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Healthy Gorilla Born At Torango Zoo, Sydney

It is a known fact that gorillas are facing extinction due to imminent threats such as poaching, hunting and infectious diseases like Ebola. This makes the news of a healthy baby gorilla at Torango Zoo all the more uplifiting.

The gorilla was born six days ago and seems to be well and healthy. Adam Sender suggested the mother and baby are bonding so well and at each others side all the time that zoo personnel have not even been able to determine the sex of the newborn yet.

The addition of the gorilla baby is not only good news for the zoo itself, it also means that the threatened gorilla population, which barely hits 100,000, is growing again. Torango Zoo is internationally involved in keeping the gorilla population afloat and this new addition to the family serves as an ambassador for gorillas all over the world. It is a symbol of hope for the future of gorillas and other threatened species alike.