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The Importance of Legal Training

To find success in financial services, it takes training from many different areas. One of the most common backgrounds involves possessing a law degree, which can prove to be invaluable when dealing with complex regulatory and compliance issues, employment questions, and hedge fund formation. While there are many former lawyers in the industry, most experts agree that few possess the knowledge and abilities of Sam Tabar. Oxford-educated as well as a graduate of Columbia Law School, Sam has stood head and shoulders above the competition no matter where he has worked over the past decade.

Having such an extensive legal background, makes it obvious that Sam has often been put in charge of providing legal counsel on many important matters. Hedge fund formation, investment management, strategic marketing, client agreements, and more are just some of the areas Sam has specialized in over the years, and his expertise in these areas has been invaluable in helping clients realize tremendous success. In fact, one of his greatest achievements involved his work with PMA Investment Advisors. Working closely with top executives at the firm, Sam was put in charge of managing a hedge fund valued at over $2 billion. Not one to be intimidated by such a challenging task, Sam immediately went to work developing not only key strategic plans, but also networking with some of the world’s most affluent investors. Because of his efforts, PMA found itself positioned as one of the most successful financial firms in the world.

As his reputation grew, Sam found himself in demand by numerous firms needing assistance in global marketing and investor relations. Because of this, Sam began focusing more on institutional investors and the legalities concerning endowments, pensions, foundations, and more. Realizing this was a growing area of importance for many firms, Sam started developing strategies that would incorporate various aspects of global marketing and management initiatives. As he continued down this path, his list of potential investors grew. When he was finished, Sam had compiled a list of more than 2,000 investors with which he had worked.

Whether serving as legal counsel for a financial firm or as a client advisor specializing in hedge funds, frequent angel investor Sam has demonstrated time and time again an ability to achieve results that leave others in awe. Continuing to show what it takes to be an accomplished financial and legal professional, Sam is indeed a financial strategist poised for even more success.

Check Out The News From US Money Reserve

Getting To Know The Facts

Not everyone knows about US Money Reserve, but they are definitely impacted by their actions. In fact, US Money Reserve is statistically the biggest and most successful dealer and distributor of precious metals. The United States works with the US Money Reserve to release these metals. The metals are of silver, gold or platinum origin, and they are officially government issued coins. The reason why it is important to stay up to date on what the US Money Reserve does is because these professionals in currency evaluations make special announcements regarding what changes are expected to occur with the United States in terms of currency. In fact, the US Money Reserve actually employs a plethora of industry professionals, including over 100 people who specialize in currency evaluation.

Recent Changes In Currency Evaluation

The President of US Money Reserve actually appeared on CNBC. He took the time to make a special announcement on the show Squawkbox, in which he discussed the possible future of one of the United States’ pieces of currency. The piece of currency that may be discontinued is the penny. The President, Phillip Diehl, admitted that the penny is of low value in comparison to the actual cost incurred in the production of the coin. He even goes as far as to tell people that it isn’t worth their time to pick the coin up if they are to see one on the ground.

It was interesting to hear his reactions to other view points, also. The reaction that was most memorable was when he spoke to what Andrew Sorkin had to say about the removal of the penny. Andrew Sorkin tells people that removing the penny will cause some disruption of America’s financial system, including inflation and distorted prices. President Diehl’s stance on this is that there is no issue because of the influx of electronic transactions as of late. Lately, there have been upwards of 75 percent of the transactions in the US completed through electronic means.

President Diehl goes on to say that the business owners will likely react to the change by rounding their prices in favor of the consumer’s pocket to show a courtesy to their customers.

Kyle Bass and His Blunder of Bad Choices

Some call Kyle Bass a desperate gambler. It has been another month of low blows for the famous hedge-fund founder. Bass is the one who founded Hayman Capitol Management. The inception of the company was back in 2006, but he has since made his fortune and quite a few newspaper headlines too.

Time has sure not been kind to Kyle Bass. Some say that he has lost his magic touch. He’s always willing to go on TV and offer analysis that seems to serve his own bottom line. First it must be noted that he has made so many bad calls regarding his unsavory alliances. One such alliance is Argentinian Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Bass has praised her and supported her. However, most think she is the worst thing that could have ever happened to her country. Argentina defaulted on their sovereign debt for the second time. Actually, this has been the second time in 13 years. Many think there are unscrupulous deals going on behind closed doors and it’s an alliance to cover one another. Though his ties with Kirchner are scandalous, they are not his only questionable associations.

