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ClassDojo Bringing Students To A New Level

ClassDojo is a unique app that is going to change the way students are taught in classrooms all across the nation. Thousands have already been using this app, and the results have been nothing short of fantastic. The way the app works is very simple, and it’s great for connecting everybody in class.

Teachers have the ability to give kids any form of appreciation and encouragement through the app. For example, when they decide to do something out of their comfort zone in class for the first time, the teacher can give their kid on their portfolio a virtual high five or any other online sticker to show a sense of connection. It’s a great way to bring people together.

ClassDojo gives teachers the chance to capture moments for the child. Things like video of their speech or even a photo of their latest project can be captured using the app and sent directly to the parents via their child’s online portfolio. It’s such a wonderful way to keep parents in the know of where their child is at the moment and what they are going to accomplish one day. ClassDojo is such a great app that is going to help numerous school districts and communities come together like never before to bring students to a new level.

The truth is that parents don’t want to be left out. They want to feel and be included with their child’s future progress, but there is usually no other ways to bring them in unless they volunteer. Through this app, parents can find out how their child is seeing the progress take place. ClassDojo is changing the way schools are working, and they are efficiently finding new ways to get more schools interested on using this to help create a better future generation in education.