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10 Things a Student Learns at College and Doesn’t Even Know It

Andy Wirth says that whether you are attending classes for a BA, MA or PhD at a university or college, you’ll soon discover the things you have learned without even going to classes. College is another world, and it is one that deserves special attention. Here are 10 things you never even realized you learned, but you did.

1. Seriously, how to make cocktails on a budget.
2. And you now know every drinking game imaginable and the more complicated the better.
3. How long you can actually keep your eyes open and still appear awake.
4. How to take a 20 minute nap almost anywhere, anytime.
5. That just because you are 18, it doesn’t make you an adult, and you don’t have to act like one!
6. You find it incredibly easy to waste a whole day; doing nothing, anywhere.
7. But then you can pack to the fullest the next day and not even blink.
8. Maybe you make the wrong decision, but you have a whole lot of fun.
9. You find any number of ways to bypass your future plans to stay in the now.
10. And to keep up your schedule, you have estimated the exact number of energy drinks you can have before you are concerned for your health.

These are areas that get no certificate or degree, but every college student must know to graduate!