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Why the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is a Complete Game Changer for the Occupants

The ultimate goal of working hard in our life is to live a fulfilling life and afford the luxuries we desire. Roberto Santiago realized that his people were struggling when they needed to take some time off from their usual daily activities and relax. There were no recreational facilities in the area, and they had to travel to access them. The extra transport cost and the time needed to have fun resulted in many of them giving up on having fun. Roberto Santiago, therefore, promised himself to give his people a well-equipped fun facility.

Roberto Santiago fulfilled his promise in 1989 by launching the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has approximately 280 premises. It was the greatest thing that the people had ever seen; they even nicknamed it the “small city.” Everything needed for survival can be fetched in the mall.

Among the 280 buildings are medical facilities, gyms, commercial facilities, colleges, food courts, bars, jewelry stores just to mention a few. Later in 2009, Roberto Santiago launched the magnificent Domus Hall.

The people of Joao enjoy multiple benefits that come along with the presence of the Manaiara Mall. There are no longer excuses for families not spending time together during weekends. Even those individuals who neglected family outings in the name of shopping can now shop for everything they need and have fun under the same roof.

Besides the entertainment that the mall has given a new phase, the mall has significantly improved the living standards of the occupants. Many residents were absorbed as employees in different sectors of the mall.

In the 2015 financial crisis, many businesses could not weather the difficulties, and they were therefore closed down. Still a majority of the conglomerates that survived reduced their output and had massive layoffs. However, for the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall, everything was business as usual. This demonstrated the stability of the investment in the market. Many investors, therefore, moved and set up more businesses in the area creating more employment opportunities.

The Joao Pessoa market has gone through major changes with the presence of multiple corporations in the area. The manufacturers must prove that their product is the best and give the consumer a reason to buy their product over the flooded products in the market. The occupants also have a variety to choose from during their shopping and are relatively enjoying fair prices.

Roberto Santiago Manaira has no doubt exceeded the expectations of Santiago. The success of the mall prompted him to begin the Mangeira Mall which is also a great success. He has also promised to add on his investments.

Other investors are advised and encouraged to follow the footsteps of Roberto Santiago and consider improving the welfare of their community through their ventures.


Sahm Adrangi

Mr. Sahm Adrangi is founder and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, an investment management firm headquartered in New York, NY. Since the firm’s start in 2009, Sahm Adrangi has made sure to be a part of everything during his company’s development and growth. Mr. Adrangi launched Kerrisdale Capital Management with a little under a million dollars, the company now manages roughly $150 million to this day. Prior to serving as a CIO at Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi began his financial career at the Deutsche Bank. While working there, he would have to perform high-yield and leveraged loan debt financing for businesses, helped advise creditors in out of court committees and restructure Chapter 11 bankruptcies. Sahm Adrangi has also worked as an investment analyst for several years at Longacre Fund Management, a distressed debt hedge fund firm, and learn more about Sahm Adrangi.

As the CIO of Kerrisdale, Mr. Adrangi focuses the direction and efforts of his firm on various sectors that they’ve since grown expertise on. The biotechnology sector is one area they focus strongly on, the firm has published research on many development stage businesses that include Sage Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic, Pulse Biosciences, Zafgen and many more. Another sector his firm focuses on is mining where they would question the possible mining prospects and market valuation for many mineral resources companies across the nation. He has been selected as a speaker for numerous conferences including the Value Investing Conference, Sohn Conference, Traders 4 a Cause, the Distressed Debt Investing Conference and the Activist Investor Conference. Mr. Adrangi has made appearances on CNBC as well as Bloomberg for interviews and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BusinessWeek and Washington Post to name a few major publications. Sahm Adrangi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Yale University, and follow his Twitter.

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Rick Smith Takes Securus To New Levels

In addition, Mr. Smith is using his interests in new and upcoming technology to his advantage. It is due to his keen eye and hard work that video chat is now a part of Securus Technology’s services. This is growing more and more popular within prisons because unlike regular phone calls, this allows the loved one’s of the inmates to see them while they talk. Mr. Smith came up with this idea after he realized that the majority of the inmate’s family members and friends are unable to make it to the prison in time for visitation. Implementing video calls into their service abilities has allowed the inmates to converse with more people outside of the prison. It has also improved their moods and led to more positivity around the facilities. The video chat feature also makes prisons safer because there are fewer people trying to come in and out during visitation. Additionally, it is saving prisons a lot of money. Mr. Smith constantly has his eyes on more possible improvements, and he next hopes to implement biometric technology into the services that Securus is able to provide. This will allow the prisons to easier identify the inmates and it will also make it easier to manage high numbers of occupants. Those are just a few of the ways the Mr. Smith is making Securus into the most technologically advanced telecommunications company in the field.

