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Handy Helps Me Clean Hard-To-Reach Those Spots

The spring season is a time where I clean my entire home from top to bottom. I am not a neat freak by any means, but I like to roll up my sleeves and really do a good job on my spring cleaning. I start by taking care of the usual tasks around the house, such as scrubbing the tub and sweeping the porch. I cannot reach high areas such as the ceiling fans and top of my kitchen cabinets, and it is not easy to climb up a ladder and clean when you have a fear of heights. I do not want to just leave dust on those areas all year round, so this is the time I call in some backup during my spring cleaning session.

I only call in a professional cleaning service when it is a big occasion, such as spring cleaning or a special event. I always use Handy to hire a professional cleaner for my home. Handy runs a background check to ensure all cleaners are experienced, reliable and insured. When I first moved into my house, I used Handy to hire a professional mover and interior painter. The other services include furniture assembly, installing light fixtures and plumbing.

It only takes a minute to book an appointment using Handy. I have the application downloaded to my iPhone so I can book my appointment when I am not home. I can also use the application to access my payments and manage by bookings. The first thing I do is select the date and time of my cleaning session. I usually schedule the appointment for three days later so I have enough time to prepare my home. Handy confirms the appointment and takes care of the payment, and I just have to wait for the cleaner to show up on the day of the cleaning session.

It is easy, quick and safe to book a professional cleaner using Handy. I have never had a problem with any cleaner I have booked using this company. My older sister suggested Handy to me when I first moved into my home, and I usually suggest it to anyone who needs to hire a professional cleaner for their own home.

Learn About Handy, the Best in Home Cleaning Services Provider

For a brand to become established in any market, it must prove to be different from other similar brands in the same market. There are various ways in which a brand can stand out from the rest in any market. With the advancement of technology in the recent times, service providers and dealers of different products have moved with speed to ensure that their clients can comfortably order for products and services from the comfort of their homes.

This has proved to be convenient for both parties. As for the clients, they are saved the cost and time for looking out for the product or service in the streets. The service providers benefit from the online provision of these services through increase in sales which reflects in their profits.

Handy is house cleaning service provider which can be accessed online through their mobile app. All a home owner is required to do is to book the services of a home cleaner, handyman or a plumber through the iPhone app. The home owner will provide his or her details through the app which will enable Handy to send a professional within the duration agreed.

The idea has received a massive support among home owners who can now have their home cleaning services requested from the comfort of their homes. The service provider has currently been in 25 cities in the United States and it is seeking to extend its services nationwide. It is also providing the same services in two cities in Canada as well as in London.

Over 200, 000 professionals in the home services industry have expressed their interest in joining the service provider. A professional at Handy gets an average of $ 18 per hour apart from enabling one to choose on his own hours. The company has so far employed more than 50 million people among other freelancers who work on more than the 10,000 jobs ordered monthly. The company ensures quality services to its customers by ensuring their professionals are qualified and dependable. They conduct a thorough screening on their background and character before being offered the opportunity.

As the demand for the services increases, the company is opening new offices in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago. Handy on appstore is also planning to include other services in their list of services offered so as to fetch more customer base. This will further their business expansion plan as they will get more clients asking for their services. This will also mean an increase in the number of professionals working for them.

Handy was founded by Oisin and Umang and has been able to secure over $ 1 million bookings in a week with just two years after it was launched. Most of the company’s revenue comes from cleaning which about 15% of the revenue comes from plumbing and handyman services.

The company is aiming at creating a brand that the home owners can entrust to take care of their homes. Home owners will now have a reason to smile as they get rid of casuals who are unreliable and welcome the services of professionals who are dedicated to their work.