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A Beagle Takes the Best in Show Title at Westminster Dog Show for Second Time in History

For the second time in the history of the Westminster Dog Show, a beagle took the top prize. A beagle by the name of Miss P took the Best in Show prize Tuesday evening at Madison Square Garden.

The big win drew gasps from the crowd and caused a stir in the dog breeding world. The first Beagle to ever take the top prize was a dog by the name of Uno in 2008. Smaller toy breeds, namely the toy poodle are often favorites at the Westminster show. Beagles, a working breed, have largely been underdogs.

Miss P’s big win came as such a shock to the crowd because of her competitors. She managed to beat out an Old English Sheepdog, a poodle, an English Springer Spaniel, a Portuguese water dog, a Skye terrier and a Shih Tzu. All happen to be popular contenders for the Best in Show title.

Miss P, who’s registered name is Tashtins Looking for Trouble, does not walk home with cash prizes, according to the Westminster Dog Show. Instead, Miss P will receive bragging rights, and her owners are likely to cash in on lucrative breeding rights.

According to the dogs owners some of which are pretty well known philanthropists, Miss P will officially retire from the dog show circuit following her big win. She happens to be the grandniece of Uno, the first beagle to ever win, and is co-owned by Eddie Dziuk, who owns Uno.