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Meet David McDonald the President of OSI Group

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and president of OSI Group. This is a leading food processing company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The internationally established company has more than 65 facilities sweeping across 17 countries in Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. Osi Group has provided employment to more than 20,000 people across the globe.

Education Background and Career Life.

Mr. McDonald was born in Northeast Lowa, where he grew up as a farm boy. He went to Lowa State University from where he graduated in 1987 with a degree in Animal Science as well as the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

McDonald joined OSI Group’s Chicago branch in 1991. His desire to advance the industries operations motivated him to work hard and diligently resulting in him climbing up the leadership ranks to executive positions. His exceptional leadership and commitment to the growth and improvement of the company’s services and employees, has earned him much respect in the company. He is part of OSI Group’s strategic team which helps the company keep on with market trends across the globe as well launch new facilities and expand the market.

Under his leadership, OSI Group has successfully launched 8 running factories in China at the same time becoming the largest poultry products producer in China. During the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, OSI China supplied different meat products during the whole period. As a matter of fact, there were totally no complaints concerning the services provided by the OSI.

David also holds other leadership positions outside OSI which include North America Meat Association where he serves as Boards of Directors’ chairman. He is also a Member of the Board of Directors of OSI Group and is also the director of OSI Australia. Previously, McDonald has served at Marfrig Global Foods’ director.

David McDonald’s Philanthropy.

McDonald has also been very supportive of his home state Lowa. In 2011, he organized students visit OSI China, under the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. He is also known for offering scholarships to Alpha Gamma Rho, his very own fraternity in Lowa state. In 2004, McDonald received the Young Alumni Award from the ISU Alumni association. He has been a tireless supporter of the university and the alumni association. More so, McDonald, he is very active at Wheaton’s St. Michael Parish.

McDonald is married to Malinda with whom they have six children. They live together in Warrenville, III.

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David McDonald Has Been A Large Part Of The Success Of OSI Group’s Expansion

David McDonald was born in northeast Iowa where he grew up on a farm and spent plenty of time with animals. He decided to follow his calling and studied at Iowa State University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. David McDonald was also awarded the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award while attending the university. To this day, he offers scholarship funding to continue his support of education and his fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho. After finishing college, he went to work with OSI Group and stayed with the company until he became its president and COO.

OSI Group acquired the private Dutch Food company, Baho Food, in August of 2016, which is a company that has operating plants in the Netherlands and Germany. The company offers its customers a range of snacks, convenience foods, and deli meats. David McDonald was happy with the acquisition and commented that OSI would be able to expand their European offerings because of Baho Food. He also felt that Baho Food offers products that will nicely complement what OSI is already offering to their European customers.

When David McDonald joined OSI Group, 30 years ago, the company was looking to expand its operations in a big way. Those goals are still a good part of what the company aims for now, and growth and improvement have become a good part of the company‘s culture. Something Mr. McDonald feels satisfied about is the fact that when he first came aboard, OSI was hoping to become more of a global food service provider rather than simply a domestic one. This has been and is being accomplished every single day, and he is glad to see it through.

David McDonald is happy about the growth of the working base of OSI, as well, and many wonder how he has managed to create such an amazing work culture with such a large employee base. When asked about this, Mr. McDonald has spoken about how OSI focuses on the regions that their facilities or other operations take place. Instead of taking it all on at once, he believes it has been best to work with each local area and focus on the needs of their employees in each region. Eventually, OSI Group put together a system where corporate approvals have to be made for large expenditures or other decisions that can effect the company as a whole. This gives OSI the ability to truly serve each local community it operates in while also taking care of the greater good of its entirety.