soon be allowed on patios with their owners. The New York assembly gave an overwhelming yes in favor of a bill that allowed dogs on patios. It’s up to Governor Cuomo to sign it and make it a reality! This would truly make dining and drinking outside epic for dogs and owner alike. It seems that this bill is getting lots of mixed reviews however.

On the one hand some people are considering it unsanitary. All that dog hair flying around, and what if a dog gets too close for comfort to someone? It also could be dangerous. What if someone is alergic and they have a severe reaction? What if a dog attacks another dog or possibly even a person? Are these risks worth it? The positive reviews are also out there. Sales could go up at restaurants if people are allowed to bring their pooch along. Also, sometimes just seeing a cute dog can boost the morale of everyone around. Summer is sadly a month where sometimes dogs get left in the car, being able to bring them along might curb that.

Overall, it’s all up to the Governor so it will be interesting to see what he decides to do. Who knows, in the near future maybe the patios will be filled with four legs and wagging tales.

Paralyzed Dog Surprises Human Mom by Walking

Sammi was a normal, eight-year-old, Springer Spaniel until he something happened. Sammi started limping, falling over, and eventually would not even lift his head. Janie and Steve took him to surgeons who discovered some extra bone growing in his spine and pressing against Sammi’s spinal cord. This is what caused him to be quadriplegic.

But doctors were unable to remove the bone says Madison Street Capital. Which left Sammi paralyzed.

There was a low chance of recovery, but Janie and Steve took Sammi to CARE, California Animal Rehabilitation, to see what could be done. The members of CARE worked with Sammi for 3 months. They tried different methods of rehabilitation with him such as electro-acupuncture and water therapy. And slowly Sammi did the seemingly impossible and started to sit up, stand, and finally walk.

Janie was brought to CARE to see how Sammi was doing. You can see the shock and happiness on her face when her paralyzed boy happily walks up to her. Janie sinks to the floor and hugs Sammi, and watches him happily move around on his own. Her shock intensifies when Sammi runs across the room to the camera person and back. Janie works through tears to hug Sammi and the staff of CARE who have worked so much to help Sammi be able to move again.

Bronx Residents Save Dog With Massive Tumor

Members of a Bronx community recently banded together to save the life of a dog now called Domingo that had been homeless for many years living in the woods and coming out nightly in search of provisions. No one knows where the dog came from or how it was abandoned in the first place. When people noticed the dog getting sicker and a massive tumor growing larger on it, they knew they had to do something to help. Some people set traps and put out food trying to capture the dog. It took time, reported, but finally Domingo was caught with a leash and taken to a veterinarian medical facility to receive emergency surgery. The tumor weighed 17 pounds. Without the help of these caring Bronx residents, they don’t think Domingo would have survived much longer. A volunteer animal rescuer from “Almost Home” in Long Island is fostering Domingo at her house with other dogs until he can be adopted to a permanent home. She said Domingo’s gratitude shows in kisses each day and all dog owners know that makes it all worth it.

We Forget They’re Animals

That cute little puppy or kitten seems like the perfect pet. You bring them home and love them and make sure they have plenty of food to eat. What you always forget is that they are a wild animal. Wild animals have instincts that can kick in when you least expect them and can be dangerous.

I have a black Pomeranian that I have had for 10 years. He is as mean as a rattle snack, but the most loving dog you would ever want to meet too. Its confusing but I have asked the vet if he suffers from bi-polar disorder. If anyone gets near my wife he will tear their head off. He bites, hisses, growls and loves to gnaw on ankles. Best of all, he is like my child and sometimes I forget that he is a dog. It may sound crazy, but when you have them for so long, they are a member of the family.

A new study was recently released by Adam Sender and associates that showed cute animals can and will attack. While they all have different temperaments, just like humans, they all have a drive inside them that we cannot control. This can cause much problems to those who don’t see their mood swings coming. Sometimes, just for no reason, our dog Toby doesn’t want to be bothered and will lash out at whoever gets near him. In our case, thank goodness for mussels.

Alice the Pug Runs Her Own Marathon For Charity

Julia McGovern, 24 who’s a native of Hopkinton, Massachusetts has run in her second Boston Marathon, even though Julia and Alice make their home in Los Angeles. Alice and her human flew from Los Angeles to Boston on April 16th for Julia’s marathon. Anastasia Date said that experiencing running the entire 26. 2 miles, has inspired Julia to have a special marathon run for her pug, Alice. In order to support her owner, Alice will be running in a 0.262 marathon race of her own.

