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Dr. Mark McKenna: Doctor/Entrepreneur

In March 2018, Buckhead, an uptown district of Atlanta, Georgia, welcomed a skin care medical facility OVME. This facility pronounced “of me.” focuses on skin care and dedicated to offering top quality, technology-based aesthetic services to the residents in the Atlanta area. Founder and CEO of OVME Dr. Mark McKenna strives to provide top-notch skin treatment at his 1500 square foot luxury facility to his patients. OVME includes secluded offices for individual consultations and four luxurious private rooms. Along with the investment of OVME in Atlanta, McKenna has plans on opening a chain of this facility nationwide as well as building an app for Botox patients that functions the same way as rideshare app, Uber. This app will provide patients with freelance practitioners who do house calls on demand and therefore an added convenience.

Licensed by the Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee Board of Examiners, New Orleans native, Dr. Mark McKenna received his medical training at the Tulane University Medical School. Upon graduation with his Doctor of Medicine and Master of Business Administration degrees, he started practicing medicine with his father while launching a real estate development firm called McKenna Venture Investments. Dr. Mark McKenna continued growing his ventures by acquiring Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. When Hurricane Katrina destroyed homes and businesses in 2005, McKenna also lost his business investments in the area. Seeing the massive destruction in his community, he participated in the rebuilding of homes for low and middle-income area residents.

In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna relocated Atlanta, Georgia and opened a cosmetic and wellness based practice chain called ShapeMed. This business chain focused on nutrition, weight management, hair removal, and Botox injections. In November 2014, ShapeMed sold to bix box gym chain called Lifetime Fitness, and McKenna served on the board as National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness Inc until 2016. In 2017, he founded the innovative aesthetic medical company OVME.

Dr. Mark McKenna and OVME presently partnered with the Make A Wish Foundation. This foundation helps children with life-threatening illnesses and their families by granting wishes to the children and easing the financial burden of families.

How Dr. Mark Mofid Is Changing The American Perception Of Gluteal Augmentation

When plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Mark Mofid sees something he doesn’t like about doing a particular surgery he does something about it. One example is gluteal augmentation. This surgery is pretty common in Brazil but not so much in the United States. One issue is that Americans tend to view it in a negative light, by and large because the only time the press reports on this type of surgery is when it has ended in a malpractice suit or other big issue.

Dr. Mark Mofid is doing his part to change this perception because he says that otherwise a lot of women would really like to get this type of surgery. This is especially true for women who have had children and had their bodies permanently changed as a result. He says there are two main issues. One, some unscrupulous plastic surgeons will install bigger implants than our safe which is something he would never do. Safety has to always be the main concern with patients, he says, and two it ruins the image of this form of surgery and impugns on the reputation of the industry overall.

Second, he says the old-style implants just aren’t that good. Dr. Mark Mofid said that whoever designed them didn’t go a very good job because they are very prone to slipping out of the muscles they were placed in. This ends up giving women who have had this procedure done a sagging look in the posteriors which is pretty unattractive.

To solve this, Dr. Mark Mofid poured in hours of research coming up with something better. He did so and his implant is now being used by many others in the industry. His implant is safe, effective, and stays right where it is put.

Dr. Mark Mofid practices in La Jolla, California. He has patients coming to him from across San Diego County. All of his patients come from word of mouth of prior patients because he doesn’t do any advertising. He says he would rather let his results speak for themselves than put ads on tv, radio, magazines, and the sort.

How Dr. Mark Mofid Is Making His Mark On Plastic Surgery

Mark Mofid, M.D., F.A.C.S., of La Jolla, California, is known for being innovative. He always wants to come up with better and safer ways of performing plastic surgeries. He says that beyond performing these types of surgeries, as well as reconstructive surgeries, he spends his time performing a lot of research to come up with new solutions, such as designing new implants to replace older designs that he doesn’t like.

Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the foremost authorities in America when it comes to performing gluteal augmentation on women. He says that this type of surgery has a long history going back to 1984. This type of surgery is safely performed more than 20,000 times a year in Brazil but he says in the US about the only time it gets reported on it is because something went wrong which means there are only 1,000 procedures like this done in here.

He is trying to change this perception of gluteal augmentation in the United States, both with his peers and the general public. One way he has done so is by creating a new implant which is safer and much more effective than the older design. As other plastic surgeons have learned about his design they, too, are now using his implants.

There are a few problems with the old design, he says. First, they are too high profile and so don’t really look natural. Second, they just don’t work with the actual human body and the muscles in that area. Because of this, they will get out of place over time and the result is a sagging butt.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s design, though, does work with the muscles so it stays exactly where it is placed. Also, it features a lower profile which is more visually pleasing. It is also a very safe implant because that is always his number one priority in whatever procedure he does. Dr. Mark Mofid is always innovating and there will likely be more new designs in the plastic surgery industry in the future due to his excellent research.