Bass has investments with GM that were going sour. Rather than try to fix it another way, he goes public and gets on national television saying that non-deployed airbags and faulty power steering were the cause of many fatalities. The auto company knew about these problems, but they didn’t act on them. They put the blame back on the owners saying that they were either inebriated or not wearing seatbelts.

We cannot forget his business ties with the American Sniper. Currently, his widow, Taya, it involved in a lawsuit that is accusing one of Bass’s subordinates of all sort of unethical behaviors. The association with Erich Spangenberg is also crooked. Together these two pick out specific pharmaceutical companies and then short sell their stocks. Using a front organization, they challenge either one or more patients. They call it the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Bass makes a few million because he causes the stocks to go down and he rushes in for a quick sale. The real problem is when they go back up. This causes the companies to lose funding for medical research. It can cause palpable harm to people who need these products for their suffering.

Some have wondered why Bass would want to risk the hedge-fund dynasty that he has created to be involved in such unsavory activities. Why would a man who has been on the top want to sink so low to cash in on things that are unprincipled? It’s apparent he has lost his fabled magic touch, but it seems things are worse than we ever could have dreamed.

Brazilian Ads Can Really Sell The Sizzle

Anyone that knows Brazil knows the Brazilian people are extremely creative. That’s why most big advertising companies have offices in Brazil. A good example of that creativity can be seen on the walls of buildings in the big cities. Brazil’s graffiti is expressive, emotional and bizarre all at the same time. Another example of that creativity is Carnival in Rio. Brazilians build massive floats all year long. Those floats represent life in Brazil in unique and wacky ways, and then they destroyed after Carnival is over. That kind of creativity is also very obvious in the advertising industry in Brazil.

The advertising business in Brazil is composed of a younger generation of ad people that use modern technology and tools to sell products to average Brazilians. One of the top advertising firms in the country, Heads knows how to attract buyers. The founder of Heads, Cláudio Loureiro, has been selling the sizzle in Brazil for more than 25 years. Mr. Loureiro represents some of the top businesses in Brazil, and there is a good reason. He not only sells the sizzle in his advertising campaigns he sells the steak too, and he sells it Brazilian style.

Brazilian style ads, like the ads Loureiro produces, exploit the holes in the market. They use a variety of tools to dig into the psyche of the Brazilian consumer and find the trigger that prompts them to act. Internet advertising has the ammunition to make an impression and so does “crackpot marketing” campaigns that a lot of big companies like Petrobras and Claro use under Heads direction.

Crackpot marketing could be a single giant march through the streets of Sao Paulo and other big cities, and it’s not uncommon to project videos on water. Sao Paulo banned outdoor media ads, so another crackpot marketing approach is to go around the city projecting billboard ads on walls. That is what the advertising business look like in Brazil. The ads look crazy, off-the-wall, and have a crackpot attitude about them, and the people of Brazil love them.

John Textor Continues to Redefine Corporate Leadership

John Textor has played a lot of roles such as CEO, Producer, Executive Producer and the list will continue to grow with the success that he continues have. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University where he earned his Bachelors of Arts in economics in 1987. Ten years in later, (1997) he co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings which is a private equity firm based that centers around entertainment, telecommunication and internet. He also served as Managing Partner for the firm.

He continued to move up the ladder and in 1999; he became director of The Parent Company and Baby Universes which has an online store that sells children’s products. He later became chairman in 2002 and moved up to chief executive officer (CEO) in 2005. Lydian Trust Company/Virtual is one of Textor’s greatest accomplishments because he became the founding director of this company.

In 2006, he worked as chairman and CEO of Digital Domain and Digital Domain Media Group which does visual effects for over 80 big feature films, in which 25 of them were under Textor’s leadership.
Some films under his leadership that he produced include: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Transformers, Tron: Legacy, Real Steel, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Textor has made several accomplishments within the film industry and has the lead Digital Domain to receive the Achievement in Visual Effects award in 2009 for creating the first digital human actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Textor currently is Chairman at Pulse Evolution Corporation which is a digital production that specializes in computer-generated human likeness.

The company emphasizes on visual effects with a focus on computer-generated imagery for Holographic Virtual performances, Family-focused Animation Feature Films and Live-action Feature Films to name a few.

