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Nick Vertucci and the Current Housing Situation in California

According to Nick Vertucci, the lack of the affordable houses in California is reaching the crisis level. The problem is more pronounced at the coast. This includes San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, and Los Angeles. The cost of a house in these places has increased by 75% for the last 5 years. Currently, an average home in California cost $500000. The price is double the national average cost. Furthermore, the low-income class people have little chance of becoming homeowners in the future. However, many of them are the tax-paying bedrock of California.

Regarding economic activities, California is a booming state. The rate of unemployment is down, and tax revenue is not high. It is one of the states that has the highest per capita income. However, California has been experiencing the highest adjusted poverty rate in the past few years. Nick Vertucci also predicts that there is the need for a serious correction if the previous methods do not give good results.

About Nick Vertucci

Mr. Nick is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Nick Vertucci Group of Companies. He is a full-time real estate investor with expertise in purchasing the properties that are owned by banks. Throughout his career as a real estate professional and investor, Nick has assisted many investors with the rehabbing, purchasing, and renting of banked owned assets. Furthermore, Nick Vertucci has extensive experience and knowledge in property development. He can help clients who are looking forward to home ownership.

Before he settled into the career of becoming a real estate investor, Mr. Nick founded Coastline Micro, a company that he served as its Chief Executive Officer and President. Under the leadership of Mr. Vertucci, Coastline Micro had more than 100 employees, and it was the leading provider of computer systems and solutions to various industries. Besides being a real estate investor, Nick is also professional trainer and mentor. He has been offering professional training to novice real estate investors throughout the United States of America. Nick is the founder of NV Real Estate Academy, an organization, which he founded in 2017. It is through the academy that Vertucci has been training and mentoring people on how to take charge of their financial future.

Jason Hope; Making the World a Brighter Place

Currently people use smart technology as a convenient tool in their lives, but Jason Hope believes that in a few years, smart technology or ‘Internet of Things’ will become a much more common feature in everyday life. Corporations need the latest technology to keep their cutting edge in the business world and to lure clients, but what about devices that allows us to automatically make coffee as soon as the alarm goes off, because the technology is connected? Imagine not having to worry about not leaving the lights on, as you can check your device to shut the lights off? Jason Hope thinks that this ability to connect will happen very soon, eliminating a lot of waste and making lives safer.

Jason Hope attended Arizona State University and earned his BS in Finance, and later at the W.P. Carey School of Business, ASU, got his MBA in Business. Since then Jason has been busy with several enterprising paths in industries that maximizes computer information systems and technology. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor. He has a committed interest in local politics in Arizona and nationally as it pertains to business and Jason on Facebook.

He also has an interest in helping other young investors realize their dreams, as his site, Jason’s Hope is a grant program. High school seniors and college students are invited to submit a solid idea and technology plans, which Jason looks at personally. If he likes a plan, students can receive anywhere from $500 to $5000 to make solid technological ideas get off the ground. While Jason is all about the technology when it comes to business and giving back by helping others, there is another part of Jason’s Hope which is philanthropy and learn more about Jason.

The one organization that stands out is the SENS Foundation. SENS is focused on taking a different approach when it comes to aging. They are driven to find the cure for diseases like heart and lung diseases, and Alzheimer’s. Traditional medicine treats diseases like these once they occur, while SENS focuses on trying to make these diseases never occur in the first place. Jason Hope is looking towards the future in various ways; technological, future investments, investing in young entrepreneurs, and supporting research to rid the world of diseases and aging. The future looks very bright indeed and read full article.

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Tim Armour on Beating the Benchmark

To say there is a lot of debate between proponents of active fund management and passive index investing would be a serious understatement. Certainly Warren Buffett’s advice carries a lot of weight as he urges more investors to use low cost index funds. Enter, Tim Armour, Chairman and CEO of Capital Group, one of the world’s largest investment firms. He has a unique perspective regarding the ongoing discussion.

He certainly appreciates Buffett’s wisdom and style of investing. Evaluating companies from the bottom up and investing for the long haul is proven. However, Armour points out that index funds provide no protection during market downturns and times of increased volatility. He also underscores the need for investors to do better than the crowd during difficult times. His answer to the dilemma is something of a hybrid approach and learn more about Tim.

