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The Reasons As to Why Ricardo Tosto is a Major Attorney

Brazil is famous among several great states of investment. It has a distinct economy with excellent opportunities to establish a business. Some of the world’s top banks are located in Sao Paulo in Brazil. If you plan to do a large scale business in Brazil, you might take into consideration hiring a lawyer like Ricardo Tosto. He’s a good option to work for you since he is the prolific top rated attorney in Brazil. Brazilian attorneys can provide you with diversified lots of business and individual laws.

This nation has undergone several changes in securities exchanges over a few past years. This is inclusive the appointment of Joaqim levy as the Finance Minister. Sometimes, foreign corporations have to state that they have to maneuver around to be successful. Ricardo Tosto as a Brazilian lawyer will be a point to what regulations are as well as how you can keep your business in consent at all times. Brazil also has insurance, workers compensation, debt, and bankruptcy lawyers who are different compared to those in the US. Ricardo Tosto is also aware of when you are supposed to release a financial statement as well as how financial statement need to be audited and more detailed information.

He is among the partners who founded Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados which holds a rank among the top Brazil’s corporate law firm. He achieves law education after he pursued his education with a bachelor’s degree in Mackenzie Presbyterian University. After this, he went to Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and did his law. Apart from his law practice, he also participated in politics. He was the campaign manager for Paulo Maluf who was the former presidential candidate.

Ricardo Tosto has helped many prominent clients who have a debt and credit restructuring situations and securities trading and mergers as well as acquisitions. He was awarded severally for working inclusive of listings in Who’s Who Legal’s Brazilian Lawyers. Also, Ricardo Tosto is also in the International Bar Association. He was an instrumental founder of the Election Law Studies as well as the Brazilian Institute for Political Party. Ricardo Tosto is also an author of legal proceedings inclusive of “O Processo de Tiradentes.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an Attorney with OAB 103650 / SP and has 1961 processes indexed, until then, by the Excavator. With 1770 cases in the State of Sao Paulo, besides 97 cases in Brazil. Of these cases, Banco Santos S / A was the party that appeared the most, totaling 87 or more cases, followed by Banco Fibra S / A with 58 or more lawsuits. Its clients with the most processes here are Banco Fibra S / A with 31 processes, followed by Banco Santos S / A with 21 processes.

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Nick Vertucci Never Let his Past Affect his Future

Nick Vertucci emerged out of a humble background to become a millionaire in the real estate investments. Nick is a kind of a person that dwells not in the past life and let’s not the effects of the past life be manifest in his future life. Nick was born in a medium class loving family that provided him with everything they could. He faced realities of hard life after he lost his father at an early age of ten years. The death of his father forced his mother to work hard and most of her time was devoted to her work. Nick says that he never enjoyed close life with his mother because she would arrive home late from her work and by then he would have slept. Vertucci started earning his living out of a van when he reached eighteen.

Vertucci afterward opened and ran a small shop that dealt with computer accessories. The business used to offer him much freedom as he was the boss of his own business. At this time she met with and married her wife. He got three daughters. Vertucci says that life at that time was simple and running smoothly for him and had not the idea of investing in the future. However, this period was short lived because his business collapsed before his eyes as the world embraced the new era of dot-com in the new millennium.


Nick Vertucci survived the dire situations for a year and a half. Nick would earl only a little or sometimes earns nothing at all. Nick ended up stricken big debts. Finally, he met with his old friend who invited him to a real estate seminar at his guest that was scheduled for three days. He initially could not figure out what that meant or its application in solving his current financial crisis. Vertucci attended the seminar upon him being pushed by his friend. While in the class, a brilliant idea came up in his mind. This idea would become his stepping stone to realizing his career. With this idea, Nick took the training seriously.


Nick Vertucci knew very well that he had got the answer to his problems. He continued to gather sufficient information on real estate as much as he could. It cost him about ten years in searching for the information but never gave up. Nick Vertucci eventually succeeded in creating a real estate system that would make him rich. He became a millionaire and now takes an interest in training other people in the real estate business field. Nick teaches his people on how to boost their families financially using his systems.

Fabletics’ Strategy Towards Satisfying The Growing Needs In The Market

The market is full of women who have needs when it comes to finding the perfect gear for their workouts. Unfortunately, the fashionable athletics gear were too expensive and the one that was affordable was very standard and unappealing. When Don Ressler and his partner, Adam Goldenberg, spotted the gap, they started strategizing on how they were going to bridge it. This was back in 2010. The two came up with a brilliant idea of creating an athleisure brand that was both fashionable, comfortable and affordable for women.



