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From The UK to New York: Activist Keith Mann Demands Rights for All Animals

Despite the increase in civility in modern society, not all of that kindness has been shown to the animals sharing the planet with humans. Too often helpless animals are the brunt of abuse, medical testing and horrific conditions when they are being raised for the food industry. This type of treatment has led to the development of animal activist groups who continue to fight for fairness for all animals around the world.

Not all activists are the same on Some focus their attention on domestic pets and work to prevent overpopulation and cruelty within the industry. Others refuse to stop their actions until humans cease to use animals for any purpose in their lives. This includes for food, as a mode of transportation or for any research purposes.

Most activists work quietly in the background, initiating petitions, offering financial support and educating those in their communities about the value of every life. Others are more vocal and visible in their fight. This includes activists like Keith Mann.

Mann is a British citizen who began his activism after a stint working at a dairy farm while attending school. In 1982 he became familiar with a local group who were passing out leaflets about their organization. After reading the information they were distributing he immediately began to free captive animals he felt were not being treated properly, rehoming them in better environments.

HIS career has continued as he has expanded into writing as well as developing a criminal record. In the past he may or may not have set fire to vehicles delivering meat products, a crime that he served jail time over. He has also admitted to freeing laboratory mice and threatening airport executives to prevent the transport of animals into the UK for future research purposes. Most recently he and his supporters have begun to focus their attention on the carriage horses working in Central Park in New York City. The argument of tradition has little weight with these activists and it is doubtful they will relent until they get the results they are looking for.

How Beneful Can Help Enhance Your Dog’s Life

Our dogs are our friends, companions and protectors. We love our dogs and want them to live long, happy lives. Beneful ensures that they are well cared for and stay healthy are the two primary responsibilities that all dog owners have.

In caring for your pet there are many things that need to be considered. Among them are whether or not to have regular check ups with a vet, which vet to choose, and maintaining a healthy weight for your pet. Other considerations include which food or foods to feed the dog, as well as grooming and dental care.

When considering a food choice for your dog it is wise to know what the ingredients of the food are. One will want to pick a food that has natural ingredients that include grains, meats and dairy. One such food is Beneful.

The Purina line of dog foods that includes Beneful are made from all natural ingredients. They use lean meats and cheeses as well as whole grains to offer the widest possible selection of both dry and wet food options. Beneful also offers options for puppies, older dogs, and dogs that need to lose or maintain their weight.

Helping your dog to be healthy also includes helping them to keep an active lifestyle. Be sure that the dog has plenty of room to run and romp around. This will aid the dog in maintaining not only a healthy weight, but also a healthy heart. This will help your beloved pet to live a long, happy life.

Dental issues should also be paid careful attention to. If your dog’s teeth begin to offer them issues, make sure that a vet checks this out to deal with them. In the meantime, be sure that the dog has plenty of crunchy food, which will help to remove some of the plaque and tartar on the dog’s teeth.

Another way to maintain dental health in the dog is to offer a number of chew toys and treats that will help remove plaque and keep the dog’s teeth clean. Beneful foods are available in both crunchy and soft foods that your dog will love and will not build up on teeth and gums.

If the dog’s teeth are not kept in good condition, then digestive health may also falter. Keeping the digestive tract working and in good order also entails picking a food that is not high in artificial ingredients and is easy to digest. Beneful offers not only all natural ingredients, but also has foods that can help promote a healthy digestive tract.

Keeping your furry friends happy and healthy may sometimes seem like an enormous task. It is well worth the effort to help your dog live a longer, happier life. Simple things like good food, plenty of area to run and play, and your companionship truly do make a difference in the dog’s quality of life. Beneful can be a part of this goal in helping your dog to have the fullest life possible.

How to keep your Dog Healthy

They walk on four legs and have a thick coat of fur on them, but dogs are still a part of the family. Some dogs are treated better than their human counterparts! All of the love in the world, however, won’t keep your dog healthy. It isn’t difficult to keep your dog healthy, especially with the tips that Beneful we’re about to give to you!

The Veterinarian Visit

The number one way to keep your dog healthy is to take him or her to the veterinarian’s office on a regular basis. Twice yearly routine examinations will help him live a healthier, more fulfilled life. Vaccinations are also needed, and obviously you want to take your pet to the vet if there are any health concerns.

Time for Food!

The food that you select to feed to your dog is important. Beneful dog food is one that vets and pet owners across the country recommend feeding your four-legged friend. Beneful is made by Purina, a name that we all know and trust. Plus, Beneful is made with wholesome ingredients that will taste great to your pet. Feeding Beneful to your dog ensures that he is getting a balanced and nutritious meal.