Mr. Smith prefaced his career in telecom with a strong educational background. He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he earned an associate’s degree. He then went on to attend the State University of New York at Buffalo for his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. After that, he got his Master’s in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York. Mr. Smith also holds an MBA from the Simon School at the University of Rochester. Mr. Smith worked at Global Crossing North America Inc. and Eschelon before he became the CEO, President, and Chairman of Securus.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, is making a name for himself within the telecommunications industry. He has spent his entire career gathering knowledge and expertise from inside the telecom community, and he continues to seek further advances in his field. He uses his background in engineering to push forward innovative and creative ideas that will advance the telecommunications industry. It is thanks to Rick Smith that Securus is now one of the leading telecommunication companies in the corrections industry today. Rick Smith Securus serves a phone business for corrections facilities all over the United States, as well as law enforcement and other agencies. Securus is based in Dallas, Texas, but Mr. Smith has dreams of one day being able to expand their services to every single prison in the country. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Troy McQuagge Wins the CEO of the Year Award

USHEALTH Group’s chief executive officer, Troy McQuagge was named as the Gold Winner of the CEO of the Year award in the recently held One Planet Awards ceremony. Troy won the coveted award due to his visionary leadership that has helped to transform the insurance holding company and more information click here.

One Planet Awards is a worldwide awards program that seeks to honor professionals and businesses. All professionals are eligible for the award. Notably, the award program is open to all organizations around the globe, including start-ups, for-profit, non-profit, private, and public firms. They are all eligible to submit their nominations for the awards. One Planet Awards recognizes excellence in different fields.

McQuagge has been working for USHEALTH for the last seven years. When the executive leader joined the company, he was mandated with the duty of enhancing the company’s productivity and profitability margins. However, his first task was to re-engineer the company’s captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. Owing to his vast experience and knowledge in the insurance sector, Troy succeeded in enhancing the company’s growth. This success propelled him to higher heights as the company’s board appointed him to serve as the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group. Under his leadership, the company has registered impressive growth and enhanced it’s bottom-line. This award is a reflection of his hard work and innovative business strategies.

In his acceptance speech, Tory McQuagge said that he was honored to be the recipient of the revered award. He went ahead to recognize his peers in the industry. Troy dedicated the award to every stakeholder of USHEALTH. He posited that their hard work and willingness to follow his strategic plan for the company had been instrumental in the success of USHEALTH. The executive leader promised that the company would remain committed to ensuring that clients can be able to afford quality healthcare services. To this end, the corporation has been designing and developing innovative insurance products and services that addresses the needs of all clients.

USHEALTH Group is a Fort Worth-based insurance holding company. The corporation offers innovative health coverage to small business owners and self-employed individuals. USHEALTH has a superior customer service that supplements the combined talents of its employees and agents who market the company’s competitive and affordable insurance products.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is an experienced insurance industry executive leader. In addition, he has vast knowledge in sales management. The resident of Panama City, Florida, has over 30 years of experience in both the fields of insurance and sales. Troy has managed to ensure that USHEALTH Group maintains its leadership status in the industry and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

McQuagge joined the insurance industry in 1983 by working for Allstate Insurance where he rendered his services for 12 years. In 1995, he joined UICI/Health Market. His sound educational background has played a pivotal role in his success in different managerial positions. The business leader is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and his Twitter.

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How CEO Bob Reina Gives Back To The Community

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. As the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Bob has always had a focus at Talk Fusion of helping people and giving back to communities across the globe. He has performed this philanthropy in a number of different ways over the last 10 years.

In talking about his philanthropy, Bob Reina has said that giving back is at the core of Talk Fusion. He’s made it part of everything they do at the company including the partnerships he has formed with other companies and interactions with the employees and the independent associates that sell Talk Fusion’s products and services. Read this article at about Bob Reina.

One example of giving back is when Bob Reina donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He has also supported a large number of animal charities that save and protect both pets and wild animals. He also gave a large donation to an orphanage in Indonesia.

In early 2017, Bob Reina gave the independent associates the ability to donate a free Talk Fusion account to the charity of their choice. The package the charity receives is Talk Fusion’s best plan which is called the Custom Monthly Plan. This includes all five of their products; Video Newsletters, Video Email, Sign-up Forms, Video Chat, and Live Meetings.

Bob Reina is a former police officer that served the public in Southern Florida. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida. After graduating, he attended the police academy where he graduated number one in his class. He came up with the basic idea of Talk Fusion when, in 2007, he couldn’t find any way to send a video over email to his family. He decided this was a need that a company could be forged around and decided he was the one to do so.