When Fabletics began, it focused on the needs of the women instead of competing with the available brands that were already in the market. Don and his partner focused on their research to identify the need on the ground by holding focus groups and tests. Kate Hudson joined the duo as the face of the brand. With her help, Fabletics became a social brand. Kate interacted and built relationships with the customers while she developed a streamlined communication plan. She also created an online as well as an in-person presence for the company. Kate as a co-founder is very active and hands on the company.



Through relentless hard work, Don Ressler worked with his team and the company managed to come up with a brand that served their mission. It was comfortable, of high quality and affordable. Don and Kate worked together to market their products online at discounted prices before starting a membership plan. They also formulated a quiz that helped their clients get the most suitable clothes according to their needs. The customer experience that came with it was admirable.



Don Ressler was happy with the progress the company was making in women’s lives. They had managed to empower women as they sold affordable activewear that made the women feel good about themselves. Being glamorous as they exercise or work out while not digging deep into their pocket was the absolute goal for Fabletics. The goal was met as they provided their products in the market.



While Fabletics has already earned a position in the market, they are not stopping there. The company recently announced their expansion strategy that included the incorporation of plus size outfits into their line of products. The women in this category will be motivated to take care of their health by engaging themselves in physical activity as they looked gorgeous in their outfits.

Why Techstyle Is Considered the Silicon Valley of the Fashion World

Dan Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are two well known entrepreneurs, who started Techstyle Fashion Group. Techstyle Fashion Group is the parent company of Fabletics, which is highly popular and has over one million paying members.


Adam Goldenberg started out in the business world when he was at the tender age of fifteen. He started his first company soon after, and it was called Gamers Alliance. It was a platform for people who wanted to advertise in the gaming industry. He sold this company to Intermix Media in 1999. This was all while he was still in high school! He later became the Vice President of Strategy at Intermix Media. At the age of twenty, he became the Chief Operating Officer at Intermix Media.


Don Ressler also made his way to Intermix Media. He sold his first website, Fitness Heaven, to Intermix in 2011. He had been raising capital successfully for various businesses up until that time, which is what inspired him to start his own fashion company. However, he and Adam knew each other from Intermix long before 2011. In 2006, they joined together to start a company called Intelligent Beauty. They decided to create a revolution in the way people shop for clothes online.


That is why they decided to create Techstyle Fashion Group. They created their first company, called Justfab. It had a business style where people could subscribe and become monthly members, during which they would receive clothing and accessories every single month.


Matrix Partners was an investment firm that had invested in Intelligent Beauty, and they decided to invest a lot of money into Justfab as well. Justfab was eventually rebranded and called Techstyle Fashion Group. Techstyle Fashion Group is also the parent of Fabletics, which has over one million members who get clothing every month.


Techstyle Fashion Group and Fabletics have been called the Silicon Valley of the fashion world. After all, they are in the fashion business, but they are using new and innovative techniques, just like Silicon Valley does. Of course, their offices reflect that. In addition, Goldenberg and Ressler have a mission. They are not just out there to make money. They want to change lives and improve people’s experiences for the better. Their clothes are designed to help people feel more confident, which leads to more productivity. For example, it can help them go to the gym more and lead healthier lives.

Don Ressler: Being Successful Through E-Commerce

Don Ressler is an American entrepreneur and businessman who is known for establishing several startups. Fabletics is one of their current brands, which formed through the idea of Don Ressler and his business partner, Adam Goldenberg. They decide to come up with the brand when they began asking themselves what women would consider in choosing a sports outfit. They are stuck between “being fashionable” and “being affordable”, so they decided to combine the two and introduce Fabletics to the public. They founded the company based on their assumption that the demand for athletics wear will keep on going up, and they wanted their products to be fashionable, and at the same time, affordable.


Upon the introduction of Fabletics to the masses, Don Ressler stated that they considered what the people really wanted and their individual kind of style, and not what the current market trends dictate. They added quizzes on their website and thousands of items on display, making sure that all style would fit in. The customers who purchased from their website gave Fabletics a positive review, stating that the brand managed to introduce comfortable and fashionable sportswear at a very reasonable price. Soon enough, more people are visiting their site, and it resulted to the rising revenue of the brand. Don Ressler also asked for Kate Hudson to become the face of Fabletics, making her one of the co-founders as well. With her being the model of the brand, more people became interested and started purchasing their products.


