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Michael Zomber on Upcoming Arms Auctions

Michael Zomber says that spring is an exciting time for those who like to go to antique arm sales. In March, the exciting Julia’s sale in Fairfield, Maine, saw several arms sell for above their estimated worth. Therefore, he urges people to study what the arms that they are interested in buying will be worth before attending these events. He has spent over 40 years studying arms and says that each has its own story to tell. He encourages collectors to trace the history of a piece as much as possible so that they learn the story behind the arm.

He also realizes that collecting antique arms is not popular with everyone. He is an active supporter of several organizations that help victims of war including the Disabled American Veterans and Doctors Without Borders. He believes that it should be up to the individual to collect the items that interest them the most.

The next arms auction that should hold interest to collectors will occur on March 26, according to an article in Arms and Armour Auction. Czerny’s Important Militaria and Fine Antique Arms and Armour auction will occur on March 26. Michael is particularly anxious to see what the rifle manufactured by master French gunsmith and director of the Versailles rifle manufactory Nicholas Boutet will bring. This rifle was manufactured about 1800 and is one of the finest examples to come to auction in recent years. This auction will take place in Sarzana, Italy.

On April 8, collectors in the United States will want to be present for the Eldred’s Americana and Arms Auction in East Dennis, Massachusetts. This sale will feature a London LeMat that was used by Confederate forces during the Civil War. Recently at Julia’s one of these revolvers sold for over $240,000.

If you are interested in having your antique gun appraised or learning more about collecting, then Michael Zomber of PRWeb would love to hear from you.