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How CEO Bob Reina Gives Back To The Community

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. As the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Bob has always had a focus at Talk Fusion of helping people and giving back to communities across the globe. He has performed this philanthropy in a number of different ways over the last 10 years.

In talking about his philanthropy, Bob Reina has said that giving back is at the core of Talk Fusion. He’s made it part of everything they do at the company including the partnerships he has formed with other companies and interactions with the employees and the independent associates that sell Talk Fusion’s products and services. Read this article at about Bob Reina.

One example of giving back is when Bob Reina donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He has also supported a large number of animal charities that save and protect both pets and wild animals. He also gave a large donation to an orphanage in Indonesia.

In early 2017, Bob Reina gave the independent associates the ability to donate a free Talk Fusion account to the charity of their choice. The package the charity receives is Talk Fusion’s best plan which is called the Custom Monthly Plan. This includes all five of their products; Video Newsletters, Video Email, Sign-up Forms, Video Chat, and Live Meetings.

Bob Reina is a former police officer that served the public in Southern Florida. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida. After graduating, he attended the police academy where he graduated number one in his class. He came up with the basic idea of Talk Fusion when, in 2007, he couldn’t find any way to send a video over email to his family. He decided this was a need that a company could be forged around and decided he was the one to do so.

Bob decided to use a direct selling form of marketing in order to sell his company’s products. He now has a network of independent associates that spans 160 countries around the world. He was an early believer in online video and how it could be used to connect people around the globe.


The Newark Community Economic Deveopment Corporation: New Beginnings

Newark, the largest city in New Jersey, has never encountered the dilemma of attracting new business ventures. Formerly known as The Brick City Development Corporation, the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) was reestablished in 2007 as the primary economic development authority in the city. The company’s mission involves nurturing new businesses, increasing small business presence, enforcing code and license compliance, and spearheading real estate growth.

In order for the Newark CEDC to operate efficiently, a collaboration with the city’s Department of Economic and Housing Development was needed. Newark is comprised of 20 neighborhoods, each representing culturally and financially diverse populations, so careful attention has to be paid in order to fulfill the needs of its citizens. Commercially, the city is home to the largest container shipping terminal on the East Coast, one of the busiest municipal airports in the country, and several major corporations.

The Newark CEDC also serves as managing entity and liaison for small businesses, and provides information on financial resources. Extensive knowledge in money management and marketing is a skill requirement for the company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Kevin Seawright, the newest executive hired by the company in early 2015.

Seawright, a Maryland native, brings over 13 years of specialized financial management experience in community affairs to the Newark CEDC. A graduate of Alameda University, Seawright holds and MBA in Accounting and is currently receiving his Executive Leadership Certification from University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business. Previous management positions include:

Vice President of Operations and Human Capital for Tito General Contractors (Washington, D.C)
Executive Director of Operations for the Collington Episcopal Life Care Community (Prince Georges, MD)
Deputy Campaign Manager for KLS Political Consulting (Baltimore, MD)
Various positions with the housing, parks and recreation, and education departments for the city of Baltimore and the Baltimore Public School System

Seawright’s sense of community involvement and unsurpassed leadership skills have earned him many awards and accolades, including the position of advisory board member for the Babe Ruth Museum, due to his coaching skills with local youth sports teams. Joining the team at the Newark CEDC was the most obvious and sensible option for him, anticipating a bright future with the company.