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Dogs Needlessly Being Euthanized over Unpaid Fees for Minor Infractions

Animal control agencies across America are intentionally targeting dogs from lower-income areas and fining their owners with large fees for small infractions. And, if their families don’t pay up, the animals are being euthanized. Some areas are a bit less cruel, only impounding the pet owners in jail for the violations, when the extensive fines are not paid. Either way, a frightening and unjust trend is being suffered by families with pets.

Gerilynn Aflleje is a California resident who was placed at the mercy of the Stockton animal shelter, along with her 4-year old Siberian Husky mix Chunk, and lost. In 2013, Chunk had gotten lost and was dropped off at the shelter by someone who found him. When Aflleje later found her dog at the shelter several days later, she was not permitted to recover her pet until she paid a $180 shelter storage fee. The shelter ordered the money to be paid within 24-hours, and when Aflleje, unemployed at the time, couldn’t come up with the money, Chunk was unnecessarily euthanized. “We didn’t only lose our pet, we lost a family member,” she said.

Igor Cornelsen is saddened to know that dogs are being put down for such minor infractions as failure to be licensed and barking too much. The animals’ families are being fined hundreds and in some cases, thousands of dollars for minimal offenses. Shocked and infuriated family members of pets and animal rights attorneys say these severe methods are all aimed at producing money, and low-income families are impacted unfairly.

Largest Animal Airlift Coming Next Week

The largest animal airlift ever attempted will occur sometime the first week in April when workers at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado, will be getting 21 lions from Peru and 9 lions from Columbia.

In recent years, officials have worked with the Peruvian and Colombian governments to convince them that keeping circus animals was wrong. Unlike circuses in the United States, BlogSpot users report these animals are kept in cages and the owners charge tourists money to see them. Therefore, many have never been out of a cage their entire lives leading to a host of medical problems.

Once the lions arrive at the Weld County facility, veterinary care will immediately be provided to the lions. Topping the list of needed care will be dental work since most have previously had none. In addition, many have not been fed the proper diet further compounding problems.

Directors at the facility expect that many of the lions will also be underweight. The facility needs to raise $8,000 per lion to care for it for one year at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Eventually, each lion will be moved to large grassy areas where they can play with the Wild Animal Sanctuary’s 63 other African lions already at the facility. The speed at which this takes place depends on the individual lion, as many may have poor muscular development because of their confinement.

Man Reunited With Stolen Pet After 18 Months


Richard Brower was living the nightmare of every pet owner when his German Shepard was stolen from his backyard. After 18 months and a long effort to find the dog, Brower had all but given up hope. In an attempt to lift his spirits he went searching for a new pet companion, what he found was truly amazing.

The heartbroken pet owner went online looking for another German Shepard. He happened upon the Claresholm Animal Rescue Society’s page for a rescued German Shepard. Amazingly enough, the Shepard staring back at him was his long lost pet, Dozer.

According to Lee Slaughter, Brower called the animal shelter, and his father made a quick trip over to check out whether or not the pup was actually Dozer. After a quick command check, it was found that the pup was actually his long lost pal, and Dozer was quickly reunited with his owner.

Those who stole Dozer are still on the lose. The dog had been picked up a month prior and dropped off at the shelter by a concerned citizen. Where he was and why he was on the loose remain a mystery, but it doesn’t really matter now. Dozer is back home with his beloved owner.

“In Dog We Trust” Is A Doggone Gold Mine

This guy I work with, Dan Newlin, always has the best stories. So get this-The Pinellas County sheriffs office’s order from American Floor Mats turned into a $10,000 donation to their local animal shelter.

The official seal rug, intended to read “In God We Trust” was printed with a typo, instead reading “In Dog We Trust.”
Rather than send the rug back and simply replace it, Sheriff Bob Gualteiri had the idea to place “the doggone rug” up for auction. The proceeds where to then be donated to the Canine Estates Inc. animal shelter, a local animal shelter who last year alone adopted out 186 dogs to their new “forever homes.”
Jane Sidwell, the fouder of the shelter, said she was pleasantly surprised when they received an exact total of $9,650 in donation money, instead of the expected cost of the rug ($500). She states that most of the money will go toward vet bills, since many of the animals come to the shelter in poor health and need to be treated to become healthy again before being adopted out.