Bob decided to use a direct selling form of marketing in order to sell his company’s products. He now has a network of independent associates that spans 160 countries around the world. He was an early believer in online video and how it could be used to connect people around the globe.


All You Need To Know About InnovaCare and Its Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides

Since August 2016, Penelope Kokkinides has been the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health Solutions. She joined the company in 2015 and served as the chief operating officer at InnovaCare before ascending to her current position. Previously, she served as the chief operating officer of Aveta Inc. and as vice president of clinical operations. Penelope Kokkinides has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry specializing in government programs (Medicaid and Medicare) and the managed care industry.

Earlier, Penelope had served as the chief operating officer of Touchstone Health HMO. Before joining Touchstone Health, she served as the corporate vice president of care management and disease management at AmeriChoice. Penelope has a vast knowledge and expertise in developing clinical programs and managing health systems with the aim of improving efficiency and organization infrastructure. Penelope Kokkinides earned her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University and master’s degree in social works from the New York University. Later Penelope received her post master’s degree in public health and alcohol and substance abuse from the Columbia University.

Penelope Kokkinides Interview with Ideamensch

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Penelope has earned a lot of skills and knowledge in managing reputable institutions. Speaking during an interview with Ideamensch, Penelope gave some tips, pieces of advice and strategies that can be useful to professionals in different sectors as well as entrepreneurs. Take a look.

Great synergy with her workmates helps her bring ideas to life. The team has been helpful to Penelope helping her in both developing strategies and implementing them. She is excited about technology and how it has helped interconnect people as well as transforming the way businesses are done. Spending time at night thinking about the next day has been helpful to Penelope. She advises entrepreneurs to spend time reading articles to get abreast of market trends.

InnovaCare Joins HHS Initiative

In August 2016, InnovaCare announced its participation in the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). LAN is a public-private partnership that aims at moving the health system of the United States to a payment model that is based on quality as opposed to quantity. InnovaCare supports the LAN mission to accelerate the transition from quantity based payment models to alternative quality based schemes. InnovaCare decided to support the LAN initiative because it marries with their mission of redefining healthcare management by providing patients with coordinated, innovative, quality and cost-effective health care services.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage Plans. The firm is committed to designing models that are sustainable, innovative and cost-effective to help in the provision of quality health care. These models are focused on redefining healthcare management to meet the modern day challenges in the healthcare environment.

Successful Market Trends by Kyle Bass


Kyle Bass was born on 7th September, 1969, in Miami Florida, United States. His father was the manager of Fontainebleau Hotel. He later relocated to be with his family in Dallas while serving at the Dallas Convention. Kyle Bass founded the Hayman Capital Management, L.P a Dallas based firm committed to global growth and opportunity creation. Mr. Kyle attended Texas Christian University where he honed his financial skills. He majored in real estate and graduated with honors. He is the managing partner, portfolio manager and chief investment officer at Hayman Capital.


With his excellent skills in the marketing trends, as the article The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler describes, Bass predicted a bet against the U.S subprime mortgage crisis where he purchased credit default swaps which added value during the real estate bubble fluctuation. Bass is well-known for making prominent successful bets in Europe and Japan and now China. In addition to the successful bets, Mr. Bass has high expectations on the future of Argentina and Japan. Although Kyle Bass has successful predictions on bets in the past, his performance has relatively been criticized by some investment firms.


Mr. Bass’ Career

In 1992-1994 Kyle was an employee of Prudential Securities then he later joined Bear Stearns. When he turned 28, Bass was promoted to senior managing director. The promotion ranked him among the youngest managers of Stearns. Bass left Stearns in 2001 for a five-year contract at Legg Mason. During his interview at Legg Mason, Kyle Bass told the panel that he would launch his firm in five years. During his service at Legg Mason, Kyle Bass offered advice on hedge funds including various institutional customers and firms on investment strategies. In 2005 December, Bass quit Legg Mason by selling his shares. He founded Hayman Capital Management L.P. He served as the manager and principal after investing approximately $33 million.


Kyle having founded Hayman Capital Management, a Dallas based funding firm. He hit the news headlines after successfully predicting the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. Kyle was the topic of discussion in town during that period. He was like M. Night Shayamalan in 2001 from grass to grace to be nominated for The Sixth Sense script.

The Top NYC Luxury Real Estate Projects in the Fall of 2016

Finding quality NYC luxury real estate can be a pain. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can rely on the tycoons of real estate to tell you which projects they are watching this fall.

