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Boraie Development: Creating a New New Jersey

An article that was published on Philly Purge brought light to the New Jersey real estate situation. The real estate market in New Jersey has suffered greatly since the Great Recession. There are housing shortages which economists fear may widen the gap between housing demands and housing supplies. New Jersey has one of the highest rates of mortgages in America which has negatively affected the real estate markets in the state.

Even with all the uncertainty of the real estate market in New Jersey, some towns have been seen to have high housing demands grouped with excellent inventories. It looks as though the New Jersey towns are preparing for a game changer in terms of developments and apartments. Economists have speculated that there is a change looming in the market because the drop in house prices and high interest rates expectations will result in more homes going on the real estate market shelves.

Sam Boraie offers a solution to New Jersey real estate market. With its 20 year experience in the development business, it has made a name for itself as the go-to development company in New Jersey. This is primarily because the company uses mostly private sources of capital to be its main source of funding for its projects. Boraie Development works with strong financial institutions, contractors, and architects to ensure that projects are delivered on time. Boraie Development is multifaceted and focuses on management of the property, sales, marketing, and development of property.

According to the centraljerseyworkingmoms, the Boraie specialty is creating projects that attract tenants, residents, and financial partners who are committed to a long-term working relationship. Managing of properties is an added value on its assets and adds on to its long-term working commitment. The company has sold over $150 million in both residential and commercial transactions. Because of this, it has gained the trust and respect that is accorded in the NJ real estate market.

Tom Bergeron, in a Bloomberg article, referred to the president of Boraie Development, Omar Boraie, as a visionary. In the article, he confirms that Omar saw the potential of a wasted town four decades before its bloom. He began in 1972 by buying dilapidated buildings one at a time and started work on his first project; Albany Street Plaza Tower One. Tower Two was completed in 2003 which paved the way for even more Boraie developments. To Omar, New Brunswick is growing into a developed force to be reckoned with.