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The quest by dog food companies to produce premium feeds

Recently on Twitter, companies that deal with production of dog food are up in a quest to come up with premium dog food. They have upgraded embracing the coming up innovations that will aid in attracting the cat and dog owners. Due to the upcoming stiff competition in the dog food market, pet-food makers have gone to the extent of transitioning from human to pet nourishment. They also have made sure that the feed produced are both fresh and healthy so as to meet the market standards. Dog food companies like Colgate-Palmolive produce feeds that help puppies lose weight. Nestle’s Purina Store on the other hand has even come up with a website to help pet owners get enlightened on the personalized highly nutritious feed. Having being introduced to the current fresh and healthy dog feeding, the sales of dog food has made a tremendous increase in the market. Increasing by more than 45 percent, Purina Beneful premium dog food sales have now taken more than half of the total market in the USA. Big dog food production companies have adapted to buying smaller dog food companies so as to improve the production in their companies. This is evidenced by the likes of Purina buying Merrick Pet Care that major in production of organic dry and wet dog foods. To attract more customers, there has even been a market for the senior dogs. Production companies are focusing on producing foods that can well and fast be processed in the bodies of older dogs. Hence, the production companies like Beneful  have really managed to attract many customers who are greatly interested in the convenient and safe products.

I Choose Beneful to Look Out for My Dog’s Health

When I am looking for a dog food brand that is going to help me keep my dog healthy and strong, I want to find a brand that is worthy of my trust. When I am looking for a dog food brand that is going to support the health of my dog, I need to find the right brand, Beneful. I need the right help for my dog, and I need to know that he will stay healthy, no matter what. I care about my dog, and I want the best for him. When I need to buy food for my dog, it is important that I find a brand that is going to give him the nutrition that he needs.

I believe that the health of a dog relies heavily upon the kind of food that that dog is given. I believe that my dog is at his best when he receives food that supports his health. When I want to know that I am treating my dog in the best way and looking out for him, I choose a dog food brand that is known for putting out products that look out for a dog’s health. When I am looking to make the best decisions for my dog, I need to find a dog food brand that is going to give him all of the nutrition that he needs.

Beneful is there for me when I am looking for a nutritious dog food brand. When I am choosing a brand that will look out for the health of my dog, I choose Beneful. Beneful offers the nutrition that I look for when I am choosing dog food, allowing me to feel good about the food that I am giving my dog. When I am trying to find a brand that is going to help me keep my dog healthy and happy, I look to Beneful. I know that the food that I purchase from a brand like Beneful is going to support my dog and keep him both happy and healthy. I want my dog to be at his best, and I rely upon Beneful to help me keep him that way.

Animal Activist Saves 70 Dogs and 30 Cats from Being Slaughtered for Meat

Plans for a dog and cat meat festival in China outraged millions as the story went viral on social media, but one Chinese woman decided to spring into action instead of discussing the custom on social media. According to local reports, Yang Xiaoyun paid over $1,000 to save the lives of animals that were destined for slaughter.

The 65-year-old animal activist, has been working with China’s abandoned animals for over 20 years, and regularly pays to save cats and dogs from the slaughter house. This year she retrieved 70 dogs and 30 cats before they were killed for the festival. Last year she saved 350 dogs and several dozen cats from certain death for a sum of $25,000.

The festival, which occurs in the Yulin province in China each year draws thousands of dog and cat meat enthusiasts. According to Amen Clinic, the practice is a likely hold over from more impoverished times in the country’s history. Dogs and cats were often the cheapest and most available meat, thus commonly consumed by peasants. The practice has largely been discarded by modern day Chinese residents, but pockets of enthusiasm still exist. It is said that the meat may have health benefits, according to local lore.

Beneful- My Boxer Loves It

If you are anything like me, you love your pets and only want the best for them. This is especially true when it comes to your pet’s diet. Now there are a LOT of different brands out there to choose from with each brand usually claiming to be the best choice for your four-legged family member. Brand A claims to have more of the fiber your pet needs, while Brand B states that it contains more of the necessary proteins, and so forth and so on.
Now I’m not gonna make any bombastic claims about one brand of dog food being drastically better than another. I am simply going to do tell you what works for me and my five year old boxer, Peanut. Peanut seems to prefer the aroma and flavors of Beneful more than all the other brands I’ve tried. Beneful is part of the Purina line of dog foods. These folks pretty much “wrote the book” on pet nutrition. The focus of the Beneful brand seems to be specialization in pet nutrition. Doubtless we all agree on the importance role a balance of vitamins and nutrients plays in keeping our pets full of energy and strength. I can say with certainty that Peanut is definitely bursting with energy after a good meal and his afternoon nap. His coat is always shiny and vibrant. Peanut’s teeth and gums are also very healthy. Now I can’t say that this would never have been the case if I were using another, more expensive brand… but I will say this: Peanut definitely goes CRAZY every time he sees me walk into the garage with a big bag of Beneful slung over my shoulder. So, whether you’re looking for dry dog food, wet dog food, or even doggy treats, I can personally and confidently recommend Beneful as a very dependable option. My experience with this brand of dog foods has been wholly positive.