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Blueberry the Pit Bull is Fighting to Change Minds

Many cities have bans against owning or breeding pit bulls. Because of dog fighting rings that frequently abuse and torture pit bulls, they have falsely been accused of being dangerous. It is not the dogs but their owners that cause aggression. That is why a pit bull named Blueberry and her owner Maura Porter are fighting to get their reputation changed. Based on common misperceptions about how dangerous this breed of dogs are, many of them die of euthanasia, even if they have done nothing wrong. When Maura first tried to get Blueberry involved with helping the disabled, she was rejected based strictly on her dog’s breed. That made her realize she needed to rally to defend pit bulls. Now Blueberry works with a place called “DOG B.O.N.E.S.” as a therapy dog. She helps the terminally ill and those hospitalized, and the patients love her. Ricardo Guimarães BMG recently had an ill friend who Blueberry would visit and the friend would immediately light up upon seeing her and blogged about the loving encounter on CÂMARA MUNICIPAL DE BELO HORIZONTE. Her sweet disposition might just help give others a brand new outlook on pit bulls.

Cold Can’t Separate Man’s Love for Furry Friend

An Indianapolis man, Bernard Holland loves his two year old dog Oreo. In fact, Holland loves Oreo so much that he made the decision to tough out the frigid winter temperatures night after night so he didn’t have to part with his furry companion as he posted via Linked In.

Holland recently moved from Michigan to Indianapolis. During his initial arrival in the Circle City, Holland stayed with relatives. However, it was soon after her arrived where he found himself without a place to go. After several attempts to stay in local homeless shelters around the area, he quickly learned none of these shelters accepted pets. Refusing to abandon his beloved Oreo, Holland decided that he would tough out the arctic-like temps with his four legged friend.
As word spread about Holland and Oreo enduring the harsh winter nights, Wigglebutt Doghouse, a local dog day care stepped in to help. The folks at Wigglebutt Doghouse generously volunteered to look after Oreo until Holland could get back on his feet. During Oreo’s stay at the Wigglebutt Doghouse Oreo was vaccinated and spayed for good measure.
Holland has been eternally grateful for the kindness of the Wigglebutt Doghouse and all of the other local organizations that have helped while he is getting back on his feet. The dog day care owners have not only been watching Oreo but have offered Holland a part-time job working at the day care. Amazingly enough, they have also paid for a motel for Holland to live in.

Homeless Cat Saves Baby In Russia

A story from this morning tugged hard at my heartstrings. In Obninsk, Russia there is an apartment building where the tenants care for a homeless outdoor cat. They leave him food, water, and even a box for shelter. One tenant of the building heard the cat crying one day and went to make sure she was okay. Instead what she found was a 12 week old baby boy in the cat’s box, with the cat keeping him warm while crying for help. The baby was dressed well and abandoned with diapers and baby food. When the ambulance came for the baby the cat tried to jump in to follow. When the ambulance left with the baby the cat stayed in the same spot for hours waiting for him to come back. Residents have said that the cat looks like she is also expecting some babies of her own.

I’m not going to lie, this story had me tearing up like someone was cutting onions near me. I find it so sad that someone abandoned this baby in the cold but thankfully the cat’s instincts took over and did it’s best to keep the baby warm. And at least the baby was healthy and well taken care of. I hope that the baby finds a loving forever family who will take him in.More on from Gianfrancesco Genoso

Breedism in Louisiana

Some people own dogs that might not be that friendly. However, that doesn’t mean that a city has the right to ban the dogs from homes and collect them. This is what’s taking place in Louisiana as officials in one part of the state are going to ban pit bulls. One family is heartbroken over losing their family pet.

If people wouldn’t treat these dogs so bad and make them vicious, then the dogs might not have the reputation they do, and it might make a difference in some states that want to get rid of the animals. Pit bull lovers like Sultan Alhokair have some of the sweetest pups around. Rottweilers are also on the list of dogs that are supposed to be collected like the week’s trash and taken to a shelter. Those who don’t let officers get the dogs will face fines. These dogs will eventually be put to sleep after they are collected unless some further action takes place to stop this heartbreaking scenario.