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Juan ‘OG’ Perez Involved Mega Birthday Bash With Close Friend Jay Z

Legendary rapper Jay-Z rolled out the red carpet recently for a close friend when he shelled out $113,000 to help celebrate the birthday of Juan ‘OG’ Perez. Perez, along with a small group of friends that included Jay Z, enjoyed lavish 50th birthday party that came complete with a $13,000 dinner and a total club tab of $91,000.

The night began for Perez and his party at Zuma, a Japanese restaurant located in midtown Manhattan that has garnered international acclaim. The spot is a favorite of Jay Z and wife Beyonce and served the Perez party an impressive dinner that included lobster, steak, and sushi.

The next stop for Perez and friends was the Made In Mexico, a popular restaurant and nightclub in the Inwood section of town. Here, the rap legend purchased 9,000 drinks for the enjoyment of the small group celebrating Perez’ 50th birthday.

The night was not done for Juan ‘OG’ Perez or his birthday party as the group next moved onto the Playroom Nightclub. There Hov spent another $91,000 and purchased 40 bottles of champagne. One server for the club posted the bill racked up by Jay online and the Perez birthday bash was instantly immortalized in the annals of internet lore.

Juan ‘OG’ Perez was born and raised in Harlem. He first met Jay Z in 1996 when he was introduced to the Roc Nation icon by the co-founder of Roc-S-Fella records Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke and the two men bonded immediately. The two men shared a common interest in sports and would go into business together in 2003 with the opening of a group of sports bars located in various New York City locations.

The first of the sports bars opened by the duo of Perez and Jay Z was located in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood and was named the 40/40 Club. The venture expanded over the next 11 years to include five more openings in Atlanta, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Brooklyn.

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