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ClassDojo Gives Teachers More Flexibility In The Classroom

The technology innovations that have been made over the past 20 years have changed many aspects of daily living. In almost every area of daily living, technology has become an integral part of what is done on a daily basis. An area where technology has made an enormous impact over the past 20 years is education. In many ways, technology has transformed how education is provided.


Through the use of the Internet and other networks, technology has made it possible for people to attend classes online instead of having to physically attend classes. People can view lectures from their technology devices and receive the same level of the lecture experience as the people physically attending the lectures.


Technology has done such much more to expand education other than attending classes online. Technology provides the capability to extend education beyond the physical walls of a classroom. The world has become the classroom for students because technology takes away the confines of what is provided only in the classroom.


ClassDojo is a technology company that is providing educational technology that is making a difference in the classroom. The company has developed an app that provides teachers, students, and parents with many features and functions that can be used in a classroom and educational setting. The app provides its features and functions on a communication platform that allows all users with access to participate in what happens on the communication platform.


The ClassDojo app provides teachers with the ability to do things such as loading homework, tests, and grades to the communication platform so that students and parents can view the items. Also, teachers can upload things such as videos and photos to share with students, parents, or other teachers. The app also provides similar capabilities to students and teachers.


While these are some of the features and functions of the ClassDojo app, the app provides other capabilities such as communication functions that allow teachers and parents to communicate on the app’s communication platform.