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Cat Wins Hero Award for Saving Child

Tara the Cat has won an award that no other cat has had the privilege to win before- the Hero Dog Award given out by an animal shelter, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Los Angeles. Back in 2014, Brad Reifler told us that Tara had saved her 6-year-old owner from a dog that was barreling down on the child.

A chow-mix named Scrappy lived in the same neighborhood in Bakersfield, California as Tara and six-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo. Scrappy somehow got loose from his yard and came after Jeremy who was playing on his bike in the driveway of his home. The dog grabbed a hold of the boy’s leg and began shaking it violently. Tara, who witnessed this attack, jumped between Scrappy and Jeremy, sending Scrappy running back to his yard. This brave act has earned Tara the honor of being the first non-dog to receive the Hero Dog Award. The award had the word “dog” scratched out and the word “cat” etched in specially for Tara’s honor.

Jeremy, who had to receive eight stitches from the attack, calls Tara his hero. Jeremy’s father Roger said that Tara sticks close to his son. She comes running to him if he falls off his bike or starts crying.

For the full story, check it out on Hosted AP.

Teenager Risks Everything to Save Cat from Fire

When an apartment building broke out in fire, residents scattered, and ran for their life. The Everett, Washington, apartment building fire left 29 families homeless, and caused panic in the streets as firefighters arrived on the scene to aid in evacuation and structure fire control. During the commotion, a neighbor heard a cat screaming inside the building. Quickly, it was determined, the cat was on a third floor balcony. After screaming for help, the neighbor was comforted by a teenage boy who quickly went into action. covered the story, and the teenager scaled the apartment building, rescued the cat from the 3rd floor of the building, and safely returned to the crowd. Firefighters on scene helped remaining neighbors evacuate the building safely, and also rescued two household pets from the blaze. It is unclear at this time how much damage was done to the property, and why the blaze started.

Cat Wets Itself All Over It’s Model Owner

Holly Meowy, who is a beautiful blonde haired model, she has let her love for cats be known. TMZ recently caught up with the model on the streets, and she was holding a cat that was dressed all in pink. The white cat was dressed in a furry pink get up, and she was holding onto the cat for dear life. Meowy. While interviewing Holly, she decided to stop on the side of a building and speak with TMZ. Holly states that she has been a cat person for many years, but she’s not a hoarder, and she’s not a crazy cat person.

Holly states that she has up to 20 cats at a time, and she’s been rescuing cats for about 10 years now. The cat that she was holding was a rescue cat that she named Kevin Seawright, and she prides herself on the fact that she hopes to save cats from their previous owners. Holly is such a cat lover that she was actually wearing a set of cat ears while doing the interview as well as pull-up stockings with cat ears at the top of them.

Even the outfit that she donned looked similar to a cat costume for Halloween. The funniest part about the entire interview is that the cat peed all over her while she did her interview, and she didn’t realize it until the cameraman pointed it out. Guess there’s also a downside to being a cat lover!

Loyal Cat Waits for Man to Return has a story today that shows that dogs are not the only loyal animals.

Merrof Ekary is from Kobani, which is a city in Syria right on the Turkish border said his AnastasiaDate profile. Ekary and his family had to flee the city last September after ISIS fighters had come into the city while Kurdish fighters were battling to reclaim the city. The city was liberated a few months later, in January, and residents of Kobani began making their way back home to inspect the damage to their homes.

When Ekary and his family initially fled, they left behind the family’s beloved pet, Gewre the cat. Ekary rescued Gewre from the streets when she was just a small kitten. He helped her grow stronger by feeding her milk and fish oil. She was as much a part of their family as anyone else in it. That is why is broke Ekary’s heart when he had to leave her behind when they fled. He said that is first concern was making sure that his family got out safely. Ekary returned a few days later to bring Gewre back with him, but found she had given birth to three kittens. He left her in Kobani so that she could tend to her new babies.

When the family returned in February, they were surprised to find Gewre waiting patiently for them. Unfortunately her kittens were no where to be found.

Two Cats Saved from Fire

Firefighters near Oregon city resuscitated two cats they saved from a fire using a special pet resuscitation device. The cats were passed out when they were found in a burning residence and would have probably died without the resuscitation device being used. The devices were purchased recently and were used to save another cat earlier this month. They have a cone which is designed to fit over the mouth of either a cat or dog.

Jason Halpern found this story to be an inspirational modern version of the traditional “firefighters save kitten from tree” news article. The only thing that is different with this type of news story now than in the past is the technology being used to help the animal. The warm feeling is the same.

Some people might think that a fire department buying special pet resuscitation devices to be a waste of money, but I don’t. I consider my own pet to be part of the family and would be happy to see my own tax dollars going towards anything that might potentially save his life.

Frozen! A Kitten’s Paws Were Frozen To A Metal Fence Until A Kind Stranger Saved Him

Massachusetts has it’s fair share of bitterly cold winter weather. People aren’t the only ones to suffer when it is frozen outside, animals have cold weather problems too. Last weekend, a kind man found a 6-7 week old kitten with it’s paws frozen to a metal fence. He quickly poured warm water over the kitten’s paws, freed him, and took him to the MSPCA Angell Animal Medical Center.