Texas’ Delightful and Well-Known Plastic Surgeon — Dr. Jennifer Walden

In delivering expert aesthetic surgery with a sympathetic touch, Dr. Jennifer Walden is Texas’ delightful and well-known plastic surgeon. Walden and her staff work as a team to give patients fulfillment in the best-quality treatment. Indeed, those who want cosmetic improvement, whether it’s a chemical peel or laser procedure can rely on surgeon Walden to help them reach their goal. Because of the successful result for many recipients, Dr. Walden has been awarded Patients Choice on many occasions.

However, the hours can add up fast for plastic-surgery activities, and there is a good reason. For starters, it comprises of painstaking details as relevant to plastic surgeons having to repair, remake or replace physical defects. Perhaps, as an inherent disadvantage, many patients are damaged with various deformities, which can cause emotional and mental torture. On some occasions, parents live with guilt feelings because they believe they created the malformation.

Nevertheless, Dr. Walden has the skills and specialized knowledge in managing these complex proceedings. During 2014, the Texas Monthly recognized Walden as one of Texas super doctors. Further, the female plastic surgeon has contributed much in surgery through exceptional performances. And, she has coached other plastic surgeons on laser techniques alongside facial advancement, fat grafting surgery and breast implants, and more.

Over several years, specific members of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons have recognized Jennifer Walden even as she was chosen to join as one of its participants. Also, Dr. Walden has been approved by many review sites such as CitySearch Austin and Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine — which is a peer-appointed structure. Of course, the publication, Top Doctors recognized Walden as one of Austin’s best plastic surgeons.

From her time spent in New York to arriving back to her native origins in Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a frequent face on the news. Therefore, many news programs look for her on addressing the practice of medicine, scientific advances, celebrity plastic surgery, vaginal rejuvenation, and general medical communication. For your interest, you can view her real-time portion on KVUE-TV — one of Austin’s local ABC affiliates.

As Dr. Jennifer Walden is still carrying own cosmetic services in Austin, TX., you are welcome to join with those who have journeyed from miles to receive this brand of service.

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Distinguished Cosmetic Surgeon Opens Surgery Center in Austin’s Westlake Medical Center

Dr. Walden has finally moved back to Austin. After working in Manhattan for the past eight years, she moved back in order to raise her twin boys near family. As a single mom (by choice) she wanted to make sure that she and her boys could have a close relationship with her family. But she didn’t want to give up plastic surgery. However, it wasn’t an easy road. She completed her education with excellence, graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Texas, Austin. From there, she went on to attain the highest honors in her M.D. program at the University of Texas. Her hard work paid off. She was able to win a very prestigious externship in Miami with the Plastic Surgery Associates. Dr. Jennifer Walden also finished her fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat where she learned from international leaders in the industry.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is also one of the most difficult specialties to have. In addition to medical school, it also requires an additional five years of training and another two to become a surgeon. But Dr. Walden’s accreditation doesn’t stop there. She has won numerous awards such as the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award for the Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate, the American Medical Women’s Association award for the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement. She was also the director of the program at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She is also on the Board of Directors for the very prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

This distinguished cosmetic surgeon came back to Austin and opened her own practice. Her fully accredited surgery suite inside the Westlake Medical Center called Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center where Dr. Walden is committed to providing the same excellence to the people of Austin.

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Jennifer Walden Has Ben Recognized One Of The Leading Plastic Surgeons In The Country

When it comes to plastic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the leading authorities out there and should be a consideration for anyone looking to get serious work done. Jennifer has a big reputation in the industry, with a great deal of experience and time under her belt. She has made a name for herself with her kind disposition and ability to ensure all her clients are happy before and after going into their procedures.


When it comes to aesthetics, or just having any major surgery done, people always want to know who is the most qualified, or who is just the best in their particular field. Though there are several hot spots for plastic surgeons, such as Los Angeles and New York, one of the best out there actually resides in the town of Houston, in Texas. This is where Jennifer lives in order to stay close to her family.


Over the years, Jennifer has been able to produce and exceptional number of good results, making her one of the leaders in her field among several other experts in the industry. Though, in Jennifer’s case, she has worked with some of the very best out there, which is where much of her experience comes from. Between her excellent portfolio and thorough step by step process for patients, all her customers feel safe and comfortable before going into an operation with her. She never wants her clients feeling unsure or uncomfortable before starting with their procedure.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has no troubles performing any kind of plastic surgery, with her extensive experience in the field, she has done almost every kind of procedure an individual could want. Throughout her career, she’s had the privilege of working with some of the very best in the industry, which gave her valuable insight for the future. She’s one of the few surgeons out there with a kind and comforting disposition that is willing to go the extra mile for each and every one of her clients. She’s dedicated to making sure all her clients are happy with her work, both before and after any procedure.