Besides being a CEO, Textor was a producer and executive producer for movies such as Ender’s Game which is a science fiction fantasy film that was released in November 2013. He also has been involved in other big movies such as: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Transformers. A great accomplishment that he has done has been to produce virtual versions of well-known artist Michael Jackson for the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. He also produced virtual versions for Tupac Shakur, Marilyn Monroe, as well as Elvis Presley for the Coachella Valley Music Festival 2012.

John Textor is currently active in the entertainment development properties that involve many avenues and technology platforms. Textor’s success will continue as he reaches for higher heights in the film and entertainment industry.

Putting Money To Work In The Markets

Investors are taking a more of a keen interest in what is happening on Wall Street as of late with all of the exciting and some might say scary news coming out of there. At the moment there are plenty of headlines flooding the airwaves about the events taking place. A lot of the coverage has rattled investors and encouraged them to treat their investments with skepticism. However, this could actually be a golden opportunity to get involved in the markets for some people.

One portfolio manager who is currently helping people is Brad Reifler. He is the founder of Forefront Capital and has a mission that is a lot different from most. He seeks to help people who make middle to lower incomes find investment opportunities that may never have been available to them before. He is doing all that he can to encourage those not all that used to the markets to stick with it through times like this.

It is certainly not easy to be strong about things at a time like this. It really can seem as though the whole world is crashing down all at once when markets behave this way. That is not the reality of the situation though. In reality, there are plenty of great opportunities to take advantage of the mistakes that other investors may be making at a time like this.

The average investor who has a long term approach to his or her money sees what is happening on Wall Street right now as a great buying opportunity. They can snatch up some of those cheap shares because they get them at a discount when so many others are panic selling them right now. Of course, this only works for those who are investing for the long run. However, that is how everyone should be investing, particularly those who do not have that much market experience.

Attorney and Financial Strategist Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a capital strategist and an attorney based in New York. He got his masters in law from the University of Columbia and his Bachelor of arts from Oxford University. In Columbia, he was an Associate Editor at the Columbia Business Law Review. Before wholly joining the world of finance, Sam was an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, and Meagher & Flom LLP. He worked for the firm between 2001 and 2004, before joining PMA Investment Advisors, where he was promoted from counsel to Managing Director. The highlights of his career in the company include overseeing the raising of $ 1.2 billion worth of assets under management.

Sam became the Director cum head of capital of Bank of America Merrill Lynch in February 2011. Besides acting as counsel for the firm’s clients, he also targeted and acquired new investors including foundations, funds of funds, pensions, endowments and large family offices. He was involved in managing the whole capital allocations cycle among the investors and fund managers. In 2012, after leaving Bank of America Merrill Lynch, he joined Adanac LLC, BVI as Director. He would go back to law in September 2013 by becoming a senior associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, where he left in 2014.

Having offered a lot of advice on investing in the course of his career, Sam definitely has a lot of experience in this field. As advice to investors, he emphasizes the need to look out for problem products. To avoid investing in poorly managed funds, Sam recommends a lot of research and a look into the history of a commodity before deciding to invest in it. A look into how the markets operate over a period will go a long way into helping one make that important decision.

Among his other investments, the latest is a company that specializes in designing and making women underwear, THINX. The startup company boosts of a unique business model, which is what attracted Sam in the first place. For every pair of Underwear bought, seven sanitary pads are donated to women in poverty stricken countries in Africa. Though he was not planning to make any investments at the time, it is the ability to help others that drew Sam in. The underwear is designed to not only offer comfort during the menstrual period but to be sexy at the same time. They are available in five different styles.

The Growing Houston Real Estate Industry

There is no better time to relocate to Houston Texas like now. The city has turned so many eyes with its continued prosperity in the real estate sector. It also enjoys a steady influx of new residential houses all across the city. Even when the whole country was affected by the recession, Houston provided an alternative to many people who wanted to relocate. It was the last city in the United States to be affected by the recession, and it was the first city to pull out from it. It maintained a relatively stable housing market while the rest of the country was experiencing severe losses.

