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HCR Wealth Advisors – Financial Advisors in Los Angeles

If you are looking to build your wealth over time, then you need a financial strategy in place. One of the best ways to ensure that you can devise a proper economic and investment strategy is to take the assistance of a professional financial planner. In most of the cases, the people who are looking to secure their financial future try to avoid hiring a financial planner because of the fees they charge. However, the amount of benefit and financial security they can provide in return cannot be ignored according to

HCR Wealth Advisors was established in the year 1988 and since then has provided its services to hundreds of clients across the country. The company focuses on the long-term financial goals of the clients and ensures that they can achieve it within the stipulated duration while maximizing the returns of the investments. The number of investment options available in the stock market these days can be confusing for anyone, including the most financial-savvy businessmen and investors. To sort through the full range of financial products, one should consider seeking the help of the professional investment advisors.

HCR Wealth Advisors employs financial and investment advisors who can provide you with comprehensive guidance on how to manage your money. There are many different aspects of managing your finance that HCR Wealth Advisors would take care of on your behalf so that you can meet the desired financial goals without any hiccups.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm. Over the years, HCR Wealth Advisors has been able to develop a stable image of itself in the market. Whether it is retirement planning or long-term wealth creation that you are after, rest assured that HCR Wealth Advisors can help you plan it strategically and practically.

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Jed McCaleb And Stellar

Jed McCaleb is the founder and creator of Mt.Gox and the founder of Stellar. He is an American programmer as well as a well know entrepreneur. Before he co-founded Stellar, he was the founder of many other companies. He also found and was the active CTO of the business Ripple. He stopped in 2013. He also is well known for coming up with the bitcoin exchange and peer to peer eDonkey, the application and the Overnet networks.

He recently sat down with CNBC and explained his idea of a global, Blockchain power single payment system. Stellar is already a Blockchain powered worldwide payment set up that operates with a digital token.

Jed discussed how he believes in the future that there is going to be serviceable world-wide payments network. He also said that he thinks that there is a chance for an hybrid system that enables the payment of currencies through Blockchain.

Knowingly Ripple is already on line with Korea’s Woon Bank to be implanted on commercial status starting later on in the year, Ripple and Stellar are both being recognized by real investment companies.

Jed had hopes that by 2028 Stellar technology will be able to power up a global payment network that not only gives payments but also processes the original assets like shares and stocks.

Jed McCaleb had been the developer for crypto for a good amount of time and he has went on to make a prediction of Stellar. He believe that Stellar had the ability to change the world’s financial systems like the stock market, the payments and even fundraising. He has his hopes for 2028.

The research firm of finance named Autonomous Next has reported that the ICO’s have contributed to the incoming of almost 9 billion dollars in only 4 years. Unfortunately the use of ICOs have had it’s share of fraudsters who willingly take advantage of all the new tech which helps them get up funds and leave investors clueless without their money. Because of this it has gotten the attention of regulators all across the globe but fans of the token sales have complained that they rep a new model of fundraising.

Contact him here: Jed McCaleb | LinkedIn

Get to Know Jed McCabe and Stellar

Jed McCaleb has long been a tech pioneer. In 2000, he formed the e2000Donkey file-sharing network. He got in on the ground floor of cryptocurrency and blockchain, too. McCaleb founded Mt. Gox in 2006. Originally intended as a site for Magic: The Gathering fans, by 2010 it evolved into an exchange where Bitcoin was traded. McCaleb sold the site in 2011.

McCaleb’s experiences with Mt. Gox taught him that Bitcoin mining was too inefficient and wasteful. In his next venture, McCaleb sought to find a way to eliminate that problem. With the Ripple network, he found it. Transactions in the Ripple network are verified by members of the network, by consensus.

Ripple was launched in 2012, with Jed McCaleb as CTO. Since then it’s taken off. Companies including UBS, Santander Bank and UniCredit. Ripple’s ledger has over fifty validators, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, AT TOKYO Corporation and WorldLink.

Ripple’s ledger makes transactions like currency exchange faster. Such a transaction might take only 3 seconds with Ripple. That’s because it seeks out the shortest route from currency A to currency B. Because it’s so decentralized and uses open source code, the Ripple network is able to operate without interference from the company itself.

