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Desiree Perez Proving Everyone Wrong

In January of 2018 Billboard Magazine put out their list of the Power 100. On that list yet again was the COO of music and entertainment conglomerate Roc Nation, Desiree “Des” Perez. The long-time business woman and executive is continually finding it harder to stay out of the spotlight as her success grows. The company continues to make moves in both the music, entertainment, and sports sectors with Desiree Perez leading the charge.

2017 was a huge year for Roc Nation’s music arm, as Jay-Z garnered eight nominations at the Grammy Awards. His record, 4:44, was the 14th straight #1 album for the rap mogul. This made 2017 as the largest grossing year on record for Jay-Z, and it was due to a large part to the hard work of Des Perez. She continues to be a bulldog at the negotiation table and be the driving force behind Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s tour, acting as producer. Perez signee Rapsody was nominated for two Grammy’s as well, making her penchant for talent even more apparent. She also helped secure a huge deal with country music father-son duo Rhett Atkins and Thomas Rhett to form Home Team Publishing.

Des Perez is a hard-working executive who got her start in the music and entertainment industries by managing a number of highly successful night clubs and entertainment venues in her native New York City. She parlayed the business relationships she formed as a manager into becoming Jay-Z’s right hand woman when it comes to business decision. The pair have been working together for over 20 years, first at SC Enterprises and at Roc Nation since 2009. That is the year Jay-Z formed the conglomerate and he did not hesitate to name Perez as COO. She has proven in the decade since that he made the right decision.

Louis Chenevert Retires on Top of his Game

CEO of United Technologies Company, Louis Chenevert was on the top of his game as president and CEO when he decided to retire. Most often when a CEO of a predominant company decides to unexpectedly retire, the company is not profitable or has not received financial and goodwill success in an industry. It is highly unlikely that any CEO generally decides to make the determination to step down when the company is flourishing. However, Louis Chenevert made that decision when the company was on a sound footing with the stock price at the highest level it had ever raised to, and without any unfavorable press. With the company performing so well makes it difficult to believe that he would decide to walk away. That is a decision that Louis Chenevert made by walking away to become a semi-retired Aerospace financial advisor for Goldman Sachs and move on to other opportunities that are less demanding and still very rewarding. After retiring he took on an exclusive opportunity with Goldman Sachs that allowed him to still be part of the aerospace industry. In this role, Louis Chenevert was still able to play an indirect part roll in the financing and evaluation of future technology innovations in aviation and continue the expansion of the industry. Because he is in tune with new technologies and innovations that are coming down the road in the industry Louis was the perfect candidate for the Advisor position. After retiring Louis Chenevert also took up a passion for designing and engineering yachts on a custom order basis. The passion to build the next best yacht from design to production build allows him the ability to actually enjoy all aspects of the development of the item that he’s actually producing. Before leaving United Technologies Corporation Louis Chenevert was a catalyst in the acquisition of Goodrich Corporation that positioned the company as the major conglomerate in the Aerospace industry. By allowing UTC to control a lot of the cost of production with the acquisition it was able to streamline production cost and increase profits for the organization. After the acquisition, Louis Chenevert was arguably the most powerful CEO in the Aerosmith Aerospace industry and chose to retire at the top of his game.

Glen Wakeman – Multi-faceted Entrepreneur

It is possible for one man to don many hats in one lifetime. Glen Wakeman is ample example of this as he effortlessly sails through his many roles as writer, adviser, businessperson, and author.

Glen Wakeman is probably the propelling force behind the success of several companies. He is currently the Chief Executive officer of the LaunchPad Holdings company four the past four years. LaunchPad Holdings was created by Glen Wakeman to help launch new start-ups with its innovative software.

Glen Wakeman received his education from the universities of Scranton and Chicago. He joined General Electric Capital and gained considerable expertise in finances during his 20-year long term there. He has served in GE Capital in various managerial capacities, such as General Director, Chief Operations Officer and Director of Business Development. Glen Wakeman traveled to different countries as part of his work at GE Capital, including South America, Asia, and Europe. One of his greatest success stories while at GE Capital was the initiation of Nova Four. It is a firm that helps new companies with investment and mentoring on how to stay afloat in a competitive business world.


The Career

Glen Wakeman has a successful five-pronged approach to gauge a firm’s overall competence. The first step involves leadership programs that encourage smooth progress as the company evolves. Next, Glen Wakeman provides advice about a company’s vision and its implementation simply and enthusiastically. This drives transformation in an organization. He also advocates redesigning a firm’s structure and motivating employees to embrace this new system with minimal opposition. Glen Wakeman successfully handles his several avatars and manages to balance these perfectly. And this is the quality that makes him stand out in the world of business.