It is next to impossible to turn a blind eye on the real press that Huston has received over the years. The city has received a numerous number of laurels. Forbes magazine ranked it number one on the list of Americas’ coolest cities to live in. It has a vibrant economy that has been consistently growing with no signs of losing its steam. It is for this reason that Forbes ranked it number two on the Forbes list of the Fastest Growing American Cities. For two consecutive years, Houston has been ranked number six on the Penske Truck Rental List of the top relocating places in the United States. Also, it was also ranked number six by United Van Lines in the most popular cities that U.S. families move to.

On Instagram, some of the factors that have been key to attracting new residents to Huston is the relatively affordable housing market. This is sparked by the ever increasing employment levels and an improved business environment. This has in turn lowered the cost of living making it easy for many people to own a home. Its warm climate also contributes to its real estate development.

There are a number of investors who have taken advantage of the opportunities Houston offers for both business and residential purposes. One of such investors is Haidar Barbouti. He owns Highland Village Shopping Centre, which is a mixed-use shopping center located along Westheimer Road. Mr. Haidar bought it in the late 1990’s, but it was S.N. Adams who built it in the mid-1940’s. It was actually among the first shopping center’s to have ever been constructed in Houston. Starbucks selected the center to house its first shop in Houston in 1994 after Mr. Haidar made several changes and improvements to it.

The Houston housing market has experienced impressive gains over the past one year. The single-family home sales, the total property sales as well as the prices per unit all went up reaching an all-time high. The single-family home sales totaled 7,935 up from 7,621 last year. The price per unit went up 6.6%, and now the cost of an average unit is about $302,942.

Personal Injury Attorneys Can Assist You

Personal Injury Lawyers are professionals with the know-how of serving people with complaints linked to vehicle accidents, wrongful fatality, risky property or houses, personal harm, defective commodities, as well as medical malpractices.

Vehicle Accidents
With more than 40,000 Americans perishing in vehicle accidents every year, it’s no wonder that vehicle crashes are a productive cause of personal damage cases. Essentially, there are lots of common reasons of automobile accidents: rubbernecking, mobile phone use, motorist fatigue, disturbing passengers, plus operating the radio while driving. In case you have sustained an injury from a crash or hurt someone else due to a car crash, you must realize the significance of demonstrating culpability in car accidents. Choosing the appropriate attorney for your vehicle accident complaint can assist tremendously, particularly if “fault” in your condition is indistinct or in dispute.

Hazardous Property or Houses
Hazardous property or houses may be the reason for costly cases for the individuals who possess them, and landowners might want to speak with company code attorneys to guarantee compliance with resident laws. In the occasion of derelict or shattered property, owners may even be litigated if the area steps in making necessary repairs. Those people who have sustained injuries on unsafe or hazardous property can similarly sue for injuries through personal damage lawyers.

Defective commodities
Mikal Watts is one particular expert in defective commodities are goods that cause harm because of mistake in labeling, a fault in plan, or a matter with the processing procedure. This lawful label covers every number of commodity-related injuries, featuring harm from kitchen equipment, confusing health complaints on foodstuff labels, plus vehicle defect damage claims. Those hurt because of using a consumer good must file a faulty commodity injury complaint with area personal damage attorneys or check to find out if a faulty commodity class action case is already established.

Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice is filed for varied reasons, such as prescription mistakes and inappropriate treatment. Medical negligence complaints may be filed against individual physicians as well as medical bodies, for instance hospital medical negligence.

Child Support: The Draconian Treadmill

Child support is a precarious thing. It’s a necessity to ensure all children receive the care they need and yet there’s a dark shadow of sexism that looms over it. While almost all courts will assign and account for child support monies from the father there is seldom any talk of the mother contributions.

In fact, fathers face liens on their houses and bank accounts, suspension of their drivers and professional licenses and even jail time. Even still the mothers are given free rein on how or what to spend the money and are in no way held accountable for their half of the child’s support.

Not only is this current system extremely sexist but it also keeps many fathers from having rewarding lives and careers which would better enable them to care for their children.

While it’s important to note that there are plenty of fathers who are perfectly able and still choose to no support their offspring, many who legitimately can’t afford their court orders are getting stuck on a treadmill of poverty and obfuscation from gainful employment. This sad cycle is concerning to Ricardo Guimarães. Even the father’s ability to find a decent place to live can be undermined as agencies are allowed to report child support arrears to credit agencies.
The situation is all too common and highlighted by the case of Walter L. Scott, a Georgia man who was gunned down by police after fleeing a warrant for past due child support out of fear of losing a second high paying job to jail time.