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Blind Dog Has Stray Cat For a Guide

Terfel is a medium sized brown dog who was diagnosed with cataracts. It was so hard to find his way around the house, he kept bumping into things. Mrs. Godfrey-Brown, Terfel’s owner, of Holyhead, North Wales, decided to confine him to a basket. One day, in 2012, a stray cat came by and stood outside the door,looking into the home. Mrs. Godfrey-Brown noticed the stray who quickly won her heart. The tom cat instantly befriended his new blind friend. The tom appeared to sense that Terfel had a vision problem, and he decided to help the dog out. Terfel entrusted the tom cat, now known as Pwditat,to lead him out of his basket, through the house, using his paws to lead the dog, and into the backyard garden. He nudges the dog, helping him not bump into things. Pwdiatat and Terfel are inseparable; they like to go to the local park together.

Expert Ivan Ong confirms that something as simple as diabetes can create cataracts in a dog’s eyes. Sometimes this eye disorder can be inherited. It’s not known if Terfel had cataract surgery or not. It’s possible to replace the lens, called IOL (intraocular lens), however, it can decrease the dog’s nearsightedness, even though they have farsighted vision. Dogs can regain sight after surgical lens replacement, but the sight won’t be prefect because they have more inflammation and more scarring than a human has after cataract surgery.