While acknowledging that most active fund managers will under perform the benchmarks, he advocates two simple filters to find the best options. Low management fees and high rates of manager ownership. When these two factors are in place there is a greater likelihood of beating the benchmarks. This conclusion comes after comprehensive research of thousands of funds through multiple decades. So, here’s to potentially happier and more lucrative retirements.

Tim Armour has been Chairman of Capital Group since July of 2015. They are a premier investing firm and home of the American Funds. Tim has over thirty years of investing experience all with Capital Group. He started as an equity investment analyst and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College and more information click here.

How CEO Bob Reina Gives Back To The Community

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. As the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Bob has always had a focus at Talk Fusion of helping people and giving back to communities across the globe. He has performed this philanthropy in a number of different ways over the last 10 years.

In talking about his philanthropy, Bob Reina has said that giving back is at the core of Talk Fusion. He’s made it part of everything they do at the company including the partnerships he has formed with other companies and interactions with the employees and the independent associates that sell Talk Fusion’s products and services.

One example of giving back is when Bob Reina donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He has also supported a large number of animal charities that save and protect both pets and wild animals. He also gave a large donation to an orphanage in Indonesia.

In early 2017, Bob Reina gave the independent associates the ability to donate a free Talk Fusion account to the charity of their choice. The package the charity receives is Talk Fusion’s best plan which is called the Custom Monthly Plan. This includes all five of their products; Video Newsletters, Video Email, Sign-up Forms, Video Chat, and Live Meetings.

Bob Reina is a former police officer that served the public in Southern Florida. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida. After graduating, he attended the police academy where he graduated number one in his class. He came up with the basic idea of Talk Fusion when, in 2007, he couldn’t find any way to send a video over email to his family. He decided this was a need that a company could be forged around and decided he was the one to do so.

Bob decided to use a direct selling form of marketing in order to sell his company’s products. He now has a network of independent associates that spans 160 countries around the world. He was an early believer in online video and how it could be used to connect people around the globe.


Consequences of Leaving the EU As Explained by Economic Expert.

The act of the United Kingdom exiting the EU after the June Referendum triggered serious economic implications. One of the immediate effects was the major fall of stock markets with 12% drops being registered. There was a los a major blow to the British currency, which reached its lowest since 1985. According to Flavio Maluf, the move is bound to attract major and lasting global economic impacts. The following examples point out possible scenarios.


Direct Consequences to British


The 2014 EU figures reveal how British contributed to the entity with its €11.3 billion expenditure compared to the €6.9 billion it received. This may have contributed to the exit decision according to experts, as British believed that it contributed to the inflationary pressure on their economy.


However, according to Flavio and Paulo Figueiredo of FN capital, the British will experience a drop in the investments it receives as a country. There is also an expected negative result since free movement of goods and people from EU member states has now been stopped.


Member states of the EU can still trade freely without extra quotas and tariff charges due to the customs Union. However, the UK exciting the bloc translates to new tariffs being set thus affecting the country’s foreign trade especially with the EU.


Brazil stands to gain from this exit because it can make bilateral agreements with UK without having to go through EU negotiations and standardization. Even so, these gains will be limited to the 2% that UK contributes since it is not a major trading partner of Brazil.


The EU, on the other hand, suffered a major blow with UK’s exit. The UK was a major part of the three countries that formed the EU’s structure. In fact, it is now German’s responsibility to sustain the EU economically.




Eucatex Is a Brazil based company that specializes on in the marketing and production of insulation and lining from eucalyptus wood fiber.. However, its dealings are mostly international. Its products are sold all over the world in Europe, Asia and North America.

The company has grown under the leadership of Flavio, extending to become an internationally recognized supplier to furniture manufactures, large construction projects, packaging industries, the automotive industry, door and plate manufacturers and the toys industry.


