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Slyce: Visual Based Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has made life easier especially when interacting with machines thanks to tech leaders like Yann LeCun, Andrew Ng, and Geoffrey Hinton. To date, no company has come up with an event that marks the big arrival of AI as it has always been with us. We interact with it every day in applications like the Google’s autocomplete, Apples Siri application and Facebook friend tagging ability without being aware. Companies too have taken the advantage of the presence of AI for the past 5-10 years. Shopping applications like the Amazon in US and other online stores are examples of such.

Shoppers have the control on what to buy, where to buy and the price they want to buy at. In the online stores, however, they are presented many products from all over the world. To find the right item, the user has to know the right keywords to input to get the appropriate clothes for instance in an online fashion store. People also follow suggestions according to AI in that if they find friends online who have acquired a similar item are more likely to buy the same thing. Shopping online for fashion requires one to engage their visual ability and appreciate what’s available. Friends suggestions or the ability to search a picture that one saw somewhere makes it easier for other fashion shoppers too as they can now pick what they want with ease.

The ability to search image recognition online has been around for about ten years. The image based AI has been used by companies like Cortexica, Slyce, CamFind and many others to aid in the visual search. A fashion enthusiast can now choose from a number of recommendations for patterns, size, fit, style and many others with the results being relayed in real time. Visual applications like Slyce will offer perfect solutions to online shoppers and retailers too. The platform is available for both mobile and desktop. The recognition is possible through referencing existing images of a product or by uploading a new picture to find similar ones.

Slyce also makes it possible to recover lost revenue with the Slyce Link. When shopping also there is the out of stock solutions for both devices and shoppers can also abandon their carts after shopping. The application also integrates a image recognition powered savings application called the Scout. The application will not only make it easy to shop for consumers but will also empower them to search everything they want based on what they have seen and touched. It only offers the perfect visual search solution.