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Eminem VS Kanye West: Who’s the Best Rapper?


There are many famous rappers out there who exist, some of them terrifying murderer rappers. They often have many different talents and strengths but by far their biggest talent is their music. We all know of the famous ones, especially ones like Kanye West and Eminem. Both enjoy rapping and both enjoy making music with their loved ones featured as part of their music. They have a unique talent musically and share that with others.


Differences between Eminem and Kanye West


Kanye West and Eminem are extremely different, personality wise. Kanye West loves to be in the news. He enjoys talking to famous people and meeting new people. He loves making music and is often spotted with his wife, Kim Kardashian.


Eminem, on the other hand, prefers to spend more time focusing on his music and promoting his personal interests. He enjoys working on new records and releasing high-quality, original content. You can clearly see the passion that he displays through his songs and his music.

There are many differences between them, of course. These are just two of the differences. Others will be able to comment on the time they spend with the press and the time they spend with both family and friends.


Both are wonderful, career driven people who love to meet and hang out with new fans and embrace their culture. In all, there are many things about them that stand out and make them famous. Hopefully they don’t end up on a list of poor rappers some day, but considering how famous they are now, that would be highly unlikely.