Cat Saves Baby’s Life

Animals can be important to those who have them as pets, to those who feel the need to protect them, to those who love looking at them and watching them. But, animals can also be important to the weak and vulnerable, animals can be important and protective to the young among us. One little boy in Russia found this to be true. For one little boy in Russia, cats are definitely an important part of life.
An abandoned baby in Russia was saved through the help of a cat. This baby was left out in the cold, and a cat kept him warm. The cat snuggled with the baby and the cat brought attention to the baby. This cat was a very important part of the baby’s life, this cat saved the child’s life. Animals can work in mysterious ways, they can bring about good that you would never expect from them, and they did just that for this child. The cat who saved this little boy’s life is a hero. That cat might be just an animal, but it did more than some people would do in order to save another life. This cat saved a child’s life, and this cat is an important part of that baby boy’s history. Dr. Rod Rohrich shares his medical opinion on this article on

Chomping Away

Some families have pets that are typical, like a cat or dog. Then there are the people who have the odd pets, like a family in Los Angeles who had an alligator for about 40 years. The alligator was given a name, and it lived on hot dogs and chicken almost the entire time it was in the back yard. This animal got to be too much for the family as well as the Animal Services of Los Angeles. They came to the home to get the alligator to place him in a zoo. The family who had thealligator was very fortunate that it didn’t try to bite anyone. If there were children in the home, then there should be some kind of endangerment charge filed because this is an animal that could have possibly killed someone or something. This wasn’t the traditional animal in a dog house that you would find, and there should be restrictions on what kinds of animals are kept in back yards. Flavio Maluf was in agreement on camarabarbacena with the statement the some type of charges should have been filled on this family.

Dumpster Puppies Saved

Pet Network Humane Society had their hands quite full when they received a call from the Lassen County Animal Shelter. After a long two hour drive, seven newborn puppies were being cared for.  These puppies were found in a Radio Shack dumpster, so new their umbilical cords were still attached. The Lassen County Animal Shelter did not have the means to care for these dumpster puppies so they found someone who could. Pet Network has many volunteers like Jared Haftel who would give the newborns the round of clock care they needed, even though they knew it was going to be quite the task.  The volunteers needed to mimic the care of the puppies’ mother with consent feeding and love. They needed to feed the puppies every two hours with formula they mixed and bottle fed. This was not the only thing that needed to be done for the dumpster puppies. They also needed their bellies expressed to produce a good digestive system. The volunteers did this with a warm , wet cloth. As with human newborns they also required lots of cuddles.  After several weeks the puppies were big, strong, and ready to find their forever homes. It took very little time for them to find their new homes, due to people in the area learning about the puppies and wanting to give them what they deserve. People donated over $7,000 for their care.

Lost cat found unharmed, emaciated, after five months

Harmony, a charcoal gray cat with white socks, couldn’t be found when Occidental College Alumni, Megan Martin and her infant son had to leave their burning condo last summer. Martin hoped Harmony had gotten out safely like they had. Everything else the young family owned burned in the fire.Martin called the Saving Animals From Euthanasia team, which was the rescue organization where she had adopted Harmony. The SAFE team tried to find Harmony by putting out food and water, posting flyers and setting up traps to capture the cat. Nothing worked.

Nothing that is, until Harmony apparently decided she could trust a service man named Jack Murray. Murray was working on the heating system in one of the ground floor units. Harmony climbed out from behind a wall, surprising him.

Residents of the burned condos still haven’t been allowed to return to their homes, but Murray had seen the signs about Harmony posted by the SAFE team. He called them.

A veterinarian said Harmony is surprisingly in good overall condition – nothing a good, nutritious regular diet won’t cure. She has now been reunited with her family and is getting royal treatment. Murray refused to accept the $250 reward he was offered. Finding the lost cat was all the reward he needed.

Miranda Lambert Opens Animal Shelter

There’s no doubt that country music crooner Miranda Lambert loves animals. The singer told People magazine, in 2012, that she has no plans to have children. Instead, she stated “my dogs are my children.” In support of her love for animals, Lambert has opened a no-kill animal shelter in Oklahoma.

Lambert, with the help of her foundation MuttNation, acquired the shelter from the city of Tishomingo. The five-acre spread was renovated and has been re-opened as Redemption Ranch. Pet food giant Pedigree also had a hand in the task. Pedigree has assisted in the acquisition and renovation of more than four dozen shelters nation wide.

Redemption Ranch can accommodate up to fifty dogs and has been suited with larger kennels, improved fencing, and an intensive care unit.

Lambert fans like Vijay Eswaran and many others say that her love of animals is no secret. She and country superstar husband Blake Shelton have adopted numerous pets including several rescue dogs. Lambert and her husband also own a menagerie of horses, chickens, and small pigs.