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ClassDojo on the Move to Monetize the App

ClassDojo, a startup company that offers an application where students and educators can commune and expand their knowledge base, mentioned that they are planning to create premium features after the app’s widespread success.

Based on research, ClassDojo has already reached millions of educational institutions in the United States, and approximately 66 percent of these schools have more than a single teacher that integrates the application to their teaching practice.

How did the app rise to fame?

The primary thing that jumpstarted the startup’s prominence is the fact that the students who also utilize the service are allowed to receive prizes from their tutors each time they do a great job. Although this reward system is not too different from how the former gets stickers from the latter at the end of the classes, there were a few organizations that opposed the notion. Instead of being negatively affected by the criticisms, however, the partners behind the company decided to work harder to provide a newer and more efficient way of communication between all parties involved.

According to Diane Rhodes, an educator in Tiburon, California’s Bel Aire School who has been accessing the app for three years in a row, ClassDojo made it effortless for them to communicate not only with the children but also with the parents who naturally wish to check up on their kids often. Through this new application, Rhodes was able to capture photos of the students as they perform various tasks at school, and then post them real-time for the concerned mothers and fathers to see.

How is the appearance of the application?

If simply speaking of the design of ClassDojo, it is easy to deduce that it looks like the Facebook platform but with darker purple color. Apart from the teachers being permitted to publish images in public, the parents are also capable of liking them and posting comments on every photo. The company even increased their services by developing Snapchat’s Students Stories that lets the children post pictures on their own as well.

Nevertheless, the goals that ClassDojo wish to fulfill are comparable to that of Slack, for the reason that the teachers can avail the application without having to ask the system first.

About ClassDojo

Founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo is an online space that assists educators in making learning more interesting to the students by creating a digital classroom wherein they can share everything.


Talk Fusion Is Enjoying Great Success

Talk Fusion is a video chat company that is becoming one of the top communication programs in the country and across the world. It is currently the number one communication app in Indonesia, and it also ranks number 20 in Switzerland and number 5 in Japan. Video chat is compatible with just about any smart device including tablets. Its high-tech platform made it more intelligent application to use and became immediately successful. It has HD quality, and you could communicate all over the world. Talk Fusion is expecting continued growth and is about to launch a 30-day free trial and internationally. There’s been so much interest in this company that its web ranking has increased 30000 positions. With so many options and points of interest, people are very excited about Talk Fusion.

Vice president of training and development Allison Roberts believe that free trials will have a great impact on the market. They intend to launch free trials of all of their products to the world. The video chat app is free with Google Play stores and iTunes. Those wishing to sign up for the 30-day free trial will have the option to sign up through the Sales and Associates personalized site or directly from talk All this is available, and no credit card is required at the time of sign up.

Talk Fusion is dedicated to helping grow the business through proprietary patent-pending video technology. Talk Fusion products are marketed by the independent associate in over 140 countries. The company was established in 2007 by founder Bob Reno. Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association and holds itself to the highest ethical standards.


Handy Helps Me Clean Hard-To-Reach Those Spots

The spring season is a time where I clean my entire home from top to bottom. I am not a neat freak by any means, but I like to roll up my sleeves and really do a good job on my spring cleaning. I start by taking care of the usual tasks around the house, such as scrubbing the tub and sweeping the porch. I cannot reach high areas such as the ceiling fans and top of my kitchen cabinets, and it is not easy to climb up a ladder and clean when you have a fear of heights. I do not want to just leave dust on those areas all year round, so this is the time I call in some backup during my spring cleaning session.

I only call in a professional cleaning service when it is a big occasion, such as spring cleaning or a special event. I always use Handy to hire a professional cleaner for my home. Handy runs a background check to ensure all cleaners are experienced, reliable and insured. When I first moved into my house, I used Handy to hire a professional mover and interior painter. The other services include furniture assembly, installing light fixtures and plumbing.

It only takes a minute to book an appointment using Handy. I have the application downloaded to my iPhone so I can book my appointment when I am not home. I can also use the application to access my payments and manage by bookings. The first thing I do is select the date and time of my cleaning session. I usually schedule the appointment for three days later so I have enough time to prepare my home. Handy confirms the appointment and takes care of the payment, and I just have to wait for the cleaner to show up on the day of the cleaning session.

It is easy, quick and safe to book a professional cleaner using Handy. I have never had a problem with any cleaner I have booked using this company. My older sister suggested Handy to me when I first moved into my home, and I usually suggest it to anyone who needs to hire a professional cleaner for their own home.

What Makes Talk Fusion the Best Communication App

Talk Fusion Video Chat has grown to become the number one communication program in the world despite having been launched only some few weeks ago. The AppBrain, which is Android Discovery tool, reported that the Video Chat is ranked as the best communication app in Indonesia, ranked fifth in Japan and twentieth in Switzerland. For just 90 days, the traffic data has increased tremendously and as a result, the web ranking of the company has improved by 30,000 positions.