Jed McCaleb is always hungry for a challenge. In 2013, he was ready to move on from Ripple. His new venture, Stellar, is related in some ways. It seeks to build the same kind of network where people can make and receive payments. However, its focus is totally different. Instead of targeting prestigious institutions, Stellar targets the developing world.

You see, hundreds of millions of people are unbanked. This makes it hard for them to plug into the world economy. Stellar is a non-profit startup that seeks to serve people in poor countries. This technology expands the horizons of people around the world. It makes it possible for them to market their skills and goods, and earn an easily negotiated currency in return. This makes it possible to do so much more than they can do with in-kind payments.

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Hussain Sajwani Speaks Of The Past And His Satisfaction With The Progress Of Damac Properties

Hussain Sajwani has further increased the profits of Damac Properties due to his business dealings with the Trump Organization. The golf partnership significantly increased his worth from $3.7 billion to $4.3 billion. Hussain Sajwani was pleased with 2017 and believes sales will continue throughout 2018. This optimism is entrenched in the dramatic turnaround of the company he founded in 2002. His career began with a food services company called Draieh Management Services Company. The company was successful, but he took advantage of the real estate market in Dubai being opened to foreign investors. The 2008 real estate bubble was hard on Damac Properties, but Hussain Sajwani emerged, rebuilt and is now stronger than ever.

It was mentioned in that Hussain Sajwani watched real estate prices during 2008 decline as much as sixty percent. He placed the focus of Damac Properties on delivery. During his period of recovery, fifty percent more units were handed over. He did not launch any new projects until December of 2012. He then built up momentum and launched Akoya in 2013. The development was later called Damac Hills and consisted of villas, apartments, branded mansions and a golf course resulting from his partnership with Donald Trump. The following year saw the launching of Akoya Oxygen.

Hussain Sajwani stated the only reason Damac Properties survived the crisis of 2008 was because he saw it coming. He took the actions necessary to ensure his company would survive. He moved forward because he made the right decisions for the future. He has built serviced residences and luxury hotels ensuring he led the real estate market in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani believes the slight dip in Damac Properties profits are due to international projects with a lower profit margin. His optimism in the property market in Dubai is reflected in his growing portfolio and mega projects. He feels a lot of the current stability is due to the regulatory efforts of the government. The Damac owner wants to start expanding outside of Dubai. He feels he has the management team, cash flow and brand to be successful overseas. He is especially interested in the big market in Saudi.

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Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences Reach New Heights

Paragon Biosciences is a company that has made a tremendous impact in recent times. Paragon is an investor that has made its name by building and expanding biotechnology companies. They have a passion for helping people to live healthier lives ( Their incredible success is centered around their philosophy: begin with what the patient needs, understand the science and work to build companies that can help.

Paragon Biosciences is determined to solve those problems which have not been solved. They have a set of four companies that complete their work: Castle Creek, Decade, Harmony Biosciences and Precision BP. All four of these companies are disciplined and use specific strategies to complete their work. Perhaps the biggest member of this group is Castle Creek. Castle Creek is a privately held company that is creating and developing therapies for rare and serious conditions. In a short time, they have created a number of diverse products that have the ability to change the health of many people.

With more than two decades of experience, Jeff Aronin has been a huge part of Paragon’s success. Currently, Aronin serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences. Aronin has years of experience developing global healthcare innovation companies. His expertise is in both complex science and rare diseases. These talents have allowed him to assemble a top-notch team and lead his current company. As of today, Aronin and his team have succeeded in getting 13 major drug approvals through the FDA. This rate is much higher than nearly all of his competitors.

Jeff Aronin spent nearly a decade as the president and chief executive officer of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. He continued serving as president and chief executive officer when the company was acquired by Lundbeck. Aronin has built quite an impressive resume during his career. With such an incredible track record, he is sure to have continued success for many more years to come.



