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How Dr. Mark Mofid Is Changing The American Perception Of Gluteal Augmentation

When plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Mark Mofid sees something he doesn’t like about doing a particular surgery he does something about it. One example is gluteal augmentation. This surgery is pretty common in Brazil but not so much in the United States. One issue is that Americans tend to view it in a negative light, by and large because the only time the press reports on this type of surgery is when it has ended in a malpractice suit or other big issue.

Dr. Mark Mofid is doing his part to change this perception because he says that otherwise a lot of women would really like to get this type of surgery. This is especially true for women who have had children and had their bodies permanently changed as a result. He says there are two main issues. One, some unscrupulous plastic surgeons will install bigger implants than our safe which is something he would never do. Safety has to always be the main concern with patients, he says, and two it ruins the image of this form of surgery and impugns on the reputation of the industry overall.

Second, he says the old-style implants just aren’t that good. Dr. Mark Mofid said that whoever designed them didn’t go a very good job because they are very prone to slipping out of the muscles they were placed in. This ends up giving women who have had this procedure done a sagging look in the posteriors which is pretty unattractive.

To solve this, Dr. Mark Mofid poured in hours of research coming up with something better. He did so and his implant is now being used by many others in the industry. His implant is safe, effective, and stays right where it is put.

Dr. Mark Mofid practices in La Jolla, California. He has patients coming to him from across San Diego County. All of his patients come from word of mouth of prior patients because he doesn’t do any advertising. He says he would rather let his results speak for themselves than put ads on tv, radio, magazines, and the sort.

How Dr. Mark Mofid Is Making His Mark On Plastic Surgery

Mark Mofid, M.D., F.A.C.S., of La Jolla, California, is known for being innovative. He always wants to come up with better and safer ways of performing plastic surgeries. He says that beyond performing these types of surgeries, as well as reconstructive surgeries, he spends his time performing a lot of research to come up with new solutions, such as designing new implants to replace older designs that he doesn’t like.

Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the foremost authorities in America when it comes to performing gluteal augmentation on women. He says that this type of surgery has a long history going back to 1984. This type of surgery is safely performed more than 20,000 times a year in Brazil but he says in the US about the only time it gets reported on it is because something went wrong which means there are only 1,000 procedures like this done in here.

He is trying to change this perception of gluteal augmentation in the United States, both with his peers and the general public. One way he has done so is by creating a new implant which is safer and much more effective than the older design. As other plastic surgeons have learned about his design they, too, are now using his implants.

There are a few problems with the old design, he says. First, they are too high profile and so don’t really look natural. Second, they just don’t work with the actual human body and the muscles in that area. Because of this, they will get out of place over time and the result is a sagging butt.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s design, though, does work with the muscles so it stays exactly where it is placed. Also, it features a lower profile which is more visually pleasing. It is also a very safe implant because that is always his number one priority in whatever procedure he does. Dr. Mark Mofid is always innovating and there will likely be more new designs in the plastic surgery industry in the future due to his excellent research.

Lime Crime Goes to The Dark Side

Doe Deere and Lime Crime have done it again! The company, famous for its bright hair color known as “Unicorn Hair”, has added four more shades to its hair dye collection. The four new colors are just as vibrant, but have ventured over to the dark side. “Chestnut” is a deep maroon color, a few shades darker than “Chocolate Cherry” which has already been a part of the collection for quite some time. “Squid” is a dark purple and “Charcoal” is what some might call a “dusty grey”. Last but not least, “Sea Witch” which is a deep, rich green, completes the new set of dark colors. All four of the new shades are semi-permanent and offer full-coverage. This means they are ideal for all hair colors, even brunettes, with bleached or unbleached hair. What’s even better, is that each of the Unicorn Hair colors can be purchased for less than $20. The site also offers hair color “packettes” so that you can test colors before purchasing a full bottle or can mix it up and make your hair one beautiful unicorn rainbow.

Like the rest of the Unicorn Hair collection, and all of the products Lime Crime offers, the four new colors are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Some of the other products Lime Crime sells are “Hi-Lite” highlighter, eyeshadow, lipstick and nails. You can browse through the company’s website or scope out all of its products on its various forms of social media (Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, snapchat etc). Whatever your ideal look is, you will find everything you need to complete it with Lime Crime, and it won’t break the bank.