The first place to look on your NYC luxury real estate is the section of Manhattan in East Midtown. The reason is that the new zoning approval could mean that more modern buildings will go up soon. Second is the Vanderbilt building. It has had problems with occupancy, but new repairs have lured other tenants in.

Don’t forget about Liberty and Madison. This area does have some vacant buildings, but approval for a new development company means that new apartments will be popping up. And in another part of town there is the Harlem developments. They are doing away with drug clinics and cleaning the trash of the streets to make way for nicer settings. Finally, don’t leave out Hudson Yards or the extension of the subway. Both projects are under way and promise to provide great buys for real estate lovers.

When it comes to NYC luxury real estate, you never know what you’re going to find. However, when you have a guide, such as the opinion of experts, it becomes easier to find that piece of land you’re looking for. So don’t shoot around in the dark, simply look at the popular real estate projects this fall to help you make quality decisions.

TOWN Residential

This real estate firm doesn’t just offer services for NYC luxury real estate, but does much more for the area. They are known as having excellent customer service in the industry, and for making decisions based on ethics and responsibility. For this reason, they have grown quickly in their short span of five years in business.

Town Real Estate has been awarded the top place to work in NYC properties, as well as topped the top 50 list of businesses to go work for in NYC. The reason is the expertise they bring to the field, as well as the standards they hold for themselves and clients. They do leasing, marketing, and selling of development properties, rentals, residential, commercial, and retail.

Michael Hartweg Joins SSUF

Mike Baur is a well-known individual in the world. He is one of the founding partners of the famous institution known as Swiss Start-up Factory. He has worked in the Swiss banking industry for more than twenty years, acquiring a lot of knowledge and experience. At the Swiss Start- Up Factory, Mike Baur is responsible for fundraising and financing. Under his leadership, the company has grown, significantly, earning him much revenue.


The Swiss Start-up Factory was founded in the year 2014. The accelerator company is based in Zurich, and it has transformed the lives of many digital entrepreneurs. The institution looks for some of the thriving businessmen then later offers them exciting and promising opportunities. The company guides the entrepreneur from the first day using they start their partnership until the businessmen are strong to stand on their own. The company has strong networks in Switzerland and other parts of the world, and this makes it possible for the institution to help the upcoming entrepreneurs.


The accelerator company runs a special program for the digital entrepreneurs. The programs mostly take three months. During the three months, the company offers the businessmen a unique platform of great services, mentoring, coaching, office space at the best places in Zurich town and a reliable network that enables them to achieve all their goals.


Michael Haetweg is one of the founders of a company known as Leonteq. Just recently, Michael decided to abandon his company and join the Swiss Start-up Factory. Michael will now be serving in Mike Baur’s company as one of the investors and advisors. He will help companies who want to establish and do well in the modern market. After making this announcement, Michael sold all his stakes in Leonteq and also gave up his operational role in the company.


After quitting his good position at his former company, Michael has become of the individuals who have abandoned the day to day finance entrepreneurship. He will now be one of the investors in the fintech industry. He will now assist founder and many other companies about the fintech industry. Michael Hartweg is currently forty-four years, and he will carefully invest in selected startups that have been developed in the Swiss Factory. He will make sure that they develop to become successful businesses. This year, SSUF is planning to launch an accelerator program that will focus mostly on the fintech companies.


Investment Banking And How It Is Relevant To The World today

There are some branches related to banks. Investment banking is a branch which creates capital to come to rescue to situations involving companies, government, and other big entities. There are many functions that an investment bank is expected to do. They help to sell securities other than just providing equity security to the many corporations in the world today.

Investment banks are good at advising different companies on how best to negotiate, develop their structures and even at times they help them with their implementation process. In as much as the company will look good in the way it deals with most of its problems you will notice that some of the biggest problems get solutions from investment banks. Most of the investment banks help companies solve issues revolving around financial control, risk management, corporate strategy among others.

The best thing about investment banking is that they are good at offering suggestions to a company on how best they can manage their wealth so that they can either generate positive energy or a lot of profits. Most of the things that they will tackle in this case include mergers and buyers. Another thing that the investment bankers consider is the size of a bank. They are likely to put their energy in bigger and more established companies at the expense of the small and developing companies. The point is this way because the economy of the country in question will fluctuate mostly depending on the financial optimization of these enterprises. Notice that most of the services they offer are paid for while at times they provide funding services.
One thing about the way that money is revolving in the world is that you will not notice how round it can go. When it stops, massive disruption can happen to the country in question. It is all about the global network and the investment banking in the world as a whole. Think of how the money would go to a country in China when one buys a given machine but ends up in the United States when China decides to save it and later invest it in the World Bank for future country projects.