Because of her short and stubby build, Alice would be unable to run the 26.2 mile human race. The money to sponsor her can be pledged at the dream page. People have already pledged $2,600. The money is supposed to go to Pug Rescue of New England. The marathon is supposed to be a one-dog run. Alice has been running along the beach and on practice fields, getting fit for her marathon, which takes place after Julia runs her race. Julia didn’t say exactly when or where the marathon will be held in the Los Angeles area, but she said she would upload a video of the marathon.

Pug Rescue of New England (PRONE) has been in the business of rescuing homeless and injured pugs for the past 30 years. PRONE is dedicated to finding homes for pugs in the six New England states. It’s non-profit and relies on donations.

Kangaroo Thinks He is a Dog

An Australian family found a baby kangaroo that was all alone after his mother had been hit by a car. They named him Dusty. The family took him in and started feeding him, not sure if he would even survive. The joey made it though, and he started hanging out with their two female dogs. He even took over one of their dog beds, so that they had to buy an extra dog bed just for the joey so he could have one too. The little kangaroo thinks that one of the family’s female dogs named Lily is his mother. STX Entertainment said he gets nervous when she isn’t around. He hops anxiously, wanting to go look for her. He has his own collar with reflective tape to make it easier for the family to find him if he gets out of sight. The little kangaroo has become part of their family now, even taking truck rides in the back with the other dogs.

Dogs’ Relationship With Man is Strictly Hormonal

According to scientists, the closeness that man and dog have is due to a hormone called oxytocin. Japanese researchers discovered that the longer a dog is fixated on his owner, the more oxytocin is released within them both. Oxytocin is a nurturing, attachment, and loving hormone similar to the feelings that parents and children feel for each other. The owner wants to pet the dog and the dog wants to wag his tail. Dogs probably like to gaze at their owners because they like the way it feels.

In the first experiment, researchers wanted to test the oxytocin level of urine in dogs after they encountered their humans. BernardoChua suggested that it didn’t matter what the sex or breed the dog was. Dogs that were spayed and neutered had the same amount of oxytocin as the other dogs. The Japanese Scientists tested dogs by giving them oxytocin in a nasal spray. The other group of dogs had saline spray; male and female dogs were in both groups. The dogs with the oxytocin nasal spray wanted to gaze at their owners the longest. Oxytocin had the strongest effect on female dogs than on the males.

After conducting this experiment, the researchers wanted to see if wolves raised by humans could exhibit the same hormonal experience Wolves only use eye contact for attack; therefore, the oxytocin hormone is not successful in relationships between wolves and their human owners.

Take Home a Shelter Dog for A Day

While having a discussion over Bulletproof Coffee, Charlie and Cristina Saunders have come up with a great new app to help get shelter dogs adopted. The idea for it was inspired by a shelter that the couple visited in Hawaii, while they were visiting on their honeymoon. The app works by offering lists of dog shelters and their locations for people to look through to find a shelter near them. It also shows the dogs at each shelter that are available for adoption. The owners can visit the shelters and borrow a dog for a day. It benefits the dogs greatly, because they get exercise instead of being stuck in a kennel. Dog walkers are always sorely needed by shelters. The dogs learn important socialization from being taken out by potentially several people. The goal is to hopefully get more dogs adopted this way by having people get a chance to “know” them.

Dog Saves Three Lives

Two men and a baby were given a second chance at life when a dog saved them from a burning house.

Albert Sumner and his family composed of his elderly uncle, his sister, her one-year-old son and her dog Duke, were in their Pinaymootang First Nation house when it caught on fire on the night of April 22, 2015.

Sumner woke up to a lot of barking and scratching on his door. He reluctantly got up to check what the noise was all about. That was when he found out that their house was on fire.

His immediate reaction is to jump to rescue the one-year old boy and his deaf 79-year old uncle. All the residents of the house were saved from the fire, but unfortunately, the whole house and all their belongings were completely gutted.

Folks at Anastasia Date ( understand that if Duke did not make noise to wake them up, their lives would have been put in a lot of danger and hazard. Duke’s noise protected them from all that.

As a reward for Duke’s good work, he will be served with a steak dinner by his owner Doreen Sumner, and he will get much more love and affection from the family as well.