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Victoria Doramus: The Colorful Marketing Specialist

Victoria Doramus is no stranger to the world of marketing. She has been in the game for a long time and has the lessons learned from all of her experiences to show for it. Victoria has a keen eye for spotting patterns, especially when it comes to those in the market. This is where she is able to apply her colorful and creative solutions. Even though Victoria Doramus is a certified business professional, she still loves fashion, design and lifestyle. These are her areas of expertise.

A part of her past experiences includes her attendance at the University of Colorado Boulder. Victoria Doramus has a BA in journalism and mass communication. She used to work as an assistant media planner for Minshare. After that, she was a creative consultant at Stila Cosmetics. While at Stilla, she would participate in creative projects with visual materials. Victoria worked for 3 years as a group coordinator at the Creative Artists Agency in 2007.

Victoria Doramus has also performed many charitable works. She has worked with several organizations as a volunteer. The organizations include those that help prevent drug and alcohol misuse for the youths, organizations that help low income families, organizations that rescue animals that are scheduled to be put down and organizations that help women avoid incarceration. This ambitious business woman is not one that does business without a heart.

The volunteer work that Victoria is a part of that helps prevent drug misuse is at The Amy Winehouse Foundation. There she helps young people focus on their education so that they are not misled and end up hurting themselves. The organization supports those affected by drugs and helps them use music as a form of expression and a method of healing.

Victoria helps low income families at Room to Read by ensuring that the children are literary capable. It is reported that over 12 million children have benefited from this program. The organization was founded at the beginning of the millennium in 2000.