Don Ressler stated that with Kate Hudson on their side, Fabletics will become more successful. As of now, they are regarded as one of the fastest growing companies in the world of online retail, and they just partnered with Amazon recently so that they can sell their products at a broader audience. Fabletics transformed into a multi-million dollar business, thanks to the brilliant ideas of its founders. According to Donn Ressler, he believes that Fabletics is different from the rest of sportswear companies because of how they take women into consideration. He stated that the majority of sportswear companies are focusing more on male athlete, but his company would stay full pledge serving women. He also added that their company offers more discounts than their competitors, and they actually have a VIP pass which the customers can pay for $50 a month, in exchange for fabulous rewards and soaring discounts. Fabletics continue to become one of the leaders in the online retail industry, and in the near future according to Donn Ressler, they will start introducing sportswear aimed for plus sized women.

Don Ressler: The Brilliant CEO Behind JustFab

Looking at Don Ressler, one may not think that he could be a fashion moral leading his brand of clothing, but as the saying goes, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ Don Ressler is the CEO of the large clothing brand, JustFab, which he founded along with his long time friend and business partner, Adam Goldenberg. Don Ressler has always been an entrepreneur who wanted to pursue the big ideas that he had. He is a visionary who believes in implementing his ideas to one day transform them into successful businesses.


No one becomes a big name in the world of fashion overnight. It takes time and effort to learn every little nuance of the business. Don Ressler too had to spend a lot of time doing the same. In the past, he has stated that he never thought that he would be a part of the fashion industry and had to go through an entire process of learning to establish his brand and take it to the position that it currently has in the industry. He had had a good amount of exposure through the course of his professional career, which is also something that had helped him when it came to setting up JustFab.


Don Ressler had his first business when he was still in high school. At fifteen, he had set up his own business which was a software company that grew to be extremely successful. After having the company under his name for a while, he decided to sell it for a huge profit to a company known as Intermix Media. Having brought up his own company from its infancy, Intermix Media thought it would be great to have Don Ressler on board and offered him the position of COO of the company. This was a major step for the fifteen-year-old Don Ressler since not a lot of people in his position were able to get this job. He was the youngest person working at the company and had to shift halfway across the country to take up this position.


Don Ressler has always been considered as a man with a plan. When it comes to the businesses that he sets up, he believes in working with a fixed plan of action, to benefit the company and propel it in the right direction. Using a mix of good business plans and incredible marketing strategies, JustFab has grown immensely to become the multi million dollar company that it is today.

Don Ressler’s Stragies for His Fabletics’ Excellent Branding

Marketing needs to be fresh for it to work. It needs to be innovative and influential and at the same time not overselling the products it offers. When it comes to Fabletics and JustFab, marketing is done to establish a brand that provides the best for the people by making sure that the products respond to the needs of the market.


Don Ressler, the founder of Fabletics, understands that a marketing strategy that doesn’t announce itself to the world with response to the customer’s feedback of the products won’t succeed, and so Don Ressler made sure that in the wake of the strategies of the company, customer feedback is a priority.


Location Strategy


One important quality of a brand or product to be successful is how much it carries in the height of its plans the selection of its location. In the case of JustFab, Founder Don Ressler chose El Segundo, California because it gives a beautiful, prosperous hush of a vibe that at the same time cost-effective in the operations. The location also made Don Ressler understand that there has to be a loose and not a hard kind of online marketing in all the strategies of Fabletics. This factor is the reason why Fabletics is selling the trendy and fresh products in the market because it always makes sure that the goods are responsive to modern taste and preferences.



The new location of JustFab also paved a way to numerous partnerships that Don Resller led. With Ressler’s expertise and guidance, the company right now has established a new fashion line that incorporates new strategies for shopping.

One of these innovative approaches would be the use of Fabletics of the online shopping cart platform.


How it works is like this: when you go online and shop for the Fabletics items you need, you will get directed to an online marketplace. In this market, you can pick which action gear looks best to you when you wear it. Then, if you decide that the clothing you chose finally suits you, you can click order and put the item in your shopping cart.


Should you opt to shop for the item later, you can just leave, and the order in your cart would still be there, waiting for your final confirmation. Neat, isn’t it? This strategy is an example of what’s keeping co-CEO of Just Fab and CEO of Fabletics Don Ressler in the lead.

Different Talents Make Up The Successful Business of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

It takes different types of people to run a business depending on the type of industry it is in. With the fashion industry, it is important for a business to come up with creative fashions as well as gauge customer interest. This involves being able to read the performance of each product, marketing campaign, sales, promotions, and plenty of other factors. This also includes looking at the return rate. When entrepreneurs think about it, running a business in the fashion industry can be very intimidating. However, entrepreneurs can come up with a team that can help with all of the responsibilities of running a successful business.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are examples of different talents that work on one business. Don Ressler cares about the merchandise while Adam Goldenberg looks at the performance of the sales with the use of analytical tools. Adam reads the data so that he can determine which products are good to continue selling and which products should be discontinued. The selling items are going to last a little longer than the ones that are not selling as well. Adam reads the data carefully so that his company avoid overhead which can be very costly.


