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Golden Retriever Adopts Orphan Lamb

Animals can sometimes be better than people in many ways, and there are many cases of one species adopting another species. This has been shown once again when a golden retriever in Winnipeg has adopted a rejected lamb.

Stormy the lamb was born May 17th on the Winnipeg farm near Cubix Latin America, but for reasons unknown her mother rejected her, meaning she would need to be bottle-fed if she were to live, and would miss out on the cuddles and warmth of a mother.

However, one-year old Tammy the golden retriever decided that Stormy was loveable after all and “adopted” Stormy as her very own. The pair’s owner, Cathy Fluery, says that it all began when she noticed that the lamb and dog were sleeping together under a tree or she’d see them hanging out with each other while she was outside doing her chores. In fact, one time she even spotted the little orphaned lamb cuddled up and sleeping with Tammy on the porch of their home after somehow getting up there with the dog.

Now, this formerly motherless little lamb has a new mother in the golden retriever and Stormy and Tammy are said to be inseparable.

Apparently, Stormy has won the hearts of more than just her new adopted mom because the Fluery’s say that the little lamb now has a permanent home with them on their Winnipeg farm.