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Susan McGalla- VP Pittsburgh Steelers

Studies indicate that businesses, which have gender-diverse stand a 15% to outperform companies while the ethnically diverse corporations stand 35% chance than those firms that got no gender diversity. This shows that these companies can exceed since they are open to innovations. Gender diversity in a workplace provides multiple perspectives though; these statistics contain a small percentage of C-level positions in S&P 500 companies, which are held by women.

A significant number of women are never privileged to hold high-level office positions; this has seen most of them struggle to get promoted to staircase into this positions in their companies. McGalla regards the effort she deposited to reach her of comfort in working with a staff of men and women. Growing up with two brothers and football coach dad, made McGalla have limited breaks as a girl child. She always worked to attain her goals, which rendered her an inspiration of working hard to be a lucky woman as she is today holding numerous high-level positions.

Susan McGalla delivered excellently to have her way up through different positions of the American Eagle Outfitters a company she joined when men dominated all executive ranks. She exited the firm as the president. Later, she founded her firm P3 Executive Consulting, which she holds a position of a Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla has taken the responsibility of encouraging women to rise for this opportunities. She incorporates Women Leadership Initiatives groups to provide women leaders with necessary assistance and give them a chance to share their ideas together. This offers women a ground to strategize and plan well for their businesses, make networks with other women in the field, and enable them to learn on trending information in the industry. Women’s networks and initiatives have given women opportunities to stand out and support each other.

Susan was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was brought up with her two brothers by a father who was a local football coach. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from the Mount Union College where she works with the college’s Board of Advisors.

Success Marks Sheldon Lavin’s Career at OSI Group

Mr. Sheldon Lavin currently works at OSI Group, a premier meat and food processing company as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. OSI Group comprises of OSI Industries and OSI International Foods Ltd. Despite Mr. Lavin entering the meat and food processing industry as an outsider; he eventually became an expert. Mr. Lavin built himself an impressive profile while working in the finance and banking sector. He even owned a financial consulting firm.

Mr. Lavin’s path into the food processing industry took shape in 1970 after offering financial consultation to the Otto & Sons Company. The company had an opportunity to become the supplier of hamburgers to the McDonalds but lacked enough funds to secure the deal. As such, the only option was to seek financial aid. In the processing of helping the Otto & Sons Company secure funds, Mr. Sheldon Lavin was requested by the bank to take the ownership of the company. Mr. Lavin opted to be the company’s financial advisor and not a managing partner.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin became actively involved in Otto & Sons Company’s activities in 1975 after the owner started to look for overseas investors. As a result, Mr. Sheldon agreed to become a managing partner after the founder retired from the business. Consequently, the Otto & Sons Company changed its name to OSI Group. Under Sheldon Lavin’s watch, OSI Group has continued to scale globally, operating facilities in South Africa, Europe, Philippines, North America, and India. At age 81, Mr. Lavin pursues further growth of OSI Group. Over time, OSI Group has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of protein items. OSI Group currently runs over 55 facilities in nearly 16 countries.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s relentless efforts at the college earned him a degree in Finance and Accounting. He has also won several awards for his incredible accomplishments in the business and charity worlds. Mr. Lavin is a passionate philanthropist passionate philanthropist who has contributed significantly towards charitable causes such as NMSS, Evans Scholarship Fund, the Jewish United Fund, and United Negro College Fund. He received the Global Visionary Award in 2016 for his incredible achievements of scaling OSI Group globally and contributing to job growth across the globe. He is proud of his efforts in helping OSI Group grow from a domestic food supplier to an international powerhouse. Besides taking OSI Group onto the international scene, Mr. Lavin has also enabled it to receive numerous environmental and sustainability awards.


Can Concession Benefit a Country’s Basic Sanitation Services, Felipe Montoro Jens Explains

The concession initiative announced by the government has been explained by Edison Carlos, the president of an institute that deals in basic sanitation: Trata Brasil. The government, partnering with BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) went public with its decision to make concessions.

On his part Edison Carlos is positive that the services will be improved in many ways including the resource, structure and managements areas. Infrastructure project expert, Felipe Montoro Jens, was also of a similar opinion.


Edison pointed out that the 90% of sanitation services are rendered using public power. Of the 90%, he demonstrated that 70% relies on state organizations. He believes that state organizations and the private initiatives ought to work in tandem. Working in a complementary manner will deliver better, reliable and guaranteed results. The experience of government bodies puts them in a good standing although partnership with private companies guarantees better outcomes.

On his part Felipe Montoro pointed out that resources were withdrawn steadily from state owned firms since the same had no water and could not perform well. Edson on his part said that the National Bank for Economic and Social Development would come up with customized plans of action which will respond to the survey findings of individual areas.

Edison while lauding the partnership for concessions said that the goals ought to be clear and the contracts drafted equally clear. Felipe Montoro Jens on his part says that the governors must review the activities to ensure that the agreement is fulfilled as agreed upon by all the partners present.

Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe is the chief executive of ‘Felipe’s company Properties at Felipe’s company S.A’. He is also the chairperson of ‘Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A’. Felipe was once a director of ‘Braskem S.A is beginning from April 2010 up to August 2013. He also worked as Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A