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Banco BMG sponsors tennis player Marcelo Melo says Ricardo Guimarães

The BMG has pronounced it recently sponsored the tennis player Marcelo Melo. The firm narrated that it had signed a commercial contract with the player; it takes the position number one in the world ranking of the association of tennis professional in the form of dual sport. According to Ricardo Guimarães, the logo of Minas Gerais bank will be displayed sleeves in uniforms, training and various materials of Marcelo.
On the establishment agreement, Marcelo narrated that their support will be helpful to you in getting ready for the competition at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro held next year. The collaboration with the BMG will be very significant for the player. BMG bank under the leadership of Ricardo Guimarães is going to bolster Melo, where Mr. Ricardo pointed out that their main objective is to improve their projects for them to acquire new titles, and also as a perfect preparation for the next world sporting competition. The player pointed out that this considerable assistance of sponsorship is the double champion in Paris 1000 Masters Trophy won with teammate Ivan Dodig.
The collaboration dated in near the beginning of November brings prosperity of nuance concerning this done, something that befalls every investor, quotes the leader of Banco BMG, Mr. Ricardo, as Melo arrived in Brazil with the commemoration of new take-over. This week brings the trophy in their belongings, the dual championship victory in 1000 master of Paris, achieved with the court colleague Ivan Dodig. This is the fourth successive triumph for the Brazilian. Aside from this done, this year only, the tennis competitor has won the ATP’S 500 Acapulco, the Vienna, and Tokyo, in addition to the Masters 1000 Shanghai and Roland Garros.

BMG embraces the custom of valuing the state of sports ability of Minas Gerais and Brazil encouraging sponsorship in different categories, particularly visibility and fame of players on the global scene. According to Ricardo Guimarães, it is also significant to support athletes who are professionals determined, disciplined and devoted to your objectives, values highly honored for BMG. In this case with Marcelo, according to Ricardo Guimarães restates that this partnership targets to present again in the sport the name of the very significant firm and complete recognition of the miners.


Operations And Growth Of BMG Bank Under Marcio Alaor

BMG is a banking institution that was founded by the Pentagna Guimaraes family in 1930.The original name was Banco de Credito predial S.A. later it changed the name to Banco de Minas Gerais S.A. The main aim was to offer quality-banking services to the customer throughout Brazil as well as outside the country. It aimed at serving individuals and organization and helping them, achieve their financial goals.

The company has a goal to offer responsible and quality credit to the national and international clientele. The company is known by hiking of the profitability of its services and working towards various developments on new business in the country. This helps the institution offer diverse services to the clientele.

An institution signed an agreement in the year 2012 with Itau Unibanco S.A. the aim the contract was to maximize the distribution and commercialization of payroll credits to the clients. The two companies signed another company later in the year. The main aim was to merge the business and maintain the distribution of the loans at appropriate rates. BMG currently holds up to 40% of the capital and Itau Unibanco owns the 60% of the capital in the investment.

Previously the company concentrated on the wholesale and consumer financing as well as capitalizing on the marketing industry in commercial and private vehicles. This was in the 1990s and the performance had started to grow in a reasonable rate. In 1998, the institution became the benchmarking of various types of mortgages.
When BMG and Itau Unibanco merged, BMG bank enjoyed various benefits. The institution was able to focus on various financial obligations such as BMG Empresas, financing of used cars and big trucks, and offering various payroll credit cards. This expanded the normal operations of the company thus enabling it to come up with new profitable products.


The effectiveness of BMG is very remarkable. The corporate structure and management has aimed in the cost control throughout the running of the company. The sales structures have been modified in such a way that there is an optimization of the output but reduction in the cost of operation. The Vice President, Marcio Alaor together with the other management team has strived to uphold the working standards of the institution towards meeting the needs of the customers.

The Vice President, Marcio Alaor is a well-known individual who has achieved much in various positions. He did his degree in Business Administration from Instituto Metadista Bennet and did a postgraduate degree thus equipping him with the administrative skills. He is respected in the city because of his philanthropic character and the city has named a square in the honor of his good work.

BMG’s Influence In Brazil’s Banking Industry

BMG is one of the biggest privately owned banks in Brazil. The bank was founded by the Pentagna Guimaraes Family as an organization offering to finance to heavy-duty trucks and small vehicles. However over the years the group has grown and today it is one of the biggest organization providing financial services in Brazil. Before moving from asset financing, it started by offering cheap and affordable payroll loans that helped it build its reputation as a bank.
BMG’s president and CEO is called Ricardo Guimarães. He has been in the position since 2004, and his appointment coincided with an upturn in Brazil’s economy. The country’s economy was enjoying relative stability with inflation at the lowest. Low inflation improves the people’s buying ability and consequently more loans were borrowed from BMG. Situations like this are some of the reason the organization has been expanding over the years.
The success of a country’s economy is usually dependent on financial and economic stability. The country’s banking sector also has to be strong to ensure that the lending process is not tedious, and funds are readily available. Brazil has been enjoying both political and economic stability for some time now. Some of the organizations that has benefited from the situation is BMG, which has consequently grown exponentially.
BMG has successfully occupied more than 60% of the total banking market in Brazil. The success has been down to its expansion strategies and having a good distribution channel. The bank has more than 3000 points of sale and more that 50000 agents are operating in all the municipalities in Brazil. This has made it very accessible. Ricardo Guimarães says that around 50% of the Brazilian banking market is yet to be exploited. This means that competition aside the organization has the potential to expand further as the market is not saturated yet.
BMG is not limited to financing only when it comes to operations. It is also involved in the international market in bills and bonds. This is a very good piece of business which makes it a lot of money. That is why it continues performing better and better in the face of competition.
In conclusion, the organization’s leadership dictates the success of an organization. Ricardo Guimarães has been a rock and the pillar that has supported the expansion strategy of the organization spurring it to high levels of success. His charismatic nature has been key to implementation of the business plans.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG

The bank known as BMG is one of the leading financial institutions in Brazil and all of Latin America. It is also a financial institution that has branched out to the United States to serve even more customers. What makes BMG Bank a leading financial institution is the number of services they offer. This bank will offer customers investment services, business loans, credit cards, insurance and also deposits. By offering these services to both individuals and businesses, BMG Bank is able to meet the financial needs of many people and organizations. It is owned by Mr. Ricardo Guimarães, who also serves as its President and Director.

One of the most common services that BMG Bank offers is investment services. With this particular type of service, consumers will be able to put their money in financial securities such as annuities and bonds. They can also invest in stocks which can help grow their money as well as give them a steady income. BMG Bank will also give them advice on what to invest in so that customers can get the best returns possible. By offering investment services, BMG Bank can help its customers improve their financial situation.

Another common service offered by BMG Bank is offering credit cards. There are a number of people and businesses that may need a line of credit to help pay for things when the need comes up. Offering credit cards will give the bank not only a way to help businesses and individuals but also help make the institution money. Using credit cards offers convenience and the ability to pay bills and other expenses which will be paid back at a later time. With credit cards, BMG Bank helps its customers finance short term expenditures.

At BMG Bank, consumers will also have the opportunity to receive business loans. With business loans, private sector companies as well as government organizations can get the money they need to finance their operations. They can also get financing to help pay for certain projects. An example would be a business that is looking to get capital to operate on credit as well as expand its product line.

BMG Bank also offers insurance services as well as deposits. These services give customers the opportunity to get financial protection as well as storage of their funds. Using these services will help ensure financial stability. The services of BMG Bank offers consumers a lot of quality services that will help them mange their finances more easily and efficiently.