There are many programs which have been in existence for years but none has had the success achieved by Talk Fusion Video Chat App in that short span of time. The product in undisputedly the smartest, fastest and the most compatible with every other device including Apple, Mac, Android, tablet and PC.

There are many plans to make the app better and to create a better user experience. This is why the company is planning to come up with 30 day Free Trial. There is so much hype in the whole world ahead of the launch of the Free Trial. People cannot wait to use the new and perfected products from the company. The overall success of the company is set to be more when free trials for all its products are launched. The probability of everyone in the world getting to know Talk Fusion will be very high.

Talk Fusion Video Chat app can be installed for free from the Google Play Store and iTunes. Once the Free Trial program is launched, users will be able to sign up for it through personalized join site for an associate or form Talk Fusion’s Website. After this, they will be able to access all the products of the company for 30 days with requirements such as the credit card.

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a leading company in the world that provides for innovative video marketing solutions. The company was started in 2007 by Bob Reina who is also the CEO. Its headquarters are in Brandon, Florida.

Talk Fusion aims to enable businesses expand their operations and ultimately increase their revenues. In providing the services, it strictly follows the highest business ethics and best practices. Reina believes that success cannot come where there is no responsibility.

Originally reported in Business For Home.

Handy Fills Home Help Needs

Problems in a home sometimes appear without warning. A leak in the plumbing line could drip into the ceiling. The drywall sags until it collapses. Three problems exist. The drywall has to be fixed. The carpet has to be cleaned. The plumbing leak must be fixed. No one has to panic about a situation such as this. A few clicks on an app could lead to several solid freelancers – a carpet cleaner, a home improvement contractor, and a plumber – heading to the house without delay. The great app and company Handy is to thanks for making things so easy.

Handy’s co-founder Oisin Hanrahan deserves a lot of the thanks as well. An interview in The Next Web reveals he learned very early in his previous career in real estate that people do not always know how to handle crisis situations. Even basic repair and cleaning tasks may be overwhelming to them.

“Why don’t people just pick up the phone and call a repair person?”

This is a question some will pose. The answer is people do call companies based on phone book and website ads. The trouble is they do not know what they are getting. With Handy, a rigorous screen process helps ensure only the best freelancers are affiliated with the company. Hanrahan is quick to stress the extensiveness of the screening process.

The ease of booking and rendering payment for services definitely is appealing to customers. A lot of time spent on the phone is eliminated. So is haggling over prices and costs. Search, click, and pay right on a smartphone. The ease of these steps helps drive Handy’s appeal in the market. Handy has outlasted competitors, operates in numerous cities in the United States, and is valued at around $500 million. Handy is making a lot of right moves.

Why Talk Fusion Has Risen to Number 1

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 when Bob Reina wanted to send a five second video via email. America Online laughed at him. However, he proved them wrong when he founded Talk Fusion.

In 2016, Talk Fusion still has its merits and uses. It has climbed to be the number one used video emailing service. In India, Talk Fusion’s app VideoChat is the number one most downloaded app. It’s number five in Japan and 20 in Switzerland, according to an article published on Business for Home.

However, the app alone isn’t the only thing that has propelled Talk Fusion to its spot among the best of the best. The company is talking about releasing a 30 day free trial of the service. This trial wouldn’t be a limited use trial – where only a few options are available. The trial would allow any user to access all of the features available with a paid subscription.

Another reason that Talk Fusion stands apart from the rest of the video marketing companies is the ease of use. All the user needs is a webcam and a laptop or desktop with internet access. Then, they can pick from over 1,000 template videos. The next step is to record their video, and then upload it to the servers. From there, all the user has to do is embed the video into the email.

The fact that the video is embedded right into the email is another reason that Talk Fusion is so popular. Unlike other videos, the videos made with Talk Fusion will not need a link to get to. Other emails may have links embedded in the text, which take the recipients to a new site.

Other reasons for such popularity is that users can access lists of who sees and who opens the emails. Recipients of traditional email marketing may not read the entire email; who would want to read all that text, especially on the phone?

With all of these features available to their users, it’s no surprise that Talk Fusion is so popular in today’s marketing world.

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Handy Keeps the Customers Coming Back for More

The sure sign of a good business is repeat business. Customers that come back for more are officially giving their seal of approval. This is what Handy founder Oisin Hanrahan wants to see every time that a customer books service. He wants the customer to be satisfied, and he wants the customer to book more cleanings again. It is also good when customers make recommendations.

Handy has really become the company that represents the on-demand services better than any of the others. There are maid services in many local cities, but Handy Cleaning Services is taking things a couple of steps further. This is a company that has managed to provide things like cleaning services, painting, TV mounting and a plumbing services. This is an all-inclusive type of company that is totally changing the way that homeowners acquire repairs and cleaning in the home environment.

Handy keeps a lot of contractors in place in a lot of different areas. This is what makes the company so successful. There may not be a lot of people that can do this on a full time basis, but tons of people are willing to provide some part time services. It can be great supplemental income for people that may only desire to working weekends or evenings.