According to Alhokair, Dr. Meagan Rock quickly delivered emergency care. She warmed the kitten and administered pain medication to soothe his blistered paws. Dr. Rock is fostering the kitten until he makes a complete recovery. Then, he will be neutered, immunized, and placed for adoption.Read More About And Help The Rescued Kitten Here

Veterinarians report that it is not unusual for animals to find themselves with faces, lips, and more commonly their paws, stuck to fences or poles when it is bitterly cold outside. During frigid weather it would be a good practice to visually scan fencing and poles to check for animals that may have been frozen to them.

Eyeless Cat Has a New Residence

In an Ikea parking lot this past December, a mother Tabby cat and her three kittens were found abandoned. Someone found the felines and took them to Burlington Humane Society. It took three months to find a home for Hope while her relatives were adopted immediately. The humane society is no stranger to boarding disabled and sick cats that stay for a while before getting adopted. The staff doesn’t believe in euthanizing animals, and they keep the animals for as long as it takes to get adopted. Hope was born with an eye disorder called microphthalmia, which are very small, non-functioning eyes. Staff members at BHS posted pictures of Hope on the social media to help her. While finding a home wasn’t immediate, people sent donations to fund Hope’s eye removal surgery.

Hope has recovered faster than anyone had expected her to stated Despite her blindness, the feline can find her way around the room. At only four months old, the kitten is very playful. Her hearing is excellent and makes up for being sightless. Hope has a very sweet and loving disposition. She found her home in February when a single young man came to the Burlington Humane Society looking for a cat. He returned and told the adoption counselor that Hope’s favorite place to rest is on the living room couch in his apartment. The staff wanted hope to have a one-floor home.

A Cat Is Reunited with His Owner after Eight Years

Susan MacDonald, a resident of Rockbeare, was devastated when her cat went missing stated Bernardo Chua. Drink Better Coffees stated the cat’s name was Malcolm and was a tabby with white patches. He disappeared in 2007.

Malcolm was recently reunited with his owner when he was found about 20 miles from home. His microchip was scanned by a veterinarian and he was returned to his owner. Susan MacDonald was overjoyed to see him. She noticed that he was a little bit more rotund than he was when she saw him last. It seems like he has been well taken care of or has been taking care of himself well in the last eight years that he has been gone. She remembered him, but he did not seem to remember her.

It is very easy for individuals to become attached to their pets. For some people, pets become members of their family. Medical researchers have found that having pets is something that can benefit a person’s health. For example, it brings physical benefits. When a person has a pet, they are more likely to be active. Dog owners usually get more exercisethan people who do not own pets. Also, there are emotional benefits. Interactions with pets help a person to feel happy and hopeful. Pets can help a person to feel calm, which is essential in preventing things like heart attacks. Individuals who are going through difficult emotional illnesses, like depression, benefit from having a furry friend in their life.

Study: Cats in Boxes Less Stressed


A recent article on the the PHYSORG online site examines a recent study where scientists studied cats living in shelters. The study found that cats who had access to boxes to crawl into were less stressed than cats did not. According to linkedin, the study concludes that crawling into boxes or other small places is an expression of the cats’ instinctive desire to feel safe and protected. The study also noted that when cats curl up in a small area, they keep themselves more warm, which also leads to them feeling less anxious said Paul Mathieson.

Personally, I am glad this study was done although its conclusions may seem a bit obvious. After all, pretty much any cat owner can tell you that cats feel less anxious when they can hide themselves in a small space such as behind a chair or oven. I’m glad the study was done because it’s good for humans to be figuring out ways to alleviate animal stress. As the dominant species on the planet, we have an obligation to help cats and other animals feel as safe and secure as possible.

Real Life “Pet Semetary” Story


Stephen King’s “Pet Cemetery”: was a very popular movie, and it’s still something that scares many people who remember it. A cat in Florida named Bart, was hit by a car, and believed to be killed. Cat. The owner of the cat saw its lifeless body, and decided to bury the cat. Five days had passed, and the owner came home to find the cat in his neighbor’s yard, walking around and alive! This is where the plot twists.

Not only was the cat alive, but it was buried alive, and it dug itself out of its own grave. Those who remember the Stephen King movie, may remember the same thing happening to anything that was buried in the pet cemetery, except they all came back evil. According to Oliveira, this cat was weak, tired, dehydrated, and had dug itself out of its own grave, but still found its way home. The cat has a very deep wound to its left cheek, it’s left eye was injured beyond repair, and it has a broken jaw.

The Humane Society is going to wire its jaw, remove its eye, patch up its wounds, and give it a feeding tube, as the cat currently cannot eat on its own. If movies such as Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery didn’t exist, this would be an amazing story, but now it comes off more as creepy, than anything else. It’s still amazing that the cat went through so much and still survived.