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Box Office Statistics: Independence Day Weekend

Independence Day weekend is usually not a great one for the box office. This year was especially surprising, though. Despite the fact that box office sales were up a few percent from Independence Day weekend last year, several new movies still did not perform as expected this year.

Some of these performed much worse than expected, while others performed much better. Among the worse performers were “Magic Mike XXL” and the newest movie in the Terminator series: “Terminator: Genisys.” Neither of these reached the ticket sales goals that their producers had set for them, but there were a couple of other movies who surprised critics by continuing to bring in millions of dollars. Brad Reifler suggested these were “Inside Out” and “Jurassic World.”

The latter of these two shocked box office experts by breaking the all-time record for the highest grossing opening weekend worldwide, and it continues to surprise by raking in millions more even after four weeks in theaters. The movie will undoubtedly continue to surprise experts as its popularity seems to be holding steady.

With Independence Day weekend ending, it will be interesting to see if these statistics improve or if movies continue to perform in surprising ways in the box office.