The 10,000 contractors that are assigned to these different jobs have made it easy for lots of people to book services and get their issues resolved quickly. That makes Handy one of the top companies for cleaning and repairs. Customers don’t like to wait for these services. When people need plumbing or electric work it is usually an emergency. Oisin Hanrahan understands this. He knows that he could lose customers if he doesn’t have staff in place. That is why he continues to recruit qualified workers.

The Handy Cleaning Solution

Handy Cleaning is makes life a lot easier, and I am all for this. I have never been a fan of cleaning my house. I just don’t like cleaning toilets, scrubbing bathtubs and washing dishes. I hate to mop and I cannot imagine spending any amount of time washing dishes. That is why I thank God for someone that had the insight to bring this company into existence.

The great thing about this organization is that there is workers in place that can do it all. I know that this company has workers in about 35 locations – according to the Handy Cleaning Services website – but I believe that this company will grow. It is inevitable that the company will expand into other areas because there is so much praise for the work that the Handy workers do.

I like the fact that this company does a background check on the employees. This makes me feel a lot safer with the people that come to do the work. I like having the opportunity to maximize my time because I can get the contractors out to do the work for me.

It is good to have a company to take care of the things that you don’t want to do yourself. I didn’t think that I could afford a company like Handy Cleaning Services, but the company is actually quite reasonable. I would say that this is among the best in the industry when it comes to getting quality workers that perform jobs at a reasonable price. I don’t know if there are any other companies that provide the number of different services that Handy Cleaning Services provides, but it doesn’t matter. I am loyal to this company now because I have had multiple experiences with the workers, and it has all been pleasant.

My friends have even started using Handy Cleaning Services as a result of my recommendations. They have thanked me for the recommendations because these workers do such excellent work. I clean sometimes myself, but most of my thorough cleaning is done by contracted workers from Handy.

Video Communication From Talk Fusion Is Incredible

It should come as no surprise to anyone that with the evolution of technology comes the ease of communication. It is necessary for companies to engage in video communication in order to form profitable relationships within their company and with other companies. There are a variety of services out there for video communication needs, so it is easy to find something that suits the scale of your company. However, in order to get the most out of your company’s relationships, and in order to capitalize off of all the ideas that float around within and outside of your company, you will want to invest in professional video communication services.

Trusting Professionals To Serve Your Video Communication Needs

There is only one company that I will trust with my video communication needs. That company is Talk Fusion. They have the most innovative and creative platform. Their platform satisfies all of my company’s video communication needs. They are always updating their services to include new and exciting features. The quality of their video and audio communications are well above what I expected to see from their services. This professional video communication platform is light years ahead of all the rest of the video communication services out there. Those other companies are pretending to offer what Talk Fusion can actually give to its clients.

My company makes use of a variety of Talk Fusion’s services. We use the video chat for talking within our company. It saves us time when getting together meetings with members of our company from opposite sides of the city. We are also able to talk with one another when we are traveling abroad, which is quite frequently. Talk Fusion always has a new service that is there to meet our needs. We have used the video newsletters to send out exciting new ideas to our clients, and we use them to share ideas within our company as well. I am incredibly pleased with what we have seen so far. In terms of connectivity, Talk Fusion is the best in the business, and they keep getting better.

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Handy Is A Great Home Service Company That’s International

Handy is an international cleaning service that is located in England, Canada, and the United States. Although Handy is expanding all the time, major cities are able to take advantage of Handy services, and the services include more than just home cleaning services. Although many would like their homes clean, Handy prides themselves on the fact that they have other services available as well. Where many cleaning companies will only have cleaning services, Handy has plumbing, electrical work, furniture assembly, moving services, painting, and a lot more. There is virtually no home service that isn’t covered by Handy, which is why they are so popular.

Handy has been talked about in several venues, including the New York Times as well as on CNBC. Handy has made it easy for any customer to sign up for services as long as they reside in one of the cities that Handy covers. Anyone signing up for an account can do it online on Handy’s website, and it’s even better now because Handy has created an application for those who want any services. Those who have an iPhone can download Handy’s application, and they can set up cleaning services or other services that Handy offers.

Handy has made it very easy to create an account, and after the account is created, then getting an appointment is even easier. Many may have a long wait when it comes to getting services from other cleaning companies, but Handy is different. Handy has enough workers, so any person can get an appointment within a day, so they don’t have to wait if they have an emergency and need cleaning services. Even if plumbing services are needed, the person can possibly get a plumber out the next day, which can be lifesaving to those who have a plumbing disaster.

Although many turn to Handy for cleaning services, all the other services that Handy provides have become very popular, especially the assembly services, which allows workers to go out to a home to assemble furniture or even to install a television onto a TV mount. Many are finding a lot of use for Handy services, and their prices are more than reasonable, especially seeing that each worker is background checked, professional, and insured. Those who need any type of service in their home should first go to Handy because Handy is customer oriented and very reliable.

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