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Woman Goes Blind After Cat Licks Her

Lots of pet lovers say “I’d give my right arm for my dog/cat.” Well, what about your eyesight?

It took one lick from Janese Walters’ cat to render her blind. Initially, doctor’s couldn’t figure out the sudden vision problem, until Walters remembered her cat had scratched her.

Walters contracted Cat Scratch disease, a bacterial infection spread through cat saliva, and present in the cat’s claws – typically from licking.

The bacteria is rather uneventful among cats, but in humans, the bacteria can cause a variety of serious health issues, especially to individuals with vulnerable immune systems.

According to Walters, her doctors have concluded that her sight probably will never return.

The team at Boraie Development LLC knows there are a few simple ways to prevent pet owners from catching cat scratch disease.

Wash your hands, before and after playing with your pets, and if your feline is aggressive, avoid the rough play.