Cotemar Goes the Renewable Route

The Mexican oil company Cotemar, is far from traditional in its ideology and is ready to embrace the move to renewable energy joining other biggies in the game like Sierra Oil, Diarqco, Renaissance Oil and Nuvoil. On the off chance that this can be accomplished, Mexico can rectify the harm done as a consequence to the capping in production of Cantarell, which prompted to oil generation diminishing by 1 million barrels a day. The Challenges Cotemar will confront are cooperating with opponent organizations, figuring out how to contend in a new market, reduction of wasteful processes, improvement and tidying up of their records. Cotemar will eventually require to arrive at an agreement regarding the land to be acquired from past proprietors who are accustomed to figuring out social requests to ticks, similar to the case in Veracruz. Different organizations are anticipating control related resolutions. Different concerns which will come in the method for accomplishing this are the organized criminal related wrongdoings and robbery of capital. However, in spite of the chances, the energy area in Mexico is particularly working towards this collective revolution, something which will help the country develop colossally. The Energy Secretariat recommends that if the organization collusions pass the fourth round of thorough trials towards capability, additionally referred to as the deepwater Trion field; this stage may get investments to the tune of $45 billion.

Cotemar is an organization that has spent significant time in the offshore sector of oil services and administrations, adding to the general gas and oil industry creation. This is done utilizing the most proficient of procedures which are actualized by pioneers in the innovation business and individuals with an extraordinary hard working attitude. Their vision is to assume a part in bettering the creation and interest of the organization in the more current organizations in the oil business, both locally and on a worldwide scale. They are upheld by an armada of the most up to date era of vessels and the most recent advancement in working procedures. Established in 1979 in its ability as an administration organization to the energy division, Cotemar rapidly developed into the biggest seaward specialist co-ops in the gas and oil industry in Mexico, getting its claims to fame to the Petroleos Mexicanos oil and gas based operations and administrations.

Cotemar makes a point to treat its people appropriately, with its offshore cooking and facilities surpassing all expectations. The host of administrations are cleaning of the basic territories, clothing, bedding administrations and great nourishment on rigs and other vessels kept running by them.

Equities First Holdings Restoring Lending Hope On Private Investors

For bank-dependent borrowers, utilizing loan size to proxy, even as small loans seems to have greater spread compared to bigger loans, small loans have normally tightened regulations as compared to bigger loans in percentage and absolute terms. The technique via which the banking institutions made their loan rates more tight entail reducing of discounts on bigger loans and lifting the risk premium towards more risky advances. There is also proof that non-commitment loans had significantly bigger prices compared to commitments at liquidity shortfall heights by the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008. Equities First Holdings today gives small business holders with the hope of restoring quick and affordable loans. The company has been offering modern alternative lending solutions since 2002 with stock utilized as security. After the 2007/2008 economic challenges, it may not be easy to secure traditional loans for startup businesses. Within a cross session of banking institutions, particular bank features are seen to have major impacts on loan costs including capital ratios, loan portfolio quality and the amount of unutilized loan commitments. The findings also gave proof towards the supply-side impacts of loan cost. MarketWired news for EFH .

Equities First focuses on establishing appropriate alternative lending solutions for private ventures and high net-worth people searching for non-purpose capital. Being hyper-focused, Equities First is able to function on the criteria of deal by deal basis. The loan procedures are unique being; simple, secure and transparent. After contacting the loan experts, there is the valuation process, after which there is the signing of terms agreement & transfer and finally the funding. Equities First is a leading investment firms in the globe offering special product with the objective of tackling economic challenges that have witnessed the stock-based loans attraction in addition to margin loans. The company’s product have come at a time when the world is going through financial crisis with banks tightening their regulations and rules in loans lending to borrowers. Thus, Equities First loans have become more popular to borrowers who cannot meet the standards of bank loans. for more.

Dubai’s Lucrative Real Estate Company, DAMAC Group

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and the owner of DAMAC Properties, a real estate company with its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company was founded in 2002 and majors in construction, engineering, architecture and real estate. Hussain attended the University of Washington for his undergraduate studies majoring in Economics. He was then employed as the contracts manager in GASCO, which is a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Oil National company. He did not last long, in 1982 he opened his own business that eventually became the DAMAC group. In 1992, Hussain Sajwani started an investment company known as DICO invest, which holds investment portfolios of different companies. He is also associated with other ventures which include; Al Anwar Ceramic tiles company in Oman, Al Jazeera services and Global Investment, and Global Logistics Company. He has also worked with Draieh Management Services, Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG, which he started, Al Anwar Ceramics Company SAOG and Draieh Management Services Company LLC.
Hussain Sajwani, the founder of DAMAC property holding, and Donald Trump, the president of the USA, are business partners. The two have partnered in real estate business in Dubai and the United States. Donald Trump hired DAMAC Properties to build the Trump course international in Dubai. DAMAC group has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. It is a residential real estate company that allowed foreigners to invest and own properties in the Emirates by assisting in the building works. DAMAC led by Sajwani is capable of building a thirty-eight storey building in six months and produces results as expected. Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC properties have been able to support over one million needy children by clothing them. They have also worked with the Dubai government in helping to improve the standards of living for most people in the country.