Sahm Adrangi

Mr. Sahm Adrangi is founder and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, an investment management firm headquartered in New York, NY. Since the firm’s start in 2009, Sahm Adrangi has made sure to be a part of everything during his company’s development and growth. Mr. Adrangi launched Kerrisdale Capital Management with a little under a million dollars, the company now manages roughly $150 million to this day. Prior to serving as a CIO at Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi began his financial career at the Deutsche Bank. While working there, he would have to perform high-yield and leveraged loan debt financing for businesses, helped advise creditors in out of court committees and restructure Chapter 11 bankruptcies. Sahm Adrangi has also worked as an investment analyst for several years at Longacre Fund Management, a distressed debt hedge fund firm, and learn more about Sahm Adrangi.

As the CIO of Kerrisdale, Mr. Adrangi focuses the direction and efforts of his firm on various sectors that they’ve since grown expertise on. The biotechnology sector is one area they focus strongly on, the firm has published research on many development stage businesses that include Sage Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic, Pulse Biosciences, Zafgen and many more. Another sector his firm focuses on is mining where they would question the possible mining prospects and market valuation for many mineral resources companies across the nation. He has been selected as a speaker for numerous conferences including the Value Investing Conference, Sohn Conference, Traders 4 a Cause, the Distressed Debt Investing Conference and the Activist Investor Conference. Mr. Adrangi has made appearances on CNBC as well as Bloomberg for interviews and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BusinessWeek and Washington Post to name a few major publications. Sahm Adrangi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Yale University, and follow his Twitter.

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Tim Armour on Beating the Benchmark

To say there is a lot of debate between proponents of active fund management and passive index investing would be a serious understatement. Certainly Warren Buffett’s advice carries a lot of weight as he urges more investors to use low cost index funds. Enter, Tim Armour, Chairman and CEO of Capital Group, one of the world’s largest investment firms. He has a unique perspective regarding the ongoing discussion.

He certainly appreciates Buffett’s wisdom and style of investing. Evaluating companies from the bottom up and investing for the long haul is proven. However, Armour points out that index funds provide no protection during market downturns and times of increased volatility. He also underscores the need for investors to do better than the crowd during difficult times. His answer to the dilemma is something of a hybrid approach and learn more about Tim.

While acknowledging that most active fund managers will under perform the benchmarks, he advocates two simple filters to find the best options. Low management fees and high rates of manager ownership. When these two factors are in place there is a greater likelihood of beating the benchmarks. This conclusion comes after comprehensive research of thousands of funds through multiple decades. So, here’s to potentially happier and more lucrative retirements.

Tim Armour has been Chairman of Capital Group since July of 2015. They are a premier investing firm and home of the American Funds. Tim has over thirty years of investing experience all with Capital Group. He started as an equity investment analyst and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College and more information click here.

Troy McQuagge Wins the CEO of the Year Award

USHEALTH Group’s chief executive officer, Troy McQuagge was named as the Gold Winner of the CEO of the Year award in the recently held One Planet Awards ceremony. Troy won the coveted award due to his visionary leadership that has helped to transform the insurance holding company and more information click here.

One Planet Awards is a worldwide awards program that seeks to honor professionals and businesses. All professionals are eligible for the award. Notably, the award program is open to all organizations around the globe, including start-ups, for-profit, non-profit, private, and public firms. They are all eligible to submit their nominations for the awards. One Planet Awards recognizes excellence in different fields.

McQuagge has been working for USHEALTH for the last seven years. When the executive leader joined the company, he was mandated with the duty of enhancing the company’s productivity and profitability margins. However, his first task was to re-engineer the company’s captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. Owing to his vast experience and knowledge in the insurance sector, Troy succeeded in enhancing the company’s growth. This success propelled him to higher heights as the company’s board appointed him to serve as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group. Under his leadership, the company has registered impressive growth and enhanced it’s bottom-line. This award is a reflection of his hard work and innovative business strategies.

In his acceptance speech, Tory McQuagge said that he was honored to be the recipient of the revered award. He went ahead to recognize his peers in the industry. Troy dedicated the award to every stakeholder of USHEALTH. He posited that their hard work and willingness to follow his strategic plan for the company had been instrumental in the success of USHEALTH. The executive leader promised that the company would remain committed to ensuring that clients can be able to afford quality healthcare services. To this end, the corporation has been designing and developing innovative insurance products and services that addresses the needs of all clients.