Running, Walking & So Much More

Exercise is essential for your pet. Irregardless of the size or the breed, your pawed pet will very much enjoy the chance to be in the sunshine, enjoying time to run around and play. Ensure that each day your dog has the chance to go outdoors and get plenty of physical activity. Plan to allow your dog an hour per day to exercise, at a minimum. Aim for two hours, if at all possible.

A Beautiful Dog

Did you know that grooming is not only beneficial in that it keeps your dogs coat shiny and free of tangles, but also in means of helping out their health? Dogs who are brushed and well-groomed have fewer allergies and rashes, and for any pet owner this is fantastic news. Why not keep your favorite furry friend looking amazing and healthy?

The Signs

Oftentimes there are many warning signs that your dog will exhibit if something isn’t right. Pay close attention to your dog and heed these warning signs. Proper care quickly enhances the odds that your dog will survive any ordeal that might come his or her way.

Beneful a complete dog food

Your healthy dog deserves healthy dog food. That is what you feed him with Beneful. This blend of ingredients is balanced to ensure your four legged family member is well fed and taken care of. Your dog food choice has got it all. It is nutrition and taste great.

Ingredients include whole grains which provides the energy your pet needs to keep their family active. Real beef provides the protein needed for muscle development and recovery. The vegetables are enriched with vitamins for a healthy dose of antioxidants to boost a healthier immune system.

Like your other children your pet depends on you to provide food that is delicious. As the parent you know how important nutrition is. Your pet just knows that it taste good. This dog food changes with every growing phase of your dog. From puppy to adult dog this product has all you need for the nutritional health and growth of your dog.

All the healthy ingredients your animal needs for optimal health and it taste great too. Nutrition is important but taste is too. We want a product that our pets will enjoy while keeping them fit and active. For your love of your pet good nutrition is the foundation your dog’s food should stand on. Next is taste and with Beneful you get both. It is the dog food you have been searching for. You get a high quality affordable complete dog food that your dog loves and you love feeding it to him.

Beneful Dog Products

Beneful is a renowned brand that enjoys an array of dog food products. Beneful dog food is well researched before it is prepared and sold to the different pet owners. When preparing the dog food, health is given priority in terms of quality nutrition, appetizing taste and nourishing ingredients. Purina Company, manufacturer of Beneful dog foods, believes in the slogan of Healthful, Plentiful and Beneful.

Beneful food products include dry dog food, dog treats and wet dog food. Beneful and Petco works towards ensuring that every pet parent receives sufficient Beneful dog supplies. The dry dog food has an array of tastes like the Beneful healthy smile, Beneful healthy growth for the puppies, Beneful playful life and Beneful healthy radiance. The wet dog food has different sub-products that include chopped blends with chicken, chopped blends with salmon, beef stew and roasted chicken recipe. Dog snacks come in various flavors like stars with chicken cheese, snackers, hugs, heartfuls and healthy smile twists.

Quality of the Products
Beneful and Patco are quite cautious of the ingredients used in making of the dog products. Corn is highly used in making of the dog food because of its energy content and the nutritional value to dogs. Chicken by-products are also used in making of the Beneful dog foods. The quality and safety of Beneful dog products is a top priority for the quality control department. It is proper to note that Purina considers its quality assurance procedures as one of the strictest within the industry. The tracking system captures all the information of the various raw ingredients from when they are received in the plant through their processing to the finished products, and further on to the retail chains. Suppliers of the various ingredients must meet the set standards of ingredient specifications, manufacturing, sanitation and safety of the products. On-site quality assurance is undertaken in all Beneful dog-food manufacturing establishments to ensure food safety. With all these measures in place, quality of Beneful dog products is guaranteed. It is important to point out that Beneful dog food does not hold dangerous levels of lead, mycotoxins and arsenic. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves all Beneful dog products making them safe for consumption by the dogs.

Beneful dog products are well prepared and packaged to guarantee good health for the dogs. There are no harmful ingredients in the Beneful dog products. Quality assurances carried out in the different manufacturing centers serves to ensure the safety and quality of the Beneful dog foods.

Maryland Animal Lover Opens Senior Home and Hospice Care for Dogs

Some people like Eric Pulier really love pets, but many times these poor, helpless creatures become abandoned or neglected, particularly at the end of their lives when they need the most help. Sher Polvinale,a woman with over 30 years of experience in animal rescue, started House With a Heart in 2006 as a refuge for older dogs and dogs nearing the end of their life due to illness or old age. The shelter has become popular with area residents. See More Here.