David Osio’s Group Announces The Launch Of A New Mobile Application For The Real Estate Business Transactions.

David Osio and his group recently launched a much needed mobile application which will help prospective real estate developers at great length. With the rampant growth of the real estate industry, even the most experienced real estate business person has tons of information and details to learn on a regular basis. The mobile application will help such investors to quickly and efficiently analyze the financial returns of a property of interest by just inputting the required fundamentals of the property. In June 2016, the group announced the launch of the mobile app, named Davos CAP Calculator. The team announced the current development of more useful and innovative products and the expansion of the company’s businesses to regions in Europe, such as Spain.



Gerard Gonzalez, the executive director of the Davos Real Estate Group, stated that the tool is an innovative solution to investors seeking a clearer financial vision before purchasing a real estate property. He explained that the device’s ability to calculate a project’s income would save a lot of investors from avoidable investment failures. Another key benefit of the app is its calculation of a property’s mortgage price, based on financial projections of the investor’s bank, transaction period and interest rate of the project. After satisfaction with the analysis of a project’s income, a client can seek further financial help from one Davos Real Estate group agents through the app’s interactive chat platform. The group’s development team used the latest technology with the support of Tecknolution firm, to build the app and launch it on the Android and iPhone mobile applications stores.



David Osio is the founder and chief executive officer of the Davos Financial Group. He has successfully led the firms with old business and leadership expertise. Under his leadership, DGF has regional offices in New York, Geneva, Lisbon, Panama, and Miami. DFG has specialization in offering clients with unwavering support in financial problems through its various subordinate and licensed companies. David Osio pursued international banking law at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello from 1989 to 1994. While at school he headed Banco Latino International as the vice president of commercial banking, serving to manage the corporate and private sectors, plan marketing strategies, maintain customers and coordinate the business processes. In 1993, David set up the Davos Financial Group and managed it by planning its expansion on the local and international scenes. David’s skills in tax, asset management, investment, and banking play a fundamental role in the continuous growth of DFG.


Michael Hartweg Joins SSUF

Mike Baur is a well-known individual in the world. He is one of the founding partners of the famous institution known as Swiss Start-up Factory. He has worked in the Swiss banking industry for more than twenty years, acquiring a lot of knowledge and experience. At the Swiss Start- Up Factory, Mike Baur is responsible for fundraising and financing. Under his leadership, the company has grown, significantly, earning him much revenue.


The Swiss Start-up Factory was founded in the year 2014. The accelerator company is based in Zurich, and it has transformed the lives of many digital entrepreneurs. The institution looks for some of the thriving businessmen then later offers them exciting and promising opportunities. The company guides the entrepreneur from the first day using they start their partnership until the businessmen are strong to stand on their own. The company has strong networks in Switzerland and other parts of the world, and this makes it possible for the institution to help the upcoming entrepreneurs.


The accelerator company runs a special program for the digital entrepreneurs. The programs mostly take three months. During the three months, the company offers the businessmen a unique platform of great services, mentoring, coaching, office space at the best places in Zurich town and a reliable network that enables them to achieve all their goals.


Michael Haetweg is one of the founders of a company known as Leonteq. Just recently, Michael decided to abandon his company and join the Swiss Start-up Factory. Michael will now be serving in Mike Baur’s company as one of the investors and advisors. He will help companies who want to establish and do well in the modern market. After making this announcement, Michael sold all his stakes in Leonteq and also gave up his operational role in the company.


After quitting his good position at his former company, Michael has become of the individuals who have abandoned the day to day finance entrepreneurship. He will now be one of the investors in the fintech industry. He will now assist founder and many other companies about the fintech industry. Michael Hartweg is currently forty-four years, and he will carefully invest in selected startups that have been developed in the Swiss Factory. He will make sure that they develop to become successful businesses. This year, SSUF is planning to launch an accelerator program that will focus mostly on the fintech companies.