The TechStyle Group has also hired tons of creative people so that they can bring products to the customers. When it comes to the work environment, the TechStyle Group makes sure that everyone is cared for. One thing that TechStyle prides itself in is bringing forth a work environment that is welcoming, peaceful, encouraging and overall positive to be a part of. Given that it is a fashion company, it is an example of social responsibility that allows people to buy and enjoy the products without having to worry about a group of people being subjected to inhumane working conditions.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have put a lot of thought towards the help they are going to get for their business. They did not get into the fashion industry just to make money. Their purpose was for everyone to feel like winners in their lives. Fashion is one of the best ways to do this.

The Development of Techstyle Company by Entrepreneurs Don Ressler and Adams Goldenberg

The fashion industry has been taken to a whole new level thanks to Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The launch of JustFab Techstyle by the two friends has brought about a vast change in the fashion world. Mr. Adam Goldenberg, who is one of the core founders and co- chief executive officer of the company, is behind all its success. He has extensive experience in the fields of product management and internet marketing. Mr. Goldenberg was, at some point, a chief executive officer o his company, Intelligent Beauty, which he founded in the year 2006. Prior to that, he served as president of Brentwood Cosmetics LLC and Allena LLC in the year 2004.


In the same year 2004, he served as the president and chief operating officer of Group of Intermix Media LLC, amongst others. At this point, he met Mr. Don Ressler where they teamed up to find new brand ideas. This came about when Goldenberg launched Hydroderm soon after he co-founded Alena Media. Don Ressler is also behind the founding of Intelligent Beauty, Inc. he is also an innovative executive as his friend Adam Goldenberg. Don had also served in various posts inclusive of being co-founder, chief executive officer, and president of FitnessHeaven.Com. Besides that, he has contributed much to the activities of other companies along with his counterpart, Adam Goldenberg.


The two partners, later on, managed to put up membership-based clothing, beauty, and accessory company called Techstyle Fashion. Despite their weak knowledge of fashion, they were enthusiastic and open to their customers. As a result, the Techstyle Company succeeded. Also, the company is committed to social responsibility and is focused on running successful corporations. According to the two entrepreneurs, Techstyle Company is there to improve lives of women as most of its products are targeted to increase the confidence of women. In this case, Techstyle products include sportswear, denim jewelry, shoe handbags, and dancing costumes amongst others. Apart from these qualities, Techstyle is a huge giver to the community. For instance, it has been involved in various charity events.


Both Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are highly focused on achieving success. With a vision to start various companies in the future, they are currently spending sleepless nights in driving Techstyle’s business growth to new heights as the number one distributor of women clothing and accessories globally.

Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler Are Some Of The Most Innovative Business Leaders In The Fashion Industry

Among the entrepreneurs who are making a difference, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg stand out. The duo has collaborated to come up with some of the most fast-forward enterprises that are dominating the global fashion industry.


Don and Adam have quite a history working together. At first, the two teamed up together to form Alena Media. Through the marketing and e-commerce departments of the company, Adam and Don raised millions of dollars in revenue. When News Corporation purchased Alena Media, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler sought to pursue greater opportunities in the business world.


With the fortune the duo had made in their past ventures, they teamed up to startup JustFab Inc. Through JustFab, they were able to come up with disruptive business models around the fashion industry. In the year 2003, they teamed up with Kate Hudson after discovering that the active wear industry was gaining a lot of traction. This industry also had gaps between what was available to consumers and what the customers wanted. The trio saw an opportunity to provide high-end athleisure apparels at a reasonable cost.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s creations which include JustFab, TechStyle and Fabletics are brands which deliver a broad range of fashion items that are customer-specific. Over the past few years that these brands have operated, they have been able to capture millions of customers who shop daily on the digital platforms provided by enterprises. According to Adam Goldenberg the JustFab Inc. family boast of a membership of over 10 million subscribers.


Fabletics provides two options for membership. One can choose regular or VIP membership status. The VIP membership attracts a monthly subscription fee of $39.95, but this amount can be converted to any apparels of choice on the platform.

When JustFab began, it was delving into an Amazon-dominated industry. But by the end of the year 2011, the company had acquired over 4 million members, and its revenue was on the upward trajectory. Over the past half a decade, the number of subscribers on the platform has grown significantly, and now the company has a massive following of over 10 million subscribers.


While thinking about how they could grow JustFab Inc., Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg sought to employ the services of professional model Kimora Lee Simmons. She was given the roles president, creative director, and face of the company.


The active use of technology has also contributed to the growth of JustFab. With more people preferring to shop online, JustFab can only keep growing.