They also offer short term care for owners who are going on vacation, although recently they have had to limit this as it was interfering with the need of some of the elderly dogs to have a calm, stable environment. The short-term care is one of the ways that the senior home and hospice care shelter stays open to it’s 30 long term residents.

House with a Heart is a non-profit shelter and relies on members of the community for funding. They also rely on help from volunteers who spend time feed, bathing, and otherwise taking care of the dogs that live at House with a Heart. The volunteers and money generated from donors is an important part of how House with a Heart Stays Open.

This unique shelter provides a much-needed refuge, and as this idea catches on, it may help to inspire animal lovers across the country and around the world to find a way to better care for older and sick dogs.

A Saint Bernard’s Nose Comes to the Rescue of a Family in Oklahoma

Dogs are awesome. Sorry cats but I just had to put that out there. That said, some do seem more awesome than others, and Saint Bernards are one of those breeds that seem to fall into this category. The stereotypical image of a Saint Bernard rescuing someone is when you are lost in the Swiss Alps and one of them approaches you with a tiny barrel of Brandy tied to his collar. Then he would lead you back to the ski lodge where gorgeous twenty-something models await your return with baited breath. Now, back to reality.

According to Handy, a family in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has a pet Saint Bernard named Doree. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her when she came to their bedside and woke them up with all her whining and carrying on. It turned out one of the burners on the stove had been left on all night and had filled the house up with gas and the dog could smell it way before the people could. They got out of the house fast, and fortunately no one caused a spark and their house is still intact. From what the heroic pooches owner told a reporter, Doree apparently dined on steak that night and a well deserved steak it was. The reputation of Saint Bernards as rescue dogs has been upheld by a true life saver in Oklahoma.

Animal Loving Woman Pays $1,000 to Save 100 Dogs From Being Slaughtered for Meat


The Yulin, China dog meat festival was held on June 20. However, this time it went down with a twist when 65-year-old Yang Xiaoyun, owner of an animal sanctuary (‘Common Home for All’), arrived and paid 7,000 yuan, or more than $1,000 to save 100 dogs from slaughter.

This drew in huge crowds as Xiaoyun announced upon her arrival at the market that she was there to buy 100 dogs.

While this is only a small dent in the about 10,000 dogs and cats that they slaughter during the festival that marks the summer solstice stated Save On Labs.

All of this is great news considering there’s an international outcry about this festival. Many have condemned it for its animal cruelty, leading international officials to call for its ban. Meanwhile, the 100 dogs will return to Xiaoyun’s current sanctuary as she works on plans to open a new one in the Yulin area.

Your Next Dinner Companion May Be Your Dog

If you’re a New York resident who hates looking into the big, sad eyes of your dog each time you have to leave them at home for a meal, you may be in luck.

According to a recent article posted on, New York legislators are starting to bend as it pertains to allowing dog-owners like Mikal Watts to bring their pets to open-air cafes and restaurants throughout the state of New York. After a nearly unanimous New York Assembly decision, (97-5) the only thing left is for the Governor to sign off on the bill.

Although I’m not a resident of New York, I plan to keep a close eye on the status of this particular bill. I believe that if New York does mandate this change, other states will follow closely behind. I’m definitely looking forward to that, because it’s going to be loads of fun to have dinner at a local eatery with my dog in tow!

Tuna Crabs Invade California’s Beaches

It seems like Mother Nature and the beaches are making news all around the country this week. On the east coast is shark attacks and on the west coast is crabs. Tons of crabs are washing up on the Orange County beaches in California. In the Dana Point area according to Sergio Cortes, thousands of orange tuna crabs can be seen. There are numerous pictures circling the internet showing off these little wonders. They look like a lobster or a crawfish, but they are called tuna, go figure!

They normally don’t come this far north. They are typically native to the Baja Peninsula. They only go up to the northern part because the water temperatures in California are unseasonably warmer than average. Several beaches reported seeing the crustaceans including San Clemente and Huntington Beach. They are only a maximum of three inches, but some are as small as an inch in diameter. Also in the area, there have been strange bluish jellyfish like creates all around. These are dubbed the “by the wind sailors” and have also been circling the internet. Add this so the tuna that are already in the area and it’s a regular visual wonderland out there.

Mother Nature is full of beautiful and yet fierce things. The best thing to do is take pictures and stay away. When you have crabs by the thousands invading a beach, someone is going to get bit for sure.