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Cats Help You De-Stress

Are you someone who is under a great deal of stress these days? If so, you may wish to tune into Animal Planet and checkout “My Cat from Hell” or any other program that deals with felines. Studies show that watching videos of cats could very well have a positive effect on your mind through reducing stress levels. Whether you watch the cats on TV, via streaming video, or even just check out still pictures, you may discover your mood improves immensely. The results of a research study were published in “Computers in Human Behavior” and the results notes humans feel a lot less stressed out when watching cats.

Likely, if you are a cat lover, your own feline friend provides a bit of companionship and friendship. Take your love for cats a bit further and start watching programming that puts them on display. Whether the images are humorous or simply provide a documentary glimpse of cat behavior matters not. What does matter is these interesting, highly independent animals provide a relaxing effect on humans. Cats might not be followers like dogs are, but this does not mean they lack lovable traits or unique personalities. If you have never really examined cat behavior, check some house cats in action on YouTube. You might find yourself bouncing between laughter and intrigue.

There are a lot of ways you can cut down on stress. Watching cats is now revealed to be one of them reports Dr. Jennifer Walden. Of course, anyone who loves cats has already known that.