USHEALTH Group is a Fort Worth-based insurance holding company. The corporation offers innovative health coverage to small business owners and self-employed individuals. USHEALTH has a superior customer service that supplements the combined talents of its employees and agents who market the company’s competitive and affordable insurance products.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is an experienced insurance industry executive leader. In addition, he has vast knowledge in sales management. The resident of Panama City, Florida, has over 30 years of experience in both the fields of insurance and sales. Troy has managed to ensure that USHEALTH Group maintains its leadership status in the industry and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

McQuagge joined the insurance industry in 1983 by working for Allstate Insurance where he rendered his services for 12 years. In 1995, he joined UICI/Health Market. His sound educational background has played a pivotal role in his success in different managerial positions. The business leader is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and his Twitter.

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How CEO Bob Reina Gives Back To The Community

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. As the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Bob has always had a focus at Talk Fusion of helping people and giving back to communities across the globe. He has performed this philanthropy in a number of different ways over the last 10 years.

In talking about his philanthropy, Bob Reina has said that giving back is at the core of Talk Fusion. He’s made it part of everything they do at the company including the partnerships he has formed with other companies and interactions with the employees and the independent associates that sell Talk Fusion’s products and services. Read this article at about Bob Reina.

One example of giving back is when Bob Reina donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He has also supported a large number of animal charities that save and protect both pets and wild animals. He also gave a large donation to an orphanage in Indonesia.

In early 2017, Bob Reina gave the independent associates the ability to donate a free Talk Fusion account to the charity of their choice. The package the charity receives is Talk Fusion’s best plan which is called the Custom Monthly Plan. This includes all five of their products; Video Newsletters, Video Email, Sign-up Forms, Video Chat, and Live Meetings.

Bob Reina is a former police officer that served the public in Southern Florida. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida. After graduating, he attended the police academy where he graduated number one in his class. He came up with the basic idea of Talk Fusion when, in 2007, he couldn’t find any way to send a video over email to his family. He decided this was a need that a company could be forged around and decided he was the one to do so.

Bob decided to use a direct selling form of marketing in order to sell his company’s products. He now has a network of independent associates that spans 160 countries around the world. He was an early believer in online video and how it could be used to connect people around the globe.


Jim Hunt Offers Successful Entrepreneurial Skills

Jim’s Reign at VTA Publications

Jim Hunt serves as the chief executive officer and financial advisor of VTA publications. Through his extensive knowledge of safe and intelligent marketing trends, Jim has been successful in the stock market. Jim uploads videos about his recent investments on his YouTube account to empower young entrepreneurs and prospective investors. As a veteran in the stock market, Jim Hunt VTA Publications interprets and predicts business trends while translating the collected data for the potential investors. As such, his YouTube videos have become famous. With the exposure to the operations of big banks, Jim found it necessary to enlighten young investors on how to take charge of their financial destinies.

For Jim Hunt, a typical day begins by attending morning marketing meetings. Jim says that he is more productive in the mornings. At Jim Hunt VTA Publications, Jim Hunt focuses on developing business ideas and new systems of stock trading for his subscribers. Before leaving for work, Jim must go to the gym to keep his body fit and healthy. Furthermore, he eats a light lunch to remain productive in the afternoon. Since Jim is a family man, he gets home early to enjoy dinner with the family. To Jim, a family is as important as work; therefore he must balance the two.

When it comes to developing marketing ideas, Jim prioritizes on his client’s desires before developing long-term solutions. He reads and conducts extensive research on their needs before developing custom-tailored solutions on Moreover, Jim reflects his client’s ideas before developing a solution to their problems. When asked about what fascinates him in the world of marketing, Jim believes Biotech world is amazing. From Biotech, scientists will find medical breakthroughs for life-threatening diseases.

As a successful entrepreneur, Jim Hunt VTA Publications regards discipline as the hallmark of a successful investor. Throughout his career, Jim sets strict goals and breaks them into daily achievable units. Having worked in the banking sector, Jim learned the value of respecting customers on Jim encourages entrepreneurs always to listen to customers if they want to make profits. Despite his success, Jim experienced failures in the past. He would use his failures as